Tony Abbott talks out of turn again

The Dutch report released late on Wednesday night found that the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in which 298

The Dutch report released late on Wednesday night found that the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in which 298 passengers and crew were killed was as a result of a Russian Buk missile trucked into rebel-held territory in the Ukraine.

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However, while Federal foreign minister Julie Bishop and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull have issued carefully worded statements in response to the findings, former PM Tony Abbott has called for the Government to get tough and impose stronger sanctions against Russia.

Abbott helped lead the international response following the incident in July 2014 and you would remember that he famously threatened to ‘shirtfront’ Russian president Vladimir Putin.

He has openly told the media that Russia has to be held to account.

“Plainly missile batteries don’t go from Russia into Ukraine and back again unless they are Russian military batteries,” Abbott told Fairfax Media.

“As I said to president Putin at the time, ‘I don’t hold you personally responsible, but I do hold your broadly responsible for what has happened, because you have instigated this conflict, you have supported the rebels, and your missile launcher has brought down the plane’.”

Abbott says this makes Putin “heavily responsible, if not personally guilty” for the atrocity, which took the lives of 38 Australians.

“We should be making it absolutely crystal clear that until this matter is settled, there will be no lifting of sanctions. If anything we should look at the acceleration of sanctions,” Abbott says.

It appears Abbott’s firm stance on the issue has the support from Opposition leader Bill Shorten who took to Twitter to say that the time for Russia to fully cooperate with international efforts to find justice for those killed in the senseless and criminal act is now.

Does Australia owe it to the victims who perished to seek justice from those responsible? Share your thoughts on this issue with us.

  1. Russell Grenning  

    “Tony Abbott talks out of turn again”? Why, whose turn was it to speak? Is this a clumsy way of suggesting that he shouldn’t have said what he said at all? Since when, in a democracy is there a “turn” for Members of Parliament to make a comment on anything?

    I wonder if I will ever read here, “Pauline Hanson talks out of turn again”? Probably not. I cannot imagine her waiting for her “turn”.

  2. Wendy Burton  

    Tony Abbott is right and has every right to speak out if he wants to just like you and me.
    Our leaders of today have no guts to say anything but Tony speaks his mind and in my opinion was a good PM. I hope he gets back in at sometime he was a hard working PM and got things done not like the lot we have now.

  3. Pamela  

    Tony has a right to voice his opinion!

    However, Malaysian Airlines are responsible for the deaths of those on the plane, having flown over a war zone instead of diverting because they wanted to save the cost of the extra fuel. Another plane had been shot down two days earlier, but they decided to risk it.

    The rebels are shown in a video horrified that it proved to be a passenger plane.

  4. Tim  

    The fact is Libs should never have knifed this man in the back when he is a far better prime minister than Turncoat will ever be.
    Abbott is not afraid to be unpopular and says it how it is, Turnbull is a big slime ball that does not want to upset or offend anyone because he has no backbone.

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