Waleed Aly comes to Sonia Kruger’s defence

The media backlash on television host Sonia Kruger over the comments about “banning Muslims” to Australia has been huge. Many

The media backlash on television host Sonia Kruger over the comments about “banning Muslims” to Australia has been huge. Many have taken to social media to have a go at Sonia over the remarks and Waleed Aly has had enough.

“Sonia Kruger isn’t evil. She’s scared, and she’s trying to make sense of the world. Yesterday, she admitted to not feeling safe. How do you think she feels now? And how do you expect her to react?” Waleed said on Channel Ten’s The Project last night.

In Waleed’s popular editorial segment, he has tackled many pressing issues. His take on the Sonia Kruger incident where she said on-air that she is worried for her safety and thinks “banning Muslims” might be the answer. Waleed stated that he “pull apart Sonia Kruger’s statement” or he “could point out that Japan has had its share of terror attacks, or that the UN has attributed Japan’s low crime rate to low inequality and low gun ownership. I could point out that if Sonia is afraid, logically, as a woman in Australia, she has a much higher chance of being murdered by a man she knows, than a Muslim from another country.

“And I could do all of this with the best intentions, but really, all I’d be doing is encouraging the inertia of outrage that spins the Gravitron that we’re all on. I’d be fuelling the same cycle that has led to absolutely horrendous personal attacks on Sonia in the last 24 hours.” Waleed concluded referring to the backlash via social media that Sonia has received.

Waleed said that when anyone gives a polarising opinion that people can react constructively or destructively. Saying “We can react emotionally, carelessly, and with little genuine critical thought, and we can destroy a perceived enemy in the hope that it will neutralise the threat that is making us feel unsafe,” reiterating that this is reacting destructively.

“Or when we are presented with what we perceive as an outrageous opinion, we can consider what motivated that person, try to understand their fear, and empathise with how they came to their conclusion. The truth is, what motivates them, is fear. And fear is one thing we all share.” Waleed continued. He stated that many have fear about the future and about pressing issues but that people should act with venom.

Waleed concluded “While it feels good to choose destruction, right now I think we need to try construction. I’m not saying you should be silent in the face of bigotry. But when you do engage with someone you disagree with, I’m talking about assuming the best in people, showing others radical generosity in the face of their hostility. Which is the much harder choice because it demands much more restraint, patience, and strength.”

The message being that if you disagree with someone’s opinions, it’s better to engage with them constructively than with attacks.

Do you agree with Waleed comments? Do you think people are too harsh on Sonia?

  1. Corrina Clark  

    You are amazing Waleed, I have so much admiration for you and your courage – I hope this world does not ever destroy that in you. Much love and support coming your way! xx

    • rob Clarsen  

      Everyone has equal right to comment . As we have equal rights to disagree . We should never be gaged through political correctness .

  2. Helen  

    I think that mayority of people are ignorants about the issue that is going on in the world this days and terrorists are taking advantage on it….very sad…

  3. Mandi bennett  

    So very well said Waleed. I only hope a LOT of us read, listen and think before attacking someone else’s opinion to which we are all entitled.

  4. Terry  

    I just want to feel safe. Race and religion are not the issue for me. Respect for each other is paramount. A handful of youths are holding us to ransom. Heartbroken at what our world has become. I’m scared too!

  5. Ros  

    Thank you Waleed! We all grapple with the horror that unfolds on a daily basis and wonder what the solution to it all wil be. Peace!

  6. Rae Munro  

    I thought we were supposed to have…”freedom of speech” in Australia…Good on Sonya…that is her opinion, and I agree with her…People in Australia are scared of what muslim people might do in this, our country…We should all be able to share our opinions on any subject…Whether it is Waleed, you or me, we should be able to speak our opinions , here in Australia…

    • Raylene  

      I agree yes we should be able to state our and have personal opinions on any subject but when you are a ‘TV personality’ and state your opinion on national airtime you should expect a backlash because people hold vastly different views.

      • Roy Bridges  

        Not attacked and bullyed ,L for one won’t stand for it! We need to respect someone opinion no matter who they are or what they do,

    • Wendy  

      I think we should limit the amount Comming in and the one here who Buck our system if they don’t like it send them back never to return.and yes l think she is scared.Her like me know many Muslim people who are good people send the others back to where they came from

    • Noeleen Gilbert  

      I totally agree and quite honestly there is so much support for Sonia. We all should be allowed to say what we believe. So can Waleed say what he feels but not Sonia or anyone else for that matter. These double standards are the first thing that need to be stopped

      • Esther Scholten  

        Noeleen Gilbert you are right. The double standards are dividing this country apart. Stifling one side of a discussion is never right. It’s high time this subject was brought out into the open and discussed rationally so that people who have no voice can finally have one. The treatment Sonia received from her ‘colleagues’ reflected negatively on them.

    • Fran Coyle  

      I agree whole-heartedly.. Good on you Sonya and Waleed….

  7. Maria barrile  

    I think that if the burques are removed out in the street and perhaps just worn in the home, and if these people tried to assimilate with Australia, the hostility would be less. To walk up the street and see a woman all covered up in black and the men in white robes and not being able to say hello or exchange a smile, is what makes us feel so scared. To me it seems that they are the ones that do not want to mingle with westerners

    • Steve Ashley  

      Hi Maria Barrile, your post makes the most sense, and I agree totally. Their appearance when out in the streets does not make them look friendly or willing to be part of Australian society. Surely if anyone wanted to live in another country, you would try your best to fit in, so to speak.

    • The burka is not worn in Australia. I do not have a problem with how people choose to dress, either here or when I travelled overseas. The problem, I suspect, is with you, not them.

      • Merrilyn Ruka  

        What do you mean “the burqua is not worn in australia”. We were in sizzler in perth and a family came in, the woman covered head to toe in black, only mesh over her eyes to see out. She sat facing a corner slipping food under fabric to eat. My young granddaughter was terrified. After explanations failed to convince her it wasn’t a monster or ghost, WE left the restaurant!!!!!

    • Jenni king  

      Stop and think for a minute, France is the only country that has banned Muslim women wearing burques (I think, but I could be wrong). This is an incitement for the radical jihadists in this world to take their rage out on a country and their very innocent citizens. The Muslims I have met have never made me feel afraid or make me want to punish them for what a minority of radicals do. The beast that did this horrible thing in France is known to not even be practicing his faith, he was a thug and a wife beater and when all of his bad behaviour fell apart and he could not control his anger he has allowed himself to become an instrument of evil and carried out the most cowardly attack I have ever heard of. I am not afraid of Muslims coming into this country I am more worried about a certain red headed Politician inciting such hatred regarding a religion that certain radicals will see fit to try to punish Australia for her words and views. Australia has not yet suffered at the hands of these radicals. Let us not start now by our own ignorance. So as Kruger is a mother and I agree that she would have been upset about the children dying, I know I was. But she is a media personality on a fluff show, not a hard hitting journalist. Her opinion is very much her own and she has a right to this opinion. She however does not have a right to sprout it on national tv only garnering hatred for herself and the very good muslims of this world. Perhaps she and the red headed politician can sit down and have a cup of tea and discuss their opinions and spare the rest of us the angst we are going through. Rip Bastille.

      • Lesley Thompson  

        Well said Jenni. People have every right to their religion and way of life. We should accept other cultures and learn from them, and vice a versa.

        • Silva Rigutti  

          People may have a right to their religion, but their religion has no right to want to change our laws and impose religious governance in our country. For as long as Muslims aspire to promote Sharia Law and not observe the division of State and Church we will continue to have problems caused by Muslim’s beliefs. As frequently stated by Muslims insult the Quran or Mohammed and you incur and a death sentence. The problem is, who is the judge of what is an insult or mere opinion to be argued?

    • dorothy  

      the burques are meant to be worn in the street and not in the home. that is the whole point of a burque, As a white australian woman , i do not see what they wear as scary , i live in an area with a high population of muslim women ,very friendly , rarely dressed in black as you have suggested , quite often much smarter than the aussies,???

  8. Yvonne Gardner  

    Thankyou Waleed for putting it out there that this needs to be talked about and good on Sonia for starting the debate.

    • Nancy  

      I feel that ignorance is the basis for fear.

  9. Mark petersen  

    What a clever little man with words you are waleed..so how is that lslam claims the last word of God..that in itself is a call to violence and intolerance.For someone with your supposed intelligence you should be able to work out for yourself what an abhorrent totalitarian ideology lslam is..
    The history of Islam is well documented and written in blood and the false prophet Mohamed was little more than a murderous pedophile goat herder who brutally killed all those who didn’t agree with him.

    • Carolyn Rutherford  

      You obviously have not read the Old Testament of the Bible.

    • Licaria  

      If you read the Bible you will see that there are so much violence and brutality. I think Jesus pretty much cursed people who chose not to believe in him. I think Israel is never in peace because of that.

  10. Christine  

    Ali Waleed’s comments will not stop what is happening in the world today. All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim. The world has a huge problem. Lebanon, Iran etc were mainly Christian now they are Muslim. That was in the 1970’s. Woman and men in These countries wore western clothes went to University. Women were teachers, lawyers, politicians etc. Not anymore. We have to stand up because it is happening in all Western countries. Muslims have many children and are on welfare. Our jails are full of them. I am not racist or against anyone that assimilates with the western world. I was in Turkey in 2014 and it was fantastic. I wouldn’t go back there now because of the problems. We wondered then why Muslims were killing Muslims well now we know….Isis. Radical Muslim. Why do we take people in to go on welfare and not want to work??? We have enough of our own that don’t want to work. It is very sad and we have to stop the political correctness.

    • Heather Jennings  

      Very well said Waleed. I agree we are all scared and we don’t want our country having attacks as in France. My problem is France welcomed people in to their country and 20 years later or more this is happening. Sonya isn’t thinking this will all happen now but in the future. It’s 20 years from now we are worrying about. Can anyone gaurante it won’t

    • Pat  

      Well said Christine , I must say I agree with you we are a multi cultural society and have bee for a long time . All most people want is for people who Choose to come to our country is that they esimalate . Yes wear you burqa but in your own home and mosque go to work to help support the new country you have chosen to live in and be happy to be here

    • Sadie  

      Christine, very well said and I could not agree more, especially with the phrase
      Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim,

      • “All terrorists are Muslim”? So you choose to ignore the massacres by Anders Brevick, Timothy Mcveigh, Bailey, etc, all Christians. How convenient, but then it suits your prejudices, doesn’t it?

    • Garry Mc Dougall  

      Your comments are to be applauded Christinei agree with you 100%.

    • You are so right, Christine. If Muslims like their way of life, why come to the Western World and try to change it? Their ways are not compatible with ours!!! I am a migrant from Asia but I stick to the rules here , dress like you, have Aussie friends, vote for the common good, learn your idioms and work for my keep!! These radicals want to enforce their beliefs on all of us and think their ideologies are better than everybody else’s and out to do away with all ‘ infidels’ !! So, how can we live in peace if we are scared that all that we have worked for will be taken away from us because these ‘ criminals’ believe they are right and we are wrong?? Waleed talks about ‘beingconstructive’. How? Welcoming all Muslims , open slather?? Shall we let them breed, overrun the country so that in two generations there won’t be any Christians left???

      • Teresita, everthing you have just said, was said about Asians by Pauline Hanson twenty years ago. And if you are an Asian, I am Attila the Hun!

  11. Teresa Norman  

    Sonia is an Australian and a woman and as such, entitled to her express her opinion publicly, a right, Waleed, I am sure many, many Muslim women are not. Domestic violence is not perpetrated in the name of religion.

    • Francine Fox  

      Well said, Teresa. We are seeing many statistical comparisons between domestic violence and terrorism. You have so concisely ‘nailed’ the difference in one sentence !

    • Very well said .. it seems to escape many that the moderate muslims have beliefs that are not acceptable to the Australian way of life .

    • Katie  

      Yes and see they are vetting comments and replys, why is that do you think😠😬

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