Video shows rescue attempt just before Tara Brown was detained

New footage has emerged showing the dramatic rescue attempt moments before 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown and her crew were

New footage has emerged showing the dramatic rescue attempt moments before 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown and her crew were detained in Lebanon.

Tara and her team were in Lebanon to cover a story about two Australian children who were being held there by their father.

They were detained by police as they reported on the operation on Thursday.

A controversial Europe based child-recovery agency is reportedly behind the kidnapping of the children of Brisbane woman Sally Faulkner.

Ms Faulkner’s husband took her two children Lahela, 5, and Noah, 2, to Lebanon on holiday last year but failed to return them.

The surveillance video shows two women walking along a footpath with the children as three men cautiously get out of a car next to them.

The men quickly lunge for the children from different directions and speed off with them in the car.

Channel 9 says police were called immediately and the children were intercepted.

Unfortunately Tara and her team were also tracked down and promptly detained.

The Australian consulate has made contact with Tara and her crew, who are understood to be at a local police station.

The children and their mother were reportedly reunited at the Australian embassy in Beirut.

Channel 9 says it is working with authorities to release Tara and the crew, but there is no word yet on when exactly that will be.
Take a look a the footage and tell us, are you worried for Tara and her team?

Are you worried for Tara Brown and her crew? Are you a fan of Tara’s reporting?

  1. Val  

    I’m outraged that this stupid program would put the lives of the mother and children at risk just so they could get a piece of sensationalism for their show. I hope they lock up this mob and throw away the key

    • Anne Wolski  

      They were trying to get the kids back you fool. Kidnapping is frowned upon but obviously you think it’s okay

    • Heather M Tumelty  

      Val really, where is your compassion for this Australian mother and her children. Also remember 60 Minutes warns us on so many dangers and scams that are happening in our country. Advance warning of possible dangers for young and old. Remember how many people have they helped raise money for, helped financially themselves, obtained legal services for and solved problems where people have no hope of doing so themselves.

  2. Lurch  

    Lebanon, the father can do what ever he likes and the wife has no choice in the matter.

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