Votes for the NZ flag are in and not everyone’s happy

It’s been months in the making but finally, New Zealand have put their last votes in on whether to change

It’s been months in the making but finally, New Zealand have put their last votes in on whether to change the flag or keep the union jack.

After a tedious process, it has been announced overnight New Zealanders voted in favour of keeping the national flag the way it is.

The ABC reports the current flag won 56.6 per cent of votes and the alternative, a silver fern on a black-and-blue background, received 43.2 per cent.

When the votes of two million Kiwis came in and made it clear the original flag was here to stay, Prime Minister John Key said, “I think what this process has shown over the last three or four months is that, as a country, we can get out and fly our flag, we can use it and we can show the world how proud we are of New Zealand,” he told reporters.

“My only request to New Zealanders now would be to rally behind the flag that’s been chosen.”

“I’m not a big fan of becoming a republic, so that would probably be the next juncture where you could change the flag, but in the end that’s for future governments and future prime ministers to decide”, he said.

But even though it’s what the majority of New Zealanders wanted, not everyone is happy. Social media flooded with responses to the announcement, and most highlighted the taxpayer expense on the somewhat pointless exercise:


So we want to know: Should NZ have changed their flag? And should Australia ever attempt it?

  1. DP WISE  

    Its a result thet is not unexpected. After all NZ is nearly in the 19th century. A few more years and they might get the concept that Mother England is from a time long gone. I hoipe thet when OZ gets a shot at dumping the Jack we do with pride and the knoledge thet we are a nation unto ouselves and the community now in this century is a far more cosmopolitan blend and is and should be insulted by the ever present Jack- its a reminder that the English STILL think they are superior- I cannot help but be disappointed thet the NZ community could not rise up and realize they its time to move on from the shackles of the past-

    • Elizabeth  

      I’m disappointed. I would have liked to have seen some semblance of the British history but with your beautiful Silver Fern taking a much larger chunk of the flag. It is so beautiful, and recognised around the world. Such a shame. Maybe next time with the next generation.

  2. Patricia Roser  

    I loved the new concept for NZ. Absolutely unique to them and recognised around the world is their silver fern. I would love Australia to change their flag. No disrespect for the UnionJack, no disrespect for all those who fought under the old flag. I would just like our flag to be easily recognisable like Canada’s is. They are proudly part of the Commonwealth too but everyone knows who they are because of the maple leaf. We have so many things unique to our great land that are instantly associated with us like the unique animals. Qantas is more known than our flag because it depicts a kangaroo! Time for change.

    • Peter Warren  

      Wow Patricia…….I am a “leave the flag alone” person, but that is one of the most compelling arguments for change that I have heard (or should that be “read” ? 😆). I will have to do some serious thinking now. Thank you.

    • Personally I think the Silver Fern is more synonymous with sport in NZ. The Kiwi would have been more appropriate.

  3. Mary Couper  

    I am disappointed in the result of the vote, but democracy rules. New Zealand still bows to the rule of the
    British system. Time to move on. The new flag was beautiful..

    • Bryan  

      I would have been swayed if the flag chosen had the red corner…not black, as see no reason why black seems to be a sort of national colour!

  4. As A NZer, I voted to keep the current flag as the option was no more than a tea towel.
    Key our PM indicated to the aged selection panel he would like to see the Silver Fern on the new design so they selected the final 40 designs almost all with the Silver Fern or Koru (Budding Fern) on them.
    This made the choice Political, with Key seeming wanting to leave a legacy of his term in office.
    Most NZers want a change, but not under the terms or flag options offered.
    So the Status Quo was retained, and Key’s dreams went down the gurgler.

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