Turnbull pays tribute to Bishop, returns to ‘boys’ club’ culture

Her parliamentary career might be over, but Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has paid tribute to Bronwyn Bishop, thanking her

Her parliamentary career might be over, but Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has paid tribute to Bronwyn Bishop, thanking her for her “enormous” and “indelible” contribution to Australian public life.

Starts at 60 brought you the news that Bishop had been defeated 51 to 39 in the pre-selection in her Sydney seat of Mackellar at the weekend. The veteran Liberal MP had held the northern beach’s seat for more than 20 years.

Her decision to recontest the seat was publicly criticised by members of the Liberal Party, arguing it was time for Bishop to retire.

Turnbull said that while the result was disappointing “She’s [Bronwyn Bishop] has been a magnificent figure on the national stage as a minister, as a member, senator, speaker.

“Bronwyn is unforgettable; she’s dynamic, she’s colourful, she’s charismatic and we thank her … for her extraordinary service.”

The 73-year-old made headlines for chartering a taxpayer-funded helicopter to attend a Liberal Party function in 2015. However, even after exiting politics Bronwyn Bishop will still receive a lifetime pension worth an estimated $200,000 a year and a Life Gold Pass entitling her to fly around Australia on domestic flights up to 10 times a year.

Interestingly, less than a year after the Liberal Party recognised it had a ‘problem with women’ the latest round of pre-selection candidates (three of which are replacing women) all appear to be young, white men.

It seems that only in New South Wales were women selected for the top slots on the Coalition’s senate ticket.

Do you agree with the prime minister’s tribute to¬†Bronwyn Bishop? Should there be more diversity in our political parties?

  1. John Nesbitt  

    What a hypocrite he is. Pretending to praise a truly conservative Bronwyn.
    He wants one of his leftie friends to be pre-selected for the position.
    His accidently-on-purpose bumbling as leader proves that he is a Labor plant deliberately sabotaging the Coalition’s chances at the upcoming election. And it’s working!
    Any price for his much beloved carbon (dioxide) tax and other wacko leftie “green” ideas!
    Anyone notice that he has recently thrown $1BILLION at a renewable energy finance mob?
    Wake up Liberals, I will be voting informal to teach you misguided lot a lesson.

    • Jaybee  

      And where on the political spectrum would you sit John? Ha ha. Political fanatics are amusing.

    • John Brants  

      A real bright spark Lib.who doesn’t understand that an informal vote is invalid ie. it DOES NOT count. All the best J.Nesbitt.

    • Snowwhite  

      Good. Waste your vote John Nesbitt. At least the Fascists won’t get in again with any luck.

  2. facebook_nancy.brenton.75  

    I’m relieved that Bronwyn is not standing – time for her to enjoy her life as an older person and grandmother(I think). With all the lurks and perks from her time in politics she should be able to have a great retirement.

  3. Susan Bell  

    I watch parliament and listen on radio, I have been doing this since the late 60s. Ms Bishop was the most partisan of speakers. She was the worse speaker in Australian history, never before have I witnessed such blatant bias, truly a disgrace.

    • Sandy Dougherty  

      I agree! Absolutely appalling bias!

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