Tony Abbott takes a tumble trying to fight fires

Former prime minister Tony Abbott was doing his best to assist firefighters battle a blaze in Sydney’s north when he

Former prime minister Tony Abbott was doing his best to assist firefighters battle a blaze in Sydney’s north when he took a tumble out of one of the fire trucks.

Having been a volunteer fire fighter for more than 10 years, Abbott joined hundreds of other fire fighters in battling the fire that was raging out of control in Castle Cove on November 5 when the incident happened.

Abbott landed face first on the road and was then whacked in the back of the head as he tried to get up when a colleague opened the back door of the truck.

While some might find a person falling over funny, or take great delight in the former PM’s misfortune, others have taken to social media to support Abbott for his proactive approach.

When approached by the media for a comment on the tumble Abbott is reported to have said, “I can’t, I’m operational.” However, it is believed Abbott was uninjured and continued with his duties.

There were more than 1,000 fire fighters tackling around 65 fires across New South Wales on November 5. Other areas affected by blazes were Cessnock, Aberdare, North Kitchener and parts of Wollongong.

Are you or is someone you know affected by bushfire in New South Wales? What messages of support do you have for Australia’s fire fighters?

  1. Elayne  

    For goodness sake, leave the man alone, he is out there fighting a fire and all you can do is ridicule him for falling over….he was probably in a hurry to get away from idiots who can’t wait to take advantage of the chance to make him look silly. Good on you, Tony Abbott, I’d like to see some of the people knocking you get out there and do the same job, it’s not easy….

  2. Ted Smith  

    at least Tony A is an action guy, not all piss and wind.

  3. Ian  

    Hes a volunteer protecting peoples lives and property anyone who thinks anything else needs to have good look at themselves

  4. Sandy Balfour  

    Don’t like his politics or his PM ‘ship but I do have respect for his “guts “.

  5. Guy Flavell  

    That photo of the grubby, determined Tony Abbott should go down in posterity as an example of a courageous and caring Australian battling the destructive elements of nature.
    He makes me feel VERY proud of my country … like those that gave their lives in the trenches of France , the jungles of Burma and the sands of North Africa.
    You ARE a bloody hero Tony Abbott !!!

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