Turnbull on terror, immigration and safety: where does our new leader stand?

When terror attacks shake the world, as the brutal Paris attacks did this weekend, it’s common for all world leaders

When terror attacks shake the world, as the brutal Paris attacks did this weekend, it’s common for all world leaders to take a firm and immediate stance on national security.

All too often, the subject of refugees and immigration will – for good or ill – get thrown into the debate.

Where does Malcolm Turnbull stand? Speaking to Insiders on the ABC, Turnbull played down links between refugees and terror.

“In terms of refugees coming to Australia, they are all, as you know… carefully screened.”

“I discussed this matter just a moment ago with the commissioner of federal police and director of ASIO, and while there have been some exceptions, the history of terrorist activities in Australia… is very much, for the most part, second and third generation Australians”.

He said Australia would be standing “shoulder to shoulder” with France, and that there would be no reason to believe Australia was unsafe.

“At this stage, the advice is that there is no need to change the alert level that is being monitored constantly,” he said.

“We cannot allow our national security or our national security policies to be dictated to by terrorists”.

“We have strong and capable security services… They keep us safe at home and, so far as they can, when we are abroad”.

“There’s no reason to be complacent, but we have every reason to be assured that our nation is safe.”

He also said he agreed with Indonesian president Joko Widodo, who suggested the Islamic State committed a “double crime” by associating their acts with Islam.

“They defame, they blaspheme, they defame Islam” said Turnbull.

“”They are murderers. They are mass murderers. They are barbarians but at the same time, they also defame religion”.

The Alfred Deakin Institute’s Greg Barton, a Professor of Global Islamic Politics, told the ABC that Australia’s situation was different to Europe’s.

“We’ve got the luxury of properly, carefully vetting [the Syrian refugees’] IDs and their stories, carrying out background checks before they are accepted and doing things in an orderly fashion”.

“European authorities are facing a wave of humanity — they don’t have the luxury to do those things.

“Whilst, realistically, it would be foolish to acknowledge that there are no threats, it is also a risk to allow paranoia and anxiety to take hold at a large scale.”

The international response to terror will be very high on the agenda at the G20 summit, which Turnbull is currently attending.

“This issue of a collective response of cooperation, of mutual support with a common purpose of combating and defeating terrorism of this kind has to be undertaken and it will be one of the major items on the agenda of this G20”.

“It was always going to be, but it will be made more so in the wake of the shocking attack in Paris.

“Ultimately, there has to be a political solution. The military angle is very important, it is very important that Daesh [Islamic State] is confronted and defeated militarily.

“Longer term, the stability of Syria — the stability that will enable those millions of refugees to return to their homes— will depend on a political solution.”

He also offered strong support of France’s stoic response to the horrific events.

“An attack of this scale is always terrible to watch unfold. But at the same time, I was inspired by the resilience and the patriotism of the Frenchmen and women who, the stadium outside of which some of the bombs had been exploded, were singing their national anthem.

“It just showed the fact that free societies like our own, like Australia’s, like France’s, will not be cowed by terrorism, no matter how shocking”.

Do you agree with Turnbull’s response? Is this fitting, or is there more Australia should be doing?

  1. They have already committed to taking these refugees that was all done under Abbottt, Peter Dutton went to one of the camps and has already been handing out Visa’s

    • Leanna Stephenson. Yes Dutton did hand out some visas, but do you really believe those visa receivers had not been investigated first? Australia is obliged to take its share of refugees. Better to have them scrutinised before they get here than to vet them after arrival.

    • No idea Anne Mitchel, I am just stating the facts, and why can they can they process these people so quickly when it takes them years to process them on Manus and Naru? It all sounds fishy to me. No wonder the UN and 108 countries are condemning this Government

    • Took 3 years to vet my hubby and they still got it wrong. He is a respectable American cirizen. Can’t tell me anything about this immigration dept that would suprize me.

  2. I am pleased that they carry out thorough checks on all refugees we accept. To me the illegals are the problem, the ones that arrive unannounced. Since Paris I have hardened my view. We should not accept people who arrive illegally by boat or any other means. I really don’t care what they do with them as long as they do not set foot in Australia.

    • Have thought this all along. Just be thankfull we live on a big island, sorry continent.

    • Totally agree. No more. There are plenty so Muslim countries, why don’t they want to go there?

    • Lyndl Graham It is both Lyndl. 🙂 Biggest Island and smallest Continent in the world was how we learned it.

    • Kathryn Hird then how come there are cases of people coming into Australia on these visas and when they get here lodging claims for refugee status?

    • Nick Croft In June 2013 there were 162,000 457 Visa Holders, but only 91,000 of those were workers. If you want to know how much MORE stricter the conditions are for 457 Visa check the Acacia website- for example.

    • Nick Croft Anyone can lodge a claim for refugee status no matter what class of Visa they are on. What is your point?

    • Alan Clune, that’s why the people are on Manus and Nauru, they don’t have id that’s why they are there in detention.

    • John Green the point is that 9/11 was not the act of boat people or illegal immigrants but was committed by terrorists on legal visas – so the people who are saying that Tony stopped the boats so we are all safe are wrong – we need strong visa protection to keep undesirables out of Australia. For every boat person stopped we let 30 in on dodgy work or study visas – some of whom have clearly lied on the visa and got through. The reports I have heard on Paris indicate that it took about 8 terrorists: are you guaranteeing that in the 1.3 million temporary work visas that 8 doubtful characters have not got into Australia?

  3. well as a kiwi we know were he stands on emigration; however I wasn’t sure what to expect from this response but I think its valid and accurate.

  4. did anyone hear on the news one of the terrorists was a registered refugee in greece, it was on the aljazeera news … keep ’em out of our country, we already have “sleepers” here

    • 50million $ sent from Australia to IS how many people did that take these people are a threat to this country

    • That is exactly what our checks are for. Keeping” ’em out” is the purpose. But as the total of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS makes up 0.003 % of the worlds muslim population, we of course must recognise this and stop thinking that “’em “are the whole Muslim population as, by default more than 99% are NOT “’em”.

    • I suspect with the flood of refugees coming into Greece they did almost no checking. Particularly if the individual indicated they were moving out of Greece. Australia spends ages checking details and if in doubt they’ve not let them in. Our situation is quite different, but we can’t be complacent. Like France, Australia has opened itself to attacks by being involved in the war on ISIS. These ISIS men are such lowlife cowards that they don’t fight soldiers but unarmed civilians. I can’t imagine how even the most radical of Muslim youth thinks such cowardliness something to aspire to, however, they do. Most of the terrorists from Western countries have not been recent arrivals but were born in a Western Country

  5. He couldn’t make a decision on how to get out of a paper bag. He dithers from one side to the other. The media always derided Tony Abbott for the manner in which he spoke but Malcolm Turnbull is no better. Just keep waffling Malcolm til the next election and then you’ll see just how much Australians think you are a better choice than Tony Abbott.

  6. Stop them all from coming in i am sorry but we have to do something. They should have thought about this type of thing before they go handing out visas. But wait untill something happens to one of their families then we see what happens. Our governments got no guts Labour or Liberals.

    • I absolutely gree with Denise and Marilyn. We didn’t have the problem of people wanting to kill you because you weren’t their religion in Australia before the muslims came whether they are so called moderate or not, that is their thinking. How can you possibly assimilate people who think you are infidel?

    • Don’t forget Greens and the most hated woman in Aust Sarah Hanson Young, Still today saying there will be people condemning these POOR people AND we paid for her & husband to go to Greece and spend a week or so helping rescue asylum seekers of the boats coming to Greece

    • Thats right they are protected by security 24/7 us innocent people aren’t let something happen to their family. Get your head out of the sand Malcolm cannot be soft we do not want them here.

    • Actually we were talking about security last night all these polies have that much security, why would they be worried.

  7. No I don’t think we are in more danger. The danger has always been there. Malcolm Turnbull’s more moderate language I think actually reduces slightly the atmosphere likely to radicalise Muslim youth. Australia can’t be complacent we no doubt have a few aspiring terrorists in our midst but without the flood of refugees crossing into our country it is easier to vet those Moslems who come into our country.

    • What will reduce the danger is for the Muslim leaders to come out and condemn these terriorist. This will help the Muslim youth and everyone. Turnbull moderate language will only help these people not the Muslims who are telling their followers not to sing our Nation Anthlem in fact I think he has worsen the situation slightly.

    • Cheryl Siddon No matter how many times Muslim leaders do just what you ask, people keep repeating “they should speak out.” They do, they are. And the incident you speak of was at a public school. It was not a Muslim who said the children who were observing a short religious festival in which one can’t sing or dance (a bit like Jehovahs witnessess who can’t do that all the time). It was a Christian teacher who, understanding that this was a short observance by some children, gave them permission not to sing during a period when they were not supposed to. It was not the anthem that was an issue. It was the singing part.

    • Cheryl Muslim leaders have come out and condemned the terrorists, just because it isn’t reported doesn’t mean it hasn’t been happening. I looked online this morning an found lots of Muslim leaders and celebrities condemning the terrorism. From my understanding it wasn’t Muslims telling people not to sing our national anthem but a dodgy interpretation of the requirements placed on followers of the faith by a non Muslim. None of our security measures have been reduced under Turnbull we just don’t have Tony Abbott’s provocative language alienating the Muslim community.

    • Robyn Green The description of that special time was no dancing, loud music . or enjoyable times as was told to radio host by a few Muslim people , The National Anthem WAS not considered loud music or an enjoyable time. and should bet sung by all. It was a leftie Principal determining what SHE thought

    • Or she may have just been a principle trying to be fair to her students Dawn, we have so many cultures in this country, it must be hard for teachers to keep up with it all, she could have handled it better, but I would not like to walk a mile in her shoes trying to juggle it all to suit everyone

    • Being fair to students, means they are all treated equally. Being fair to students means not singling out. Being fair to students means being grateful that we live in this wonderful country and can proudly sing the National Anthem

    • Carole being fair to students is treating their culture and religion with respect. A child should not be forced to test their loyalties at Primary School. When I was going through school the Plymouth Brethren students sat out and didn’t participate in much beside actual classes so exclusion on religious grounds is hardly unprecedented. This situation was handled poorly by the school then sensationalised by the idiotic media.

    • Does anyone realise that the National anthem has nothing to do with religion, it is praising our country & our beliefs in this country. If students don’t want to sing the anthem it means they don’t want to be part of this country!! And regarding religion, when I went to school there were different religious classes we could attend depending on our religion but we all attended normal classes together & were all educated the same. All in all, people come to this country because of our lifestyle, if they can’t assimilate & don’t become Australian citizens within 12mths, they should be deported. Fed up of these “refugees” coming out here bludging off the Australian taxpayers & not contributing anything in return. Even when they’re still in detention, they smash & burn the buildings supplied by Australians, which is commiting a crime, why aren’t they deported then??? That is proof that they are not fit to be accepted into this country.

    • Barbara,it is impossible to screen these people successfully this has been proven time and time again.In many cases they are innocent on the surface but become disaffected once living in this country,they can despise our way of life and can become easy targets for radicalisation.STOP DREAMING!

    • Sorry Barbara Easthope but Tony Abbott was probably Australia’s saviour.Why should upsetting the Muslim community be a dilemma?This used to be a country of the free where everyone could speak their own mind without being intimidated by a foreign religion.Now you are becoming afraid and that is what Islam is about.

    • Winston if you come up to me huffing and puffing and acting aggressively how would you expect me to respond. I would huff and puff back I expect. If you are happy for a section of our community to feel alienated from the broader community, then don’t be surprised when they don’t feel part of that community and have no hesitation in taking up arms against it. Hate has never solved anything. It isn’t fear of offending Muslims, to me it is just common sense. What ISIS wants is the West against Islam mantra they use to recruit be proven to be true. Tony Abbott seemed to be singing along to the ISIS recruiting video with his speeches.

  8. Thought Abbott was against it. Going everywhere saying not to let them in?

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