Victorian Government minister apologises over use of chauffeur

You’ve heard all the scandals in recent years about politicians using taxpayers money for all kinds of things. Now there’s
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You’ve heard all the scandals in recent years about politicians using taxpayers money for all kinds of things.

Now there’s a new one emerging, and this time it’s embroiled the Victorian Government.

A minister has apologised after it was revealed he used a taxpayer-funded driver to drive his pet dogs between Melbourne and his home in the country.

Nine News is reporting that Corrections Minister Steve Herbert initially made light of the situation.

He told the Herald Sun he had no idea how many times his driver made the two hour trip.

“It suited the driver occasionally to pick up the dogs when she was doing nothing,” he said.

“Quite frankly, there was absolutely no issue and if she didn’t want to do it, she didn’t have to.”

He later apologised, admitting that his use of the ministerial car didn’t meet community expectations.

But the driver didn’t just drive the dogs to the country home.

She reportedly told the media that she would drive the two hours to drop the dogs at the country home, drive back to Melbourne, pick up Mr Herbert and then drive him the two hours to see his dogs.

The driver also revealed one of Mr Herbert’s drivers was once asked to walk his dogs.

It’s also been revealed the Minister has been through three drivers in less than two years.

The revelation has outraged the Opposition, with leader Matthew Guy calling for Mr Herbert to be sacked.

He described Mr Herbert’s actions as “arrogant and totally out of touch”.

What do you think? Should Mr Herbert be sacked over his use of the chauffeur?

  1. Cheryl French  

    Mathew Guy maybe look into your own party before you call for the sacking of Mr Herbert. Could be some rorting going there also.

  2. If she didnt want to do it she didnt have to what do you want to bet thats what happend to last drivers they said no this is a good example of how over the top our leaders are getting and how they believe their own press about their importance.

  3. Susan Henderson  

    Did Bronwyn Bishop apologize for using a helicopter.. What about Julie Bishop, another one rorting the system, using a govt jet to take her so called boyfriend to the football.

  4. Val Pendal  

    He should most certainly be sacked and pay back the ratepayers money this takes the cake. I would have to catch a bus or pay for a taxi

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Yes I agree. Pay back all the money and also be sacked. Surely pollies take too much of the tax paid by people.
      A scrutiny check should be made by the people on what pollies can claim and what not. They have good too far.

  5. Brian  

    This is most probably the tip of the iceberg. Most things like this are never let out to the public as threats made to the whistle blowers usually ensure it is not released.

  6. Joy Rhodes  

    Imagine all the stuff we DON’T know about!!! Joe Hockey is another one with his snout in the trough, and he’s a so-called diplomat! Couldn’t cut it as a minister, and still on a huge salary and ridiculous benefits at our expense. This truly depresses me, but until we can find a way to stop all this rorting, it will just continue. How do the public even get to first base on this one?

    • elizabeth smeaton  

      its pretty disgusting when we are all told the age of entitlement is over and our diplomats and poiticians double dip from day one .recieving huge salaries and a pension .i dont know how we will change this because sure as hell the politicians wont change it or they wont be able to do the same .we certainly wouldnt be in so much dept if this was changed .

  7. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Apology not good enough SACK HIM. Also investigation into all the perks they are using by AFP and report to the people and let us do what they are entitled to or not. At this stage as they have done nothing and are taking from all the people who are living in poverty under the pension they deserve NOTHING.

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