Trick revealed: How to free a shopping trolley without coins

If you’ve made an unplanned trip to ALDI or any other supermarket that has coin trolleys, you can relate to this:
The trick has been revealed and it's easier than you think.

If you’ve made an unplanned trip to ALDI or any other supermarket that has coin trolleys, you can relate to this: You see great deals, buy a bunch of things impulsively, and then as soon as you pay you realise that you should have prepared a coin for that trolley.

But for marketing specialist Arturs Mednis, this problem is not in his dictionary.

He has actually figured out how to unlock con trolleys without using the coin and no, not using chocolates but this one thing that we’ve all been carrying around – keys.

According to Mednis, all you need to do is stick the back of the key (which has a shape of a coin) in to the coin slot and the lock will disengage.

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Some shoppers say that it’s wrong to do this because you are meant to insert a coin and not a key but others argue that coins were put in place so that people would return the trolleys so if they return the trolley, all is well. What do you think?

Photo: Twitter @arturs
Photo: Twitter @arturs

Would you ever do this?

  1. Richard  

    Some trolleys have a drawer that you put the coin in. It is easier to buy one of Aldi’s tokens for $0.99 and use it.

    • J M Kozak  

      Yes I have one of thier coins that I paid 99c for but I also asked at the cashier for something and the girl gave me a blue disc in the shape of a coin which works really well.
      Thanks janell

    • robyn  

      I have a aldi trolly coin and it doesn’t fit the trolley

  2. Richard  

    Some trolleys have a drawer that you put the coin in. It is easier to buy one of Aldi’s tokens for $0.99 and use it.

  3. Raewyn Oliver  

    Some of us do not carry keys – keyless car etc, so it is just easier to have the little token from Aldi in the car and put it back after. Too easy.

  4. cheryl chalmers  

    good trick if you dont have your token with you

  5. Susan Knowles  

    If people do this there is no incentive to return the trolley to the correct place.

  6. tokens are a good idea saves having to chase up the money owed when its not returned as is should be

  7. Rob Ozanne  

    Any shop that charges for the use of wonky trolleys will lose my business straight off ! I will never ever pay to use one

    • Sandy Williams  

      If you return the trolley there is no charge.

    • Beverley davidson  

      You get your coin or taken back when you take your trolley back so it is a good idea. Trolleys left in car parks and around the streets are an eye sore and dangerous. It would be a good idea to fine anyone caught leaving trollies in streets.

      • Pamela  

        You can still get your coin back if you leave the trolley in the special trolley bays in car parks.

  8. Madeleine Whitburn  

    Good idea it has reduced the number of trolleys left around the streets

  9. Terry  

    When our local Woolies introduced the locking for trolleys, they handed out hundreds of plastic tokens to operate them; they also work on the trolleys at our local Dan Murphy’s. No problem.

  10. Sandra  

    Buy a token, why try and cheat when is easier to do the right thing.

  11. Chris  

    Woolies gave me a plastic token so I don’t have a problem, it hangs on my key ring. Maybe all supermarkets should give them out. Woolies ones don’t fit Coles ones so make them all the same and there wont be a problem or people breaking them with their keys. Simple really.

  12. Julie Rochforte  

    Whenever I see coin trolleys I feel like walking away and shopping somewhere else. The people who do this are the bigger players in the monopoly. I don’t think I’ve been to a small supermarket and seen them. The big chains are making millions and squillions from not only us but the farmers and producers as well. They can afford the occasional stray trolley and, seeing as how they’ve done away with most of the checkout staff they can afford to employ someone to do the odd trolley run. It’s an insult.

    • Jude  

      The “occasional stray trolley” isn’t just a problem for the supermarket: depending on where selfish people leave them, they’re a traffic hazard or end up in creeks and drains and parks and ultimately that costs the community (ie, us) money to get them back to where they should’ve been left in the first place.

      Aldi hasn’t done away with any checkout staff and I don’t object to coin trolleys at all, I just get cross with myself when I forget to check I have one of the right coins before I leave my car.

    • Peter Warren  

      You put your dollar in, then you get your dollar back when the supermarket doesn’t have to pay someone to pick up after you……..I’m not quite sure how that is an insult to ANYONE, Julie.

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