Trump signs order to start building Mexico wall

Construction will start in a matter of months as Trump swears he will make Mexico pay.
President Trump has followed through on his plans.

Well if there’s one thing you can say for sure about Donald Trump, it’s that he knows how to come good on an election promise.

This morning President Trump signed off on orders to start construction on a massive wall along the US-Mexico border, in a bid to curb illegal immigration and reduce crime.

The wall was a central part of Trump’s election campaign with supporters regularly chanting “build the wall!” at rallies.

The controversial move has shocked democrats in Washington, many of whom didn’t believe he would follow through with the drastic plan.

Not only is Trump building the wall, he also says he will “make Mexico pay” for the construction and that Americans won’t have to fork out a dime.

In an interview with ABC America, Trump said construction would start within a matter of months.

“We’ll be reimbursed at a later date from whatever transaction we make from Mexico,” he said.

“I’m just telling you there will be a payment. It will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form. What I’m doing is good for the United States. It’s also going to be good for Mexico. We want to have a very stable, very solid Mexico.”

While his supporters are happy with the move, others have been left dismayed by his attitude towards immigration and neighbouring countries.

For many, the wall is reminiscent of the Berlin Wall, which famously divided East and West Germany after WW2.

It came to be viewed as a symbol of misery and tyranny and was eventually torn down and destroyed by thousands of people one fateful day in 1989.

There are fears by some the US-Mexico wall will only drive up hatred and division and cause more tension between the two countries and cultures.

Others though, say it is the best way to send a message that America is not to be messed with.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think the wall is a good idea? Or will it only create more anger and division amongst people throughout the world?

  1. Jacquie  


    • Jan  

      You’re right they already have tunnels to funnel there drugs through. It won’t stop the criminals only people seeking a better life.

  2. Vince  

    Donald Trump will make America great again !!

    • Joan Marshall  

      Vince I wish people would use their brains and see that president Donald Trump has the sheer guts to do something positive for Americans, America as a country and the world. I totally agree with you. In the 50 years I have been Australia I have come across more no hopers than people worthy of respect. I have worked hard to have all the comforts I have in life and resent people who will not do anything with theirs and expect to be looked after by people who work hard. Disgusting people.

  3. alan stonham  

    trumps business interests will no doubt have a finger in the constuction,just like the pipeline he has approved,the wall will be a
    standing joke ,indicating just how crazy and futile the effort will be,i bet the mexican greenbacks are laughing themselves silly

  4. Peter Kenrick  

    Mexico must be thrilled. Trump on the other side of a wall.

  5. Liz  

    I’m sure his Isreali friends will show him how to build walls and Putin will show him how to defend them. I bet there will be a few ‘Trump Cement’ trucks around the sites as well as investment by Trump companies.

  6. Bernadette  

    Canada should do the same thing, to keep themselves safe from Trump.

  7. Bernadette  

    Bloody idiot the man is!! A bigot and a fool….

    • Joan Marshall  

      Bernadette All the do gooders of this world cannot come up with an alternative to keep the drugs and crime out of America by the Mexicans. President Trump is doing something positive which I bet Hillary Clinton will never have the guts to do. Thank God Hillary Clinton did not win the Presidency. One of her policies was allowing 500,000 Syrians in to America what an idiot. Some of them cannot speak a word of English so she would have to feed, educate, house and have some of them turn on the Americans and the world. People who believe in Socialism preach it but fill their own pockets such as the likes of Hillary Clinton and all her cronies.

  8. Guy Flavell  

    What a load of twaddle coming from all these comments about the ‘Wall’. Do you all agree that the countless
    aliens that have come across from Mexico have been a resounding success for the USA’s economy, drug situation and crime rates ?
    At least Mr. Trump is doing something positive to stem the problem. I note that not one of you appears to have any other form of alternative solution to this … simply mouthing off and displaying a total lack of knowledge about the subject.

    • Pat Simpson  

      What about the oceans, is he going to block them too? I think they border both countries last time i looked at a map???

  9. Dieter  

    I just want to rectify the wrong facts about the Berlin Wall.
    The wall has been built to keep the ex DDR inhabitants inside East Germany whereas Trumps wall is supposed to keep Mexicans out of the US.
    To the writer of this article: get your facts right.

  10. [email protected]  

    Donald will make America great again by creating and loosing a couple more wars at great human cost. Remember Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq? Several million deaths for sweet FA. Willing to offer up your kids and grandkids to help the Trump? I bet not.

  11. Something definitely needs to be done to prevent people sneaking illegally into countries – world wide. It makes a mockery of the long processes undergone by immigrants who migrate legally. Besides which most nations are struggling to employ, house, educate and offer health care to their population already without the burden of extra people. FAMILY FIRST.

  12. Charles  

    Good on you Mr President. A man if conviction who isn’t afraid of all the wankers who do little for the country other than complain.

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