Waleed Aly and Steve Price clash on The Project

You might remember hearing about the protestors, who super glued their hands to the railing and shut down Question Time
Waleed Aly and Steve Price debate about the parliament protestors on The Project. Source: YouTube

You might remember hearing about the protestors, who super glued their hands to the railing and shut down Question Time in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

They also protested on Thursday morning, unravelling a banner on the front of Parliament House and dying the water in the fountain red to protest against offshore detention.

It seems everyone has an opinion on whether the protestors were right or wrong.

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If you missed The Project last night, you missed a fiery debate between Waleed Aly, Dr Chris Brown and Steve Price on the issue.

Aly said to Price “You love seeing people rail against the elites, you are a lover of free speech. I can only assume you are on these guys’ side?”

Price fired back at The Project co-host telling him he made the wrong assumption.

“Free speech shouldn’t mean a free-for-all,” he said.

“The mistake that the feral protesters made was storming into the chamber and disrupting our democracy.

“That was Question Time… If they hadn’t disrupted the central workplace of the Parliament, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

Aly responded by saying “that is part of the process of democracy, that is protest”.

The debate went on, with Aly “fact-checking” Price over his claims that a wall was going to be built at Parliament House because of the protest.

Aly said the wall had been planned for some time, and not as a result of the protestors.

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Soon enough, panellist Dr Chris Brown – the infamous ‘Bondi Vet’ – got involved.

He began speaking in support of the protestors before Price cut him and off said “for God’s sake”.

The vet was arguing that the protest took place inside because it wouldn’t have been covered by the media otherwise.

Price fired back at his comments.

“‘Yes, they will. Chris! You are a sensible man. Why are you parroting this nonsense?” he said.

Who do you side with on this debate?


  1. Garry Dodds  

    Freedom of speech is every ones right, but Parliament house is not the place.After watching the news it was set up as the amount of cameras that just happened to be there i have NO respect for these people at all. Another one is Pauline Hanson had to cancel a meeting with the Muslims and the jews in Melbourne as these THUGS intervened with Violence.
    Come and protest at my home and i will deal with these Half wits.

  2. John  

    How come they can get the time off from work 2 days in a row or are they on the dole???

    • Phillip Worrall  

      The attack mechanism of the extreme RW. Rarely logical defense of their actions rather, denigrate those who oppose theirs.

  3. Be Potter  

    Steve Price has to play devils advocate, thats what he’s paid to do…….and thats ok!

  4. Geoff McKenzie  

    Steve Price has commonsense.You don,t need an University degree,to have that.Protest is ok,but damage and disruption should be paid for by those that perpetrate it,not by us taxpayers.

    • Patricia Yeo  

      I’m with Steve Price….

  5. I also thought ,do they jobs, how come they can hang around Parliament House for 2 days during the week. I also do not think they have the right to damage property that the public then has to pay for to be repaired.

  6. Tom Courtney  

    Definitely with Steve Price on this one.

  7. The present government seems to leave the anti racism no choice but to scream loudly against the injustness of their policies… get real if a referundum was done on this subject they would have egg on their faces for sure….

  8. I thought Dr Chris Brown had a brain!! Very disappointed with him. Don’t expect anything else from Waleed Aly. On ya Steve Price.

  9. rikda  

    Protests are subjective.
    One mans vigilante is another mans freedom fighter.
    I just wish the protesters were as concerned for our homeless & suicidal soldiers that fought for the refugees homelands while the refugees we cared for & out of harms way, here, which oddly enough, seem more important than the aforementioned..

  10. R jardine  

    Parliament is a joke anyway. Only denigrate each other , nice meals , wine and shout. Make promises that they don’t keep . Interrupt what?
    Should not have climbed the building though.

  11. Dale Piercey  

    I stopped watching The Project because of Steve Price. I am quite impressed with most of the panelists but Price is so arrogant and can be quite supercilious at times.

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