Vehicle owners warned changes to laws could see their rego cancelled

Clever signage or offensive? New laws will make the call.
The campers are under fire again.

Camper vans are a common sight on Australian roads but there are a few who shouldn’t be on the road.

It has nothing to do with the condition of the motor, but instead the offensive slogan painted all over it.

Soon in Queensland commercial operators who refuse to remove offensive slogans from their vehicles will have their registrations cancelled.

Qld Main Roads and Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said legislative changes passed with bipartisan support by the Parliament, showed the government had listened and acted on long-standing community concerns about inappropriate advertising on vehicles.  

“With this legislation, vehicles registered in Queensland displaying sexist, obscene or otherwise offensive advertising may face having their registration cancelled,” Mr Bailey said.


❤️ these vans! Some of the sayings are wicked. This is one of mild versions.

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“These plans were announced in July last year and were supported by RACQ, Advertising Standards Bureau and the peak advertising industry body, the Australian Association of National Advertisers.

“This strikes the right balance between firm and fair – if the Advertising Standards Board (the Board) determines that an ad on a Queensland registered vehicle needs to be removed or modified, the registration holder will have a chance to make those changes.

“If those changes aren’t made, the registration of the offending vehicle will be cancelled, simple as that.

“Rather than ignore Board determinations, as has sometimes been the case in the past, registered operators now have a good reason to make the required changes and fall in line with community expectations.”

The Transport Operations (Road Use Management) (Offensive Advertising) Amendment Bill 2016 came about after extensive co-operation between the Department of Justice and the Attorney-General, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and the ASB.

The new laws are expected to be in force by March 31.

What do you think of the law change? Do you think the sayings are OK?

  1. John  

    More Laws, more bureaucracy, administration – for what!

  2. John Penman  

    This will only affect vehicles registered in Queensland. If you take a look at one particular company which is notorious for offensive slogans you will see that they are registered in a State other than Qld, so I don’t believe this legislation will have much of an affect on them. For this to be more effective the Qld Premier will have to try and convince the other States to enact the same legislation.

  3. Rod  

    What an extremely misleading item. Shame on yourselves at startsat60

    • Faye Paull  

      My thoughts exactly! SAS is falling into the same category of all other media. SENSATIONALISM!

  4. Greg  

    Very misleading story as it is really only revering to one state and mostly one company. Not too sure if I have ever seem an RV driven by an over 60s person with anything offensive written on it.
    Also none of the RVs in the photo can be driven in Australia as they are left hand drive!
    Not a great selection from the file photo library.

    • Grahame Abrahams  

      Other states are considering similar laws, as for your comment on left hand drive, that is the most rediculous remark I have heard.

    • Phil Ainsworth  

      Clever observation never noticed.

      • Phil Ainsworth  

        Why is it ridiculous, should have got it right with photo, right hand drive in Australia. AND before you criticize anybody be right yourself.Never heard of REDiculous

    • J Rose  

      Actually Wicked Campers are in Australia, the photos may be of some of their o/seas vehicles, but when I was driving to Sydney & back 5 days a week I saw them several times a week, especially in Summer. But as someone else commented they are mainly not registered in QLD.

  5. Anne  

    I’m sorry really love starts at 60 but this time very misleading article. As we have a relatively new MH I was a little concerned.

  6. Grahame Abrahams  

    I am glad they are being banned in Qld, I know other states are considering similar changes to their laws. Many of these vehicles are offensive. GOOD ON QLD!

    • I personally think they are a lot of fun…if you find them offensive…don’t take the time to read them…simple

  7. Phillip Perry  

    Have to agree it is very misleading article for those of us who have Motorhomes .
    So this headline was to attrack readers ? Well 60s you have got it so wrong ….

  8. Russ Morison  

    This is another area where the law in question needs to be initiated at Federal level rather than State, the same as registration, licensing etc on a national database. Having moved so many times aorund this wonderful country, kids changing schools to different curriculum-how about standardising! Oh I forget-they are not competent enough to do that.

  9. Brian Lee  

    Bit of a silly article this time I’m afraid, especially as it only refers to vehicles in one State, and really applies to only a very small percentage of road users – young people who think they are being very adventurous and brave, showing these signs! Even the photo of the blue van wasn’t particularly relevant, I mean, what was so offensive about that message, (or am I missing something). No, this appears to be a case of trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, as far as Starts at Sixty is concerned – a non-story being elevated, unsuccessfully!

  10. earn it  

    Curious to know. Who deems the slogans offensive? Will movie theaters lose permission to run offensive films? Magazines banned due to offensive articles.
    That which offends you may cause me to smile, or not.
    In short: a definition of offensive that fits the Majority. Yea right.

    • Faye Paull  

      The difference being that you are warned before entering a theatre about what you are about to see and a magazine will carry a warning on it’s cover. These slogans are there for all the world to see, without warning. This means anyone who can read including children. That which makes me smile may be inappropriate for a child.

  11. Jude Power  

    For some reason the screen is not allowing me to reply to anyone’s individual posts …. I just want to point out that some of the slogans in question are trying to be funny about such serious issues as child sexual abuse and violence against women. I just wish someone would take their own spray can to these vans and paint over the offensive rubbish the company concerned seems to think is ok.

  12. Mark  

    The nanny state strikes again, if you don’t like it don’t look. If I see something that offends me I look somewhere else, l don’t go running to my member to have laws made to to get rid of it. We should live and let live because soon everything will be the same – boring.

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