Viral video of woman hitting a man in an elevator divides the internet

A video has emerged of a woman teaching a young man a lesson after he tried to grope her in

A video has emerged of a woman teaching a young man a lesson after he tried to grope her in an elevator.

The footage shows the man standing slightly behind the woman as the doors close, locking them in there alone.

The man moves closer to the woman before putting his hand on her shoulder and beginning to run in down towards her chest.

That’s when she snaps into action and teaches him a thing or two about girl power.

She slaps him hard in the face before giving him a swift kick to the his crotch and finishes off by kneeing him in the face.

Her reaction was fearless and many people have come out to support her sending the video viral around the world.

Others though, say that if it was the other way around – and a man had beat up a woman for touching him – everyone would be calling for the man to be locked up for hitting a woman.

They say it is a double standard and we should hold everyone to the same level of scrutiny.

Her supporters though say that a woman in that situation doesn’t have any other choice than to defend herself.

As one commenter pointed out: “For those saying it’s a double standard, she didn’t know what he was capable of. He could have had a gun or a knife or been a lot stronger than her. She did what she had to do to protect herself.”

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think.

Does it give you a laugh and make you want to support her? Or do you think this is a case of double standards?

  1. Darryl Wise  

    Certainly hit him in HIS Elevator!!

    I bet he thinks twice before he goes the grope again.

    Good work from the female.

    • Thomas  

      I agree with you completely! Women are almost always weaker than a similar sized man. The woman did the correct thing in defending herself in this situation. If he didn’t want to be hurt, he should have kept his hands to himself.

  2. Gail Raad  

    Well done 10/10 from me…..he won’t do that again in an hurry.

  3. Christine Campbell  

    Double standard – rubbish. What if she hadn’t defended herself, he may have gone further. Sure, it should be the same for men or women – don’t touch somebody without their permission. In this case she did the right thing.

  4. [email protected]  

    That’ll teach him! Picked the wrong target.

  5. brian murphy  

    Hope it isn’t a set up..once he is assaulted then he may just assault back..would have been better to seek help when out of the elevator in my opinion

  6. loraines  

    Too many men consider women their “property”. Good on her for standing up for herself and proving she’s her own woman.

  7. Angie B  

    A brave girl. He is a creep and got his just desserts. I am relieved that he didn’t hit back, she could have been badly hurt.

  8. What else is she supposed to do? Waiting until the elevator stopped might well have been too late. OF COURSE she had to defend herself. I can’t imagine a woman groping a man in an elevator, but the same would go for him. He would probably defend himself as well and is entitled too. The difference is that a man can just hold a woman away from him if she groped him, a woman has to strike hard and fast.

  9. Joan Marshall  

    The lady should have given him another one in the crotch area so he would not get up. That area is so weak for men. That is the area I would target. Walking my dog in the park I am always prepared with a peculiar Guy whose dog comes up to make friends with my Dog something he said which is unmentionable has alerted me to him. God help him if he tries anything. Not only would he get it in the crotch but I would set the Dog on him.

  10. Gerry Wilson  

    Either he didn’t move or the Vid didn’t play ??

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