Turnbull Government makes history for all the wrong reasons

Remember last month when the Turnbull Government suffered a defeat in parliament because three MPs went home early? Well, it’s
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Remember last month when the Turnbull Government suffered a defeat in parliament because three MPs went home early?

Well, it’s happened again – except this time no MPs left early.

Instead, a government minister accidentally endorsed something put forward by the opposition.

Minister for Revenue and Financial Services Kelly O’Dwyer endorsed a second reading amendment of the International Tax Agreements Amendment Bill, which criticised her own government.

The amendment called for the government “to explain why it has failed to close tax loopholes and increase transparency in Australia.”

You might be wondering why that’s such a big deal?

Well, according to Labor it’s the first time in the history of parliament that a second reading amendment has been supported.

Manager of opposition business Tony Burke told parliament “there’s never been a more chaotic government”.

“There has never been a leader of the house that has had to endure humiliation from his colleagues on such a regular basis,” he said.

“If the first 10 days are any guide at all, then this is a government that’s not counting up its days, this is a government in countdown.”

He also took to social media, explaining what happened in a series of Twitter posts.

“Here’s the story….The government forgot to vote no,” he wrote.

“That means the house of reps now has a unanimous resolution about how bad the government is on multinational tax avoidance.”

What does the Turnbull Government have to say for itself?

Well, Leader of the House Christopher Pyne said it was an “inadvertent error”

Leader of the House Christopher Pyne described the mistake as an “inadvertent error”.

“I would make the point that there are several owners of this error, and I am not going to criticise them individually because it’s wrong to criticise the people who work for us, the people who are sitting in the chair,” he told the parliament.

“There was a series of events that led to this outcome, and it’s a pity.”

In the end, Labor backed down and allowed the Bill to pass without the amendment.

What do you think of this latest mistake from the Turnbull Government? Do you have confidence in the government?


  1. Dianne Evans  

    Man oh man and they rubbish other parties ! Incompetent !

  2. John  

    There are a lot of school kids just left who need a job, all of them would do a better job of running the country.

  3. Greg Hills  

    Why did Labor back down? They just missed an important opportunity for tax reform that inadvertently fell into their lap.
    These loopholes need to be closed. Now! If the government did that they would not have to look for tax cuts elsewhere. Simple. Stop the bleeding first!

  4. What Government they do not do any governing they do things for their own benefit and power. The average Australian knows this and Many have lost faith in PM and his cohorts They are only in it for the money and benefits they get

  5. Stephen  

    Labour now has the precedent and in the two cases provided has not pushed the case, WHY, because they were both nothing cases. When David arrived to fight Goliath his brothers ridiculed him at the suggestion, he let that pass. The answer is you pick when you want to use that sling shot, not waste the rocks on thin air. Personally I would like it to be a second vote on the bill that Shorten put before parliament regarding same sex marriage before the election, then it would go directly to the senate, passed on its 2nd reading. Thus endeth the Plebiscite.

  6. Joan Marshall  

    For fifty years that I have lived in Australia and I have been naturalized after a year of living here I have always voted Liberal because it is the policy I believe in. I am disappointed in Mr. Turnbull even contemplating a plebiscite for Gays when Australia has more important issues to concentrate on. The main issue is get the country of of debt. If this goes on I will not be voting for any party from now on. Terribly angry and disappointed.

  7. elena  

    I don’t think they worry at all…still get the fat many to waste as they like while the hard working people are struggling to survive….OMG!!!

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