Tragic death was the sport’s first in thirty years

Sadness has enveloped Spain after the tragic death of famed 29-year-old bullfighter Victor Barrio, but his death as reignited a

Sadness has enveloped Spain after the tragic death of famed 29-year-old bullfighter Victor Barrio, but his death as reignited a debate over Span’s tradition.

Victor died from his injuries sustained when the bull, named Lorenzo, gored him first in the thigh and then in the chest. Victor’s wife was in the crowd with hundreds of spectators as thousands watched the situation unfold on live television.

Many of taken to Twitter to express their condolences to the family of Victor Barrio including Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who tweeted “My condolences to the family and colleagues of Victor Barrio, the deceased bullfighter this evening in Teruel. Rest in Peace”.

Victor’s wife Raquel Sanz also tweeted in response to the thousands that have sent their condolences saying “I cannot reply to you, I have no words. My life has gone. I have no strength, although I have a lot of thanks.”

While many have taken to social media to give their condolences, there seems to be a lot more people tweeting that Victor got what he deserved for what is claimed by many to be a “barbaric sport”.

There were some other social media users that understood that while they didn’t agree with the sport that a family did lose a son, and a husband.

What do you think about this incident? Do you feel more for the bullfighter or the bull? Do you think these events should make Spain rethink the traditions?

  1. Rosemary  

    WTF – why do you call this a “sport”? His wife was there to watch him kill an animal. If you choose the way of violence, sometimes you get what you deserve.

  2. In any sport the “Opposition” knows they’re playing. Well done bull. STOP THIS BARBARIC STUPIDITY.

  3. Janis  

    About time this cruel, barbaric ‘sport’ was totally banned, worldwide.

    There’s nothing ‘brave’ about riling, then killing an animal. It’s torture, actually.

    Same goes for letting Bulls ‘run’ in St Fermin. On the cobblestones, they fall over, & get hurt.
    Ban it, too.

    No sympathy for matador. His choice of livelihood.
    Karma’s a b….

  4. Paul B  

    Loss of life is tragic in any circumstance however I don’t feel any sympathy for someone who has tormented animals. Quite a timely discussion given the banning of greyhound racing in NSW due to the extreme treatment of dogs in some circumstances. In this day and age we need to re-examine any situation where animals are involved to ensure they are treated humanely.

  5. Chris  

    Difficult to have much sympathy for him, feel more sorry for the bull. Hope he ( the bull ) is still alive to tell the tale.

  6. John Brants  

    Huh? Come again? What exactly is ” tragic ” about this act of folly and cruelty?

  7. Shantaram  

    Although I feel sympathy for the family of the matador, I am on the side of the bull! Bull-fighting is a cruel and barbaric “sport”, which is basically just torture of the bulls and horses used, followed by a painful death. Nothing sporting about it
    and it should be immediately banned. Bull-fighters are aware of the dangers before embarking on this career – and karma has a habit of catching up! I’ve just heard on the news that “tradition” calls for the mother of the bull to be slaughtered too – this is doubly cruel, and must not be allowed to happen!

  8. Richard Banfield  

    First death in 30+ years?

    What about the Bulls?

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