Virgin Australia gives the best gift to dogs everywhere

In what could be the happiest news of the whole week, Virgin Australia has announced a beautiful new campaign that
Image: Virgin Australia Facebook

In what could be the happiest news of the whole week, Virgin Australia has announced a beautiful new campaign that will see them offering thousands of dogs across the country a chance at a happy home.

Every year hundreds of dogs are euthanized or left to live in shelters because they can’t find a home in their area.

Now though, Virgin Australia says it will fly rescue dogs to their new homes across Australia for free.

This means that anyone in any city can rescue a dog in need of a loving home and have them flown to them without having to pay the hefty fees many can’t afford.

The first lucky dog, Lallee, has already taken its free flight from Melbourne to Sydney, meeting up with new ecstatic owner Raymond Willmott.

The airline shared the happy news on their Facebook page and the love quickly started to flood in with people applauding them for giving rescue dogs a second chance.

“Omg this is fabulous news! Imagine all the greyhounds in NSW that will need rehoming come next year when the industry is shut down. Now cost won’t be a barrier to rehoming interstate,” wrote Stephanie Turner.

“This is the best thing I’ve read for a long time. Well done virgin for putting kindness before greed,” said Kylie McIvor.

Virgin Australia teamed up with a number of animal welfare groups for the venture, including PetRescue whose founding director Vicky Davy said it would β€œliterally save the lives of thousands of pets. We often have pets who can’t find homes in their own area, and being able to transport them to a new area will save their life. It opens up the whole country to find new homes and give the pets a second chance.”

How wonderful is it to see all rescue dogs given an opportunity like this?

Let’s hope more big companies start putting their profits to good use like this!

Would you use this service if you wanted to adopt a dog? Does it make you happy to know rescue dogs are being given a chance like this?

  1. Diana  

    Congratulations to Virgin. What a truly wonderful and practical gift to rescue dogs and their new owners!

  2. Carol Chapman  

    Thank you Virgin for doing this, such an awesome gesture. I now put it to Qantas who has joyously boasted of the biggest profit ever, to step up to the plate and match Virgin’s initiative, come on Alan Joyce show us where YOUR heart is!! Free transport for ALL rescue dogs. What say you QANTAS??? Who is the better airline?

    • Vannus  

      Oh! Carol, this same ‘PR exercise’, & that’s really all it is,
      doesn’t need to be matched by QANTAS, because they don’t need to ‘blow their own trumpet’!

      Virgin just ‘pulling’ at the ‘heart strings’ of animal lovers’, in the hope they’ll buy airfares on them.
      How long will it last? Only until they can fill their aircrafts’ holds with PAYING Cargo!
      They need every $ they can get, as they continue to lose money, hand-over-fist, even though they get continuously ‘cashed- up’ by Etihad, Singapore Airlines, their various Chinese Companies’ owners’, AND their poor suffering Shareholders’.
      This is ‘true talk’.

      You’re obviously NOT aware, & neither are many other people, the HUMANITARIAN efforts which QANTAS effects, year-in, year-out, & has done so, since they were founded in 1920!

      Let me list some:

      Flew medico’s AND their equipment, return, & much needed medications’, to/from Bali, after the bombing there, FOC!

      That stands for ‘FREE of CHARGE’!

      Flew victims’ relatives’, & return, to there, FOC.
      Flew medicos’ etc to Indonesia, after 2004 Tsunami.
      Ditto, Tokyo, after 2011 Tsunami.
      Ditto, Christchrch, after their Earthquake.
      Ditto, Tonga, after their Natural Disaster.

      Flew to Cairo, when Civil Unrest there, to get Aussies’ out!
      Flew aircraft to Frankfurt, to get ANY Airline’s ticketed passengers’ out of there, those who’d managed to get from Cairo, to Frankfurt.

      In Australia, who do YOU think flies firies’, ambos’, police, SES personnel, & ALL their required equipment, to floods, fires’, & any other natural disasters’, when & where, these folk are needed?
      QANTAS does!
      Do you EVER hear about what they do, in this regard?

      NO, because QANTAS is the ‘quiet achiever’!

      OH, BTW, QANTAS holds the world-record for the number of passengers’, over 500, uplifted on the ONE aircraft, a Boeing 747, when they got people out of Darwin, after ‘Cyclone Tracy’, in 1974.

      QANTAS is THE Australian National Carrier & as such, is ready ‘to go’ in ANY required situation for this Country!

      So you can take your smart a@&$ ‘jibe’ about QANTAS, & shove it you know where!
      That kind of unknowlegeable ‘comment’ gets on my ‘goat’.

      Next time, do some research into the subject matter, before you make not only an ill-informed ‘crack’, particularly at an Australian Icon, but also make yourself a ‘fool’, in the process.

  3. Marg Just  

    What a beautiful gesture Virgin Airlines!!! Great announcement coming on “National Dog Day”
    You get my vote!! πŸ‘πŸ»β€οΈπŸΆπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΆβ€οΈπŸ˜ƒ

  4. Arthur  

    Mustn’t be uplifting much freight if they can afford to do this!
    If they could ‘sell’ the space they would, after their yet-again dismal multi-million $ loss FY15-16!

    Just a good PR exercise, in the hope it’ll get human ‘bums on seats’ above in the aircraft Cabin.
    It’ll be interesting to see how long the ‘goodwill’ lasts!
    That’s the reality!

    In the meantime, it’s good news for the doggies’, & their new owners’ across the Country!

  5. Khris  

    A company with a social conscience…at long last.
    Good on you Virgin Airlines.

    • Shallow  

      Ya think?

      It’s a ‘back-door’ approach to get ‘humans’ to buy seats on their aircraft!
      If there’s no space ‘down below’ due a ‘paying load’, ie on-board persons’ luggage, or freight, the dog/s won’t be going anywhere!
      There’ll be strict ‘conditions’ required for the ‘uplift’ of dogs’ for ‘free’.
      READ the fine print!

  6. Susan Williams  

    This is a wonderful gesture, let’s hope that some other airlines follow suit and share the load so to speak !!!

    • Clive  

      Have you thought of WHY other airlines’ won’t be doing this, Susan?

      Because THEIR cargo holds, where the dogs are situated, are full, with paying customers’ baggage, or cargo!

      Will this ‘magnanimous gesture’ last forever, & a day? Doubt that very much.

      So those dogs’ who get to travel are very lucky!

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