Tony Abbott says Turnbull’s wrong when it comes to invasion vs settlement of Australia

While Malcolm Turnbull has been trying to build good relationships with leaders of various communities, including the Aboriginal and religious
AAP: Paul Miller

While Malcolm Turnbull has been trying to build good relationships with leaders of various communities, including the Aboriginal and religious ones, Tony Abbott has stated doesn’t believe that Australia was ‘invaded’ in 1788. He believes what happened then “involved a very big change, and it was a change that had pretty big consequences for the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia.”

In his interview with conservative commentator Andrew Bolt, the former prime minister declared, “I certainly wouldn’t use the word invasion. The terminology I use is settlement. If people think that’s too benign, well fair enough, say that Australia was occupied if you like.”

In the interview, Tony also expressed that there was a need for ‘serious Muslims to think about how “There are elements of Islam which are very hard to reconcile with a modern secular pluralist society” and that these Muslims need to address this issue. This is in the wake of Malcolm trying to smooth over the discord caused by Tony with Muslim leaders while he was in power.

What are your thoughts? Would you describe what happened in 1788 as an invasion or a settlement?

  1. David Lewis  

    What does it matter what it is called? It happened. Throughout the history of humanity there have been examples of mass migrations all over the planet. All we need to do is respect each others cultures. Aboriginal culture is thought to be the oldest in the world, (Mungo Man) and should be respected along with all other cultures.

  2. earn it  

    So is this the beginning of a new movement? Give England back to the romans (Italians) saxons or to the original tribes. Give america back to the Indian tribes etc etc. History abounds with one group of people taking over another group of people. I was born here as were my parents and their parents and their parents. We are here, live with it. I totally reject any concept of inherited blame or so called guilt. Anyway thats me on my soapbox. Accept people one by one.

    • Pieter  

      I agree. I came to Australia as a 2 year old child. I have lived and worked in Australia my entire life. It is my country and I am proud to be here. All people who embrace this country are welcome here and always have been. Just because of an accident of birth where more of your ancestors were born here than mine does not entitle you to this country and me and mine being left out. We are not interlopers, we are Australians.

  3. The Watcher  

    Tony Abbott is just wrong. That is all.

  4. Anthea  

    The indigenes’ who came from Africa, to Java, then over the land bridge to here, & stayed, why aren’t they classed as ‘invaders’?

    They did nothing useful, except roam from one waterhole to the next.
    They wiped out all our Megafauna, as well.
    They should be grateful that the Spanish, Portugese, or Dutch didn’t settle here after them, or they wouldn’t now even exist.

    At least he British started on the road to build a Colony, in all manner of speaking.

    And now, there’s Centrelink handing out fistfuls of $$$$$$ to the indigenes’, which, strangely enough, they don’t knock back, from those they call ‘invaders’.

    A tad hypocritical, methinks.

  5. Robert Green  

    It’s about time we all got over the guilt tripping, name calling apologetics and got on with being Australians, black and white alike. The real invasion is sweeping through Europe right now and that needs to be our worry.

    If all the invaders went back to where they came from we would all be huddled around the Tigris and Euphrates in the garden of Eden.

    Grow up for goodness sake!!!

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