Voting has kicked off on the New Zealand flag; Our turn next?

New Zealanders are coming together to decide on a new flag to adorn their poles, with voting on five different

New Zealanders are coming together to decide on a new flag to adorn their poles, with voting on five different flag designs kicking off on Friday. New Zealanders are sending in postal ballots identifying which of the five flags they prefer. Now we want to know which you like…

Source: New Zealand Government
Source: New Zealand Government

Then, next year they will be asked to vote again on whether they want to replace the existing flag with the Union Jack on it.

10,292 alternative designs were suggested and four were selected by the Flag Consideration Panel but five concepts were loved, so Parliament extended the number of alternatives to five in the postal referendum.


It raises the questions here of which of the flag designs you like and think are representative of New Zealand, and whether you think New Zealand should replace their flag at all.  Many locals in polling say they should not be replacing the flag at all.

So today we ask you to take the poll here on which flag you choose, whether you think the NZ flag should change and whether you think the Australian flag should change.

It also gets people talking about the Australian flag and whether a change so significant across the ditch will help us see the possibility for change in our own flag.

Prime Minister John Key has said the current flag of New Zealand is not representative of modern New Zealand.  He also believes it is too similar to Australia’s, but has admitted that polling indicates most New Zealanders would rather keep it.

Learn more about these designs, see them in context and meet the people who designed them.  (Left to right of the flags pictured above.

Silver Fern (Black, White and Blue)

Designed by Kyle Lockwood

“I thought a lot about how a flag would look on a podium, as well as flowing in the breeze. We are surrounded by sky and water and the blue represents that. The colour black reflects our past as well as our achievements, representing the pride and strength of all New Zealanders.

Red Peak

Designed by Aaron Dustin

“I created this flag to represent New Zealand’s unique land, light and position. Inspired by Māori tāniko weaving patterns, the shapes and colours suggest a landscape of alpine ranges, red earth, and black sky. The design references Rangi and Papa in Māori mythology and the red triangle with a white stripe references elements of our existing flags.”


Designed by Andrew Fyfe

“I wanted to represent not just this generation, but my children’s generation and their children’s generation. In Māori kōwhaiwhai patterns, the koru is based on a fern frond unfurling and represents new life, growth and peace. For these reasons the koru has crossed cultures and become part of New Zealand’s visual language.”

Silver Fern (Black and White)

Designed by Alofi Kanter

“I wanted something that is distinctive and uniquely New Zealand. To me, the silver fern has been our identifying symbol for over 100 years – black and white is a unique and strong colour palette. I believe our flag should reference where we have come from, acknowledging that the past informs our present and future and it’s important to find that balance.”

Silver Fern (Red, White and Blue)

Designed by Kyle Lockwood

“I’ve incorporated our proud heritage and history into this design which looks good now, and will endure a hundred years more. The Southern Cross represents New Zealand’s location and the stars symbolise the islands of New Zealand. The silver fern represents the multiple cultures of New Zealand joining together as one and growing upwards and onwards into the future.”

Tell us which flag you prefer today.


  1. Why???? I do not want to change our flag what so ever, what is wrong with it???? Thousands and thousands of Australian men and women died under that flag to give us the free country that we have now!!!!!

    • My Dad was one of them but he always wanted an Australian flag because we aren’t part of England….all his friends and relatives were the same. They fought for Australia not a flag.

    • What has wether we are a part of England now got to do with it, if it wasn’t that they send convicts here in the first place we would not possibly be here at all. Why is history so easily pushed aside……

    • They did under our flag you flog. Go and ask the old soldiers still around, you disrespectful twit.

    • Judith Forbes Excuse me Judith, as I said check your facts. Just when did our current, I say again current, become our flag?

    • Judith Forbes So typical Judith, proven wrong, start throwing insults. Dosent make you right, but go for it.

    • Correct, so just how many died under the current flag? Not many. So why no uproar when the flag was changed in 1952? Silly argument.

    • Judith Forbes you are the one who should be talking to old soldiers, they will tell you the flag was the last thing on their mind they fought for freedom and safety of their families. The RSA peddle this stuff about fighting for flag it is simply not true.

    • And you know that for sure do you Ruth.. What about the soldiers in the Vietnam War, the war in Afghanistan, they all died under this flag. I know many people from all forms of our Military and they ALL are proud to have served under our Australian flags. I wasn’t born in 1952 when it was changed from red to blue but if I had been I would have not liked it any more than I do now…..

    • Ruth Sullivan Most of them fought for six shillings a day. About the going wage in those days.

    • Wayne Ferne you’re an idiot… My father, a proud Rat of Tobruk fought under that flag. And his last wish was to have it on his casket. . I granted that wish…

  2. awesome! Inspirational that New Zealand leads the world stage in cultural Flag expression – vote with us!

    • Why , are you not proud of your nation? if your not proud of now how can you proud of it under an other symbol? ps, i am a migrant.

    • you can be proud of your country and change that flag..that statement is an insult to the New Zealand people John Schuurman, they are every bit as patriotic as us and have fought in wars along side us before you ever hit our shores

  3. If the people of New Zealand are happy to change their flag, good on them

  4. so very envious …our turn soon for a Australian flag….currently we are represented by a flag of a foreign country in the top left ….imagine our pride at sporting/ national events ..when we can hoist our own….

    • i am proud of the flag we have and do not see the need to change it because you are not

    • Hoisting the flag we have now is full of pride now, oh my god where do you get these ideas that Australians are not proud to stand under our flag, just watch the Aussie cricketers run passed it and rub it for luck and respect to it. Exactly Dave, change for the sake of it, also someone said it is a foreign country in the top corner, well that tells me a lot. It is not a problem.

    • because we are not a colonial outpost any longer …and we should not bow or doff our forelock to a foreign monarch .. no one died under current flag ( only been around since 1956 )
      think you will find the younger generation will have the final say … hope I am around long enough to witness their pride in a real Australian flag …

    • YES THE FOREIGN COUNTRY and its People who made and developed this country NOT THE BLOWINS FROM all around the world just looking for FREEBIES

    • Get rid of the Butchers Apron, we don’t want to be a branch office for another country anymore
      They have had plenty out of Aussie over the years,
      Bring on the Republic I say, sooner than later!
      And no more tricks this time!! 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍺🍺🍺🍺

    • that’s another story Allan …Howard and his dirty little deeds …Peter Fitzsimons & the current pm will take this forward in a respectful process…acknowledging.our past ties with England ..and moving us into the grownup world…

    • Judith Forbes, by using a double negative, has just said that Alan (sic) Clune speaks for her. I hope Allan Clune is up to the responsibility of this.

    • it is not a foreign flag. It is the flag of our history, where we came from originally. You can’t change your history.

    • not my history Mervyn … how patronising to suggest many other nations have not contributed to our great Southern land ….

  5. I like the black white and blue silver fern but then I’m not a New Zealander so what I like has no relevance. It is high time Australia did the same thing.

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