WAG accuses over-60s women of body shaming her

Rebecca Judd said she could hear them talking about her eating habits
Bec Judd has slammed a group of over-60s. Image: Instagram/Bec Judd

Television presenter, radio host and WAG Bec Judd has accused a group of over-60s women of body shaming her at a restaurant.

Bec, who is married to AFL player Chris Judd, said she was filming a segment for TV show Postcards when she heard the women at a nearby table talking about her and making snide remarks.

Speaking on her radio show yesterday, Bec said she was preparing to speak her lines to the camera and had a plate of chilli mussels in front of her for the shot.

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The women were talking about how “they bet she doesn’t eat it” and when she was asked by producers to move away from the table so they could get a close up of the meal, the women said “typical! Told you. She didn’t eat it!”

It’s not the first time Bec has copped criticism for her looks. After giving birth to twins in September last year, she was trolled online for posting a photo herself weeks later where some said she was “too thin”.

With so many over-60s women struggling with the stigma around ageing and their changing looks, are you surprised to hear these women would talk about another female like this?

Let’s talk about this. What are your thoughts?

  1. Allen  

    Well, did she eat the Mussels?? And, to the “ladies”, M.Y.O.F.B.!!!!!! A little Envy Elf was running around because you were not the subject on TV and you had to pay for your meal.

  2. Tina  

    Gosh, I know how she feels, I was always naturally thin and the snide remarks made me feel sick, but now I just ignore or walk up and say ” Where you talking about me”? It makes them cringe instead of me, hahahaha! After having a baby I looked like a stick insect and was the envy of all mothers but there are always trolls that are out to get you! So head up and just ignore, you look great and healthy!

  3. Ros  

    It’s quite clear Bec is naturally thin yes a bit too thin but she can’t help it that’s the way she is & who eats when presenting a TV program …fat ladies get over it !!!

  4. Noreen McCabe  

    Sorry but she is way too thin and I find it hard to believe she is naturally this skinny. I am over 60 and i am definitely not jealous.

  5. Phil Walsh  

    Doesn’t surprise me – Just women being women!

  6. Josephine B  

    I was just as thin as Bec from early teens, even after each on my 3 children were born and up until my my mid 50’s then it started to creep on. I’m now in my early 70’s and proud to be a size 14-16 as I’ve lived a very happy lifestyle with a slight sweet tooth and carbs, now watching what I eat and still enjoying life. We’re NOT all of the same body make-up no matter what we eat and whether she ate the mussels or not it’s NONE of our business, If she did, I hope she enjoyed them as they’re one thing I dislike, she can have them all.

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