Turnbull talks tough on terror – does this make you feel safe

Who exactly was the Prime Minister talking to when he launched into his  first briefing on national and domestic security? After offering

Who exactly was the Prime Minister talking to when he launched into his  first briefing on national and domestic security?

After offering his condolences for the people affected by recent terrorist attacks, Malcolm Turnbull did not mince his words: “This is not the time for gestures or machismo,” he said.

In other words: we will not rush in with troops on the ground, even if there are members of the Liberal party putting significant pressure on the PM to do so.

Veteran political journalist Paul Bongiorno today wrote in The New Daily the Turnbull was at risk of  a Rudd-style undermining attack, led by dumped Defence Minister Kevin Andrews.

However, the PM appears to be standing strong, ruling out the possibility that Australian troops will be deployed on the ground in Iraq and Syria.

Instead, he says Australia’s response needs to be “clear-eyed and strategic as it is determined”.

“We should grieve and we should be angry, but we must not let grief or anger cloud our judgment,” he said, adding that the “menace” must be defeated by being calm, clinical and professional.

Eloquently detailing the differences between this particular enemy and those of the past, Mr Turnbull explained that ISIL was weaker than they would have us believe.

“It had more smartphones than guns, more Twitter accounts than soldiers,” he said.

“We must not be fooled by its hype.”

Australia’s existing presence in the Syria conflict is second only to the US, the Prime Minster said, more than any European nation.

He said that the 60 coalition neighbours would “disrupt, degrade and defeat” ISIL patiently and painstakingly rather than rushing into military action. He added that the Iraq government has told, and the G20 leaders had agreed, that a large-scale Western force would be counter-productive in the area.

“Ultimately,” said Mr Turnbull, “we need to find a political solution.”

Turning to domestic security concerns, Mr Turnbull acknowledged that there was a risk that terrorists in our region could be inspired by the events of Paris and launch an attack on Australians. He also said that the risk of a terror attack on our soil remains likely.

He reassured Australians that our security forces remained vigilant, and that we had the advantages of being in control of our borders plus strong gun laws.

“The tempo of our counter terrorism efforts has been increased,” he said. Twenty-six people have been charged as a result of counter-terrorism efforts since September last year.

Mr Turnbull used the speech to announce a five-tiered National Terrorism Threat Advisory System that would inform Australians better of the risk we are facing.

“The adoption of a five-tiered threat system will also provide ASIO with greater flexibility in determining threat levels, reflecting the need to adapt to an evolving security environment,” said Mr Turnbull.

In closing, the Prime Minister said that Australia would stare down terrorists in the way we always have: “The strength of our free people will see off these thugs and tyrants as it has seen off so many of their kind before.”

What do you think of Malcolm Turnbull’s stance? Does it make you feel safe? Would you prefer to see troops on the ground or are you happy for Australia to stick with airstrikes and training personnel? Do you think there can be a “political solution” to the scourge of ISIL terrorism? 





  1. YES I agree with him, troops on the ground should be an option of last resort, Abbott and the right wing conservatives are trying to undermine Turnbull, the Penny hasn’t dropped that Abbott is NOT the PM anymore, he still wants to run the show

  2. Totally agree if Abbott is so keen for us to go to war..let him fight and while he is there, the Syrians can keep him

    • Turnbull is saying no war but Abbott and that other idiot Kevin Andrews have been in the paper advocating for war. I agree with Turnbull, it is another unwinable war like Iraq and Afghanistan and yes even Vietnam

    • Abbott never said send your kids to war, he suggested special troops to find bombing targets such as fuel and other markets out of which ISIS are making millions of dollars to buy weapons clothing food etc. Which member of your family would you prefer to be collateral damage in our own Country, just walking down a Street in the wrong place at the wrong time, I sure as hell can’t think of any Australian Citizen that I would like it to happen to, Turnbull is weak, talk to ISIS??? ISIS,the people, many Australians can’t it appears to see as evil, Cut off heads, hands, rape and kill women and children can’t you see, all we don’t want, is this evil in our Country. The French are now paying for their kindness as are all European Countries and willy nilly you are, it seems, happy for it to happen. At some time perhaps we will all wake up and it will be too late. I don’t want my grandchildren going to fight, that’s not what was said at all put aside the big hate for Abbott, Andrews etc. and listen. At least he has the balls to call it for what it is. Turnbull failed before and will be just as bad this time around, surely there is better than him. He is a business man that is his forte. Put a Military Minister in charge of the Defence portfolio, there are plenty of experienced women in the armed forces (if that is what everyone wants and will satisfy the lobby groups) but people that know what they are talking about. Point Piper is hardly the place to pick up tips for destroying evil.

    • Your opinion is just that Annette Francks and no more valueable than anyone else’s here and I already said how I feel

    • Oh for god sake Annette Francks, blah blah blah blah blah. I hope you are one of the first to put your hand up and do your bit, seeing as your so bloody keen to send other people’s kids into a WAR ZONE.

    • If there is any fighting on the ground it should be left to Russia and America, both are Super Powers and have many many troops they can afford to lose

    • Trish Daley There are troops trained for these Special Missions, that is what they are trained, for and where did I say send our kids, as usual mis-reading seems to be an affliction, nobody’s opinion is any less important than mine, I was born during the 2nd WW and if you only knew how hard it was in the after math, but we weren’t issued with blinkers Australian people just got on with it and yes I would certainly be the first to put my hand up I don’t want our people our children to be harmed on home soil as some here don’t think it can happen so be it.

    • Libbi, why are Russian or US soldiers more expendable than Australian lives? Surely any life lost is tragic. I expect their parents wouldn’t like them going to a war zone either.

    • yes all lives are valuable Sue Erlangsen but they are main players in this war and we are small fish led along by the nose

  3. We have ONLY 24 million Australians, if anyone if eager for us to go and fight, send your sons and daughter’s, stop trying to send other peoples kids to fight and die

    • Our defence forces are there to do a job and i hope in whatever form it takes they can protect all of us. Nobody wants war.

    • Listen to your PM Glenda Beck, Australia is not a large country and no one’s kids should be sent to Syria.

    • I agree don’t send your kids send people like me that have already had a life & would gladly put it on the line to defend our freedom. Keep the young here send the old 🙂

    • I have no objections if older Australian’s want to sign up to fight but our youth has their whole lives ahead of them, why send them on a suicide mission ?

    • I am still trying to work out why we sent our kids overseas in the first place and got some of them killed. We have a defence force the magic word is defence. Not an attack force.

    • With Only 25 millions people and a huge country, our army should be more like the Swiss army, only there to protect us at home and never sent overseas to fight other countries battles…..imagine how much money we would have saved, and we would have no enemies….. I have not heard of any attacks in Switzerland yet!!!

    • They send our kids off to these wars we never win… to fight and die, then have to bring in more refugees to replace them, just leave our soldiers out of it

    • Wonderfull post Rosalind. And great follow up Libbi. Keep our young people away from fighting in foreign fields. It makes me weep at nonsense waste of life.

    • If HOWARD and his mates kept out of it we wouldn’t even been worried but just like kids overboard he was looking for votes he was a puppet and sent our kids over there to die for nothing but lies , why aren’t Bush , Howard , and the pommie all in a war crimes court

    • Sorel Sanders I agree, our military is for defense of Australia, not to attack other sovereign nations that the US says needs a ‘regime change’. All the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ lies have opened my eyes.

    • They sent kids after they put up there age in WW2 & we won,if people want to join the army that’s their business & becomes their job…

    • Judy Chappel WW2 was the last war we have won and look at all the new immigrants we got after it and next came Vietnam and they came here by the boat load and on and on with every war there after

    • Well we know about Vietnam, we never should have been there in the first place. Due to our young boys being sent over there to a senseless war, we were obliged to take refugees from Vietnam. WW2 was a different story, Australia needed the Europeans and British to help build Australia, my father being one of them.

    • no fight them in our front yards our wives and children can help us .would you like that better???

    • Rosalind Battles They have already signed up , They joined the Defence force , have been fighting in various forms for years.

    • Dawn Bruce there will not be enough in our defense force to fight the terrorists and why should those young men and women go there to die on foreign soil in a war we can’t win

  4. Only the Syrian Army should be involved in the ground operations with the logistics provided by the Western nations.

  5. sorry but i wouldnt trust him with an empty sack,,, as far as im concerned both him and his backstabbing off sider can both whistle in the wind

  6. No this does not make me feel safe. The first step is to close our borders. Our governments have allowed all sorts of people into this country willy-nilly. Stronger control of who enters our country will make me feel a bit safer.

    • Barbri Alexander, then you open your own home to the thousands of men who left behind their wives to seek asylum here and who don’t really want to be Australian anyway.

    • well Abbott agreed to bring in another 12.000 on top of the normal intake..27,000 new people in this country next year and you can’t blame Turnbull for that

    • Abbott wanted to bring in Christians and other persecuted minorities. Turnbull is willing to bring in more people who will never willingly become Australians first.

    • should have done it 60 years ago and just been a backward country with a small population and boring food

    • Rosalind Battles I heard Abbott say none, BUT Shorten said he wanted 27000k & went on & on , with pressure Abbott agreed to 12k BUT persecuted women & children & christians . Thats why we are so annoyed he changed his mind , furious is the word. Now it seems anyone is welcome. . Labor let in many many thousands, over their term. And I can’t see talking to These Groups will do any good, useless

    • Rubbish Dawn Bruce..Abbott was the PM and in Government, Shorten is only the Opposittion leader, The Liberals run the coutry at the moment and this was all Abbotts call

    • closing borders wont stop anyone, there are plenty already here with justified grievances and trying to segregate people will only make a more horrible australia,

    • Jan Edwards under duress or not, which I don’t believe, he made the call no one else did and it is all on him and The Liberal Party if these people come here and do terrorist acts

    • Closing the borders will help and yes I think we should only accept Christians because we are a Christian country but no it does not make me feel safer and the reason is. The one question that should be ask is, if Australia was attacked would they fight for us or against us. We all know what the answer should be but what would the answer really be? No I don’t feel safer.

    • Barbri Alexander So you think this is nonsense? What country were you born in and what is your heritage?

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