TV Host drops bombshell about banning Muslims

Immigration is always going to be a topic that invokes heated debate. On Channel Nine’s flagship program Today, this conversation

Immigration is always going to be a topic that invokes heated debate. On Channel Nine’s flagship program Today, this conversation happened live on air.

Talking about Andrew Bolt’s column for News Corp about terrorists in France Bolt stated that France has terrorism problems because “France let in the most Muslims”. He continued with saying “We are fools not to change our own immigration policies to protect ourselves”.

Today Extra co-host Sonia Kruger made her feelings known about Bolt’s position saying “Personally I think Andrew Bolt has a point here that there is a correlation between the number of Muslims in a country and the number of terrorist attacks.” She continued that while she had “a lot of friends who are Muslim who are peace-loving, who are beautiful people, but there are fanatics.”

Sonia seemed to upset her co-host David Campbell when she said: “Personally I would like to see it [the immigration of Muslims] stopped now for Australia because I would like to feel safe as all of our citizens do when they go out to celebrate Australia Day, and I’d like to see freedom of speech.”

David was quick to point out that he would “like to see freedom of religion as well, as well as freedom of speech. They both go hand in hand.” David also believes that articles like Bolt’s “breeds hate.”

The conversation went back and forth with Lisa Wilkinson finally bringing it to a point when she asked Sonia “Just to clarify, Sonia, are you saying you would like our borders closed to Muslims at this point?” To which Sonia replied, “Yes I would.”

Many took to social media after the broadcast to voice their opinions.

Do you agree with Sonia on this issue? Do you think that there is more to the issue than what they discussed?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Well with friends like her who needs enemies

    • Wayne lovett  

      She is only saying what a lot of Aussies are saying good on her

    • Irene Schmid  

      I agree with Sonia.I have never been a racist.But the Muslims job is to convert or kill.To be a good Muslim that’s what they have to do.Just read their Koran .We will never be safe and once the adopt sharia law in Australia.We are all lost!

  2. Royce R. Baucke  

    I am almost too frightened to say what I really think now – being politically correct and having an opinion on things is almost a thing of the past. Sad days ahead I fear…..

    • Agree with you there. People are too afraid to voice their opinion for fear of being verbally abused especially by those that profess tolerance. The irony of it all.

      • Jen Barrow  

        agree absolutely we dont have freedom of speech

    • Carolyn  

      I agree too. It seems that it has now anti social, religion, racist etc. to actually give an opinion on most subjects that affect our daily lives. What happening to democracy and freedom to think and express ourselves.

    • Paris  

      Never be afraid to speak your mind on matters you feel strongly about. Our fathers fought and died for that pressious privilege. Right across the globe political correctness is on its last legs. Time to call a spade a spade !

  3. She was asked she answered. Everyone has a right to their own opinions.
    Unless, we live in Europe especially France at the moment, we really have no idea how much they are living in constant fear or what they are experiencing, you might understand in theory, however, to have to live with it is a different matter all together. Sonia obviously feels concerned, where this is all heading, will we be next? I think she feels it’s better safe than sorry.

    • Susan  

      Denise Mahoney i agree. I also stand with Sonia. We have seen what happens in Europe & governments are to blame for letting Muslims/Middle East people into the countries. Their standards are not like ours. We are seeing in a lot of situations that it’s their kids who turn on us. How many more attacks & massacres to western societies have to happen before governments wake up to the fact that they are responsible for our safety??

    • Ellen  

      Agree absolutely. Why is it racist for people to just voice their opinion and fears. What has happened to free speech in this country. Right or wrong we have the right to speak our minds. Political Correctness be damned!

    • Ronae  

      Totally agree with Denise and Susan, saw the segment and thought Sonja was being fair with her comments. Watching what is happening overseas is scary. Do we want this for Australia. Yes we have many Muslims in Australia and we are not disparaging them but looking after their best interests and those of all Australians.

  4. Keith Schadel  

    So hard to comment with political correctness gone mad. However, there appears to be a correlation between violence and the number of Muslim, so called, refugees. Friends in Paris tell me mass street violence is now almost daily, but, not reported in the media.

    • Lyn Turner  

      Just spent 10 days in Paris, no sign of any violence, but a lot of people begging, including whole families sleeping in doorways. Very, very sad.

  5. Roberta Hiskins  

    Good on you Sonia for standing up and saying what so many are thinking. You are one of the few in the media who will stand up and do this.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree Roberta, I think Sonia was very brave and spoke about how she feels, and I don’t blame her I feel the same.
      I know a lot of people do also. The Govt need to hear the people and do this immediately.

    • Kay Brauer  

      I say good on you too, Sonia! I agree with you, Roberta.

    • Lorraine Keenan  

      Well said Sonia, your words were fine and yes I am scared like you waiting for something horrid to happen here and it will because of the radicals we have already let in. All races have good and bad but they don’t behead people or stone them to death etc. Sydney and Melbourne have had small things happen at rally’s but increase in murder, rape, drugs is a daily occurrence. Government must stand up and look at what the votes asked for and why. I don’t have a problem with what Sonia said and the quiver in her voice said it all. xx

    • David Wood  

      The problem as I see it is that with political correctness gone completely mad, it has now infringed on our freedom of speech to a point where you express a matter of concern it immediately raises a barrage of cries of discrimination where they are just concerns that appear to relate to a specific religious group.The only way to overcome this is from within by the non radicals, who at the moment are far to silent in their condemnation of the radical elements within their religion. We do not hear cries of discrimination and racism when they want infidels and non Muslims attacked and killed and then turn their threats into reality. Until this happens we should all stand behind the Sonia’s and others that are willing to be honest in expressing their thoughts.

  6. Roy Bridges  

    Agree with her comments at least she has the guts to say what she thinks and not bullied by others on that show.
    It’s time people started the ask questions about what is going ! I for one do not like the way this is heading and want to feel safe everywhere I go. I also don’t want to see this country change any further until we have more calm in the world.
    I’m concerned that you find it hard to name Muslim countries that are a peacefull democracy .Which is my number one priority . PEACE , Democracy

  7. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech go hand in hand? Get real David Campbell and stop being so poliically correct. It is nauseating.In today’s world this freedom has caused more strife and sorrow than any other issues. Sick and tired of bleeding hearts like you.

    • Susan  

      Agree Christina. I think David has said the wrong thing & lacks guts especially as he has a family. Safety is paramount & our governments & the so-called do gooders should wake up to this!

    • ted menere  

      What an arse you are David if your dog was scared of another dog would you leave yours to suffer no..all Sonia is saying dtop the immigration sort out what’s what and make as all feel safe.

    • Christina is right, as far as I am concerned, the David Campbells and his cohorts are delusional if they think that being craven apologists for Islam is going to protect them from the poisonous objectives of Islam.
      It is not a religion of peace but of subjugation and people like Campbell need to understand that there are a lot of people who are sick and tired of Political Correctness, that there are those who don’t respect Islam or it’s adherents.

  8. Alan  

    There is a definite correlation between the number of muslims, period. Not just refugees. Let’s not forget the cases of those that were BORN in the UK and Australia of muslim families who ended up heading out to the middle east to fight for ISIS. And social class is not a variable either when you consider that one of those halfwits was doing extremely well in medical school till he packed it all in to be a terrorist and fanatic. The ONLY factor in common, is that they are muslims. Islam breeds fanaticism unfortunately. I too know a number of muslims, and have had muslim friends, but for their sake too I would support a total ban on further muslim immigration. After all, those muslims that are not fanatics, are also affected every time there is a terrorist event. We need to stop new ones from entering and weed out and deport those (fanatics) already here.

    • Mandi bennett  

      Sonia was honest. So many are toi scared to be honest these politically correct times. I agree with her and praise her for being honest abd brave

  9. I agree with Sonia and Andrew. What makes people think we are so safe and we won’t be a target ? Think about it before you call others racist or have a different views from yourself. They are coming to Australia and we will be attacked sooner or later and that is a fact because history doesn’t lie.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      So true, Marlene, I am concerned also. I totally agree with what Sonia and Andrew said.
      Lets hope our Government hears the people of Australia. What chance have we got??????

  10. Just the fact that the majority of terrorist attacks can be traced back to those of the Muslim faith, leads a large majority of Australians to mistrust all Muslims. Sadly, it is difficult to distinguish the good from the bad when those we think are good turn out to be evil (and vice versus)? Many of those we think are here only for the prosperity and good of our country, turn out to be those who try to bring our country down with their evil terrorist acts. Best and only solution has to be to ban ALL Muslims coming into our country. The law should have been implemented years ago.

  11. Cathy Howat  

    I DON’T agree! I have had Muslim patients and colleagues, and have Muslim friends. Most of the victims of terrorism are Muslims who are not “Muslim enough” for the Terrorists. Vet ALL migrants carefully, and if you stay here, I would make citzenship compulsory, but not ban an entire group

    • Jurie Bender  

      Cathy, I don’t have a problem with the GOOD muslims. Let them handle and report the BAD muslims so we can deport them, BUT WILL THEY? If it is only a few bad apples that is ruining it for everyone why don’t they do something about it.
      Until they grow a pair I will have to agree with banning them.

  12. Cheryl  

    This is what annoys me about morning television hosts, just stick with what you’re best at and leave your half baked ideas at home and not sprout them on national television. Stick to dancing Sonia.

    • Cynthia Powe  

      Yes Cheryl I agree with you. Vet all migrants carefully and not just Muslims.
      Stick to dancing Sonia, something you know something about..

      • Helen  

        I would liked to see if any member of your family is kill by a Islam terrorist that was taken as refugee….would you thing the same and billing someone that has the guts to say what the reality is now days….?..

    • Ivan self  

      I think you have half-baked ideas I would like to see all Muslims stopped coming in and also get rid of all that are here.

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