Tony Abbott pens opinion piece blasting Malcolm Turnbull

If you thought Tony Abbott was over being booted out as prime minister, think again. The former PM has broken
The former PM has broken rank.

If you thought Tony Abbott was over being booted out as prime minister, think again.

The former PM has broken rank once again, this time writing an opinion piece for the The Australian and taking a swipe at his boss, Malcolm Turnbull.

In the piece published today, Mr Abbott signs the praises of incoming American president Donald Trump and tells people it’s time to stop whining and start accepting the fact that he will be the leader of the ‘free world’.

He then goes on to talk about Mr Trump’s plan to cut business tax to 15 per cent and has a dig at Mr Turnbull for “abandoning” the tax reforms he put in place during his time as prime minister.

“It’s a pity that Malcolm Turnbull abandoned the tax reform and federation reform white papers that had been well under way under my government,” he writes.

“This process was the best hope of securing a shift from taxing production to taxing consumption and for making government more efficient.”

He then went on to say the government was worse off than it was 18 months ago before advising them on how to properly run the economy.

“As well, the government’s commitment to repeal days and to deregulation more generally seems to have waned,” he wrote.

“Although the government is in a worse position than it was 18 months ago to embark on a new round of major economic reform, there’s still no time like the present to do so.

“The government’s second move should be to bring in a budget that reduces spending as a percentage of GDP and reduces the deficit as a percentage of GDP every year.

“But it has to be based on realistic assumptions about growth, not the fantasy figures that Labor always used to forecast a surplus just beyond the horizon.”

There no word yet on how Mr Turnbull has reacted to this latest offering from Mr Abbott.

There has been talk ever since he was ousted, that he was trying to stir the pot and had his eyes on eventually returning as PM one day.

While he certainly has many supporters who would welcome him back with open arms, others aren’t so sure.

What do you think?

Did Tony Abbott overstep the mark here? Or do you agree with what he’s saying?

  1. Marguerite Pettigrew  

    Tony Abbott really should return to Britain.he just does not understand we don’t want him.

    • Bruce  

      And take Turnbull and Shorten with him.

    • Laurel Pycke  

      Sorry, Marguerite, I think you are completely wrong. Firstly, Tony Abbott was only born in England from Australian parents an accident of birth place, due to his fathers job. Secondly, I think Tony Abbott is the only one who can get this country moving forward again. Thanks to ’empty’, we have almost lost government and seem to be in reverse thanks to his shenanigans, so although you don’t want Tony to return, there are many who do.

      • Roger Wilson  

        And I am one of the many. If anyone suggests that Australia is a better place under Turnbull , then I reckon they are dreaming.

    • Cheryl  

      Speak for yourself and please say “I” rather than “we”. I would have him back in a heartbeat
      However we do not actually get to directly elect our leader…only our local representative..the party people choose their leaders….

      • Gerard Carmody  

        Abbotts parents are ten pound pommies.He only became an Australian citizen when gifted a Rhodes scholarship by the hard rights golden boy Dyson Heydon , who realised his mistake and advised Abbott only Australian citizens qualified .

        • Pamela  

          Tony Abbott was born in London, to an Australian mother and a British father, and emigrated to Sydney, Australia, with his parents in 1960.

  2. Glenda Simpson  

    Abbott would have lost the last election, he is a goon. He was only ever any good as a kneecapper for John Howard. Stay with the moderates rather than the ultra right wing.

  3. Ian James  

    As a former Rhodes scholar, he is pretty slow on the uptake – he wasn’t liked or respected as PM as so was shown the door. And he is similarly not liked as a whiny, bitter backbencher. He should wise up.

  4. Bruce Taylor  

    When will this egotistical idiot realise that we just don’t want him?
    I agree with the statement Fraser made about Abbot years back saying that he was the biggest danger to Australia of all present day politicians. Nothing has changed. Mr Abbot please do the country a favor and just resign.

    • doug  

      Hmmm Fraser, that egotist who made a mess for us. Got Whitlam sacked and proceeded to place Aust deeper in debt than he ‘calimed’ whitlam would. But then “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” said he from his inherited ancestral farm of great wealth.

  5. Robert Green  

    Go for it agony. Reem that arrogant hopeless fungus malcontent turdball a new one. We need someone strong and willing to be unpopular to fix our economy, our dangerous immigration policies and the polly snouts in the trough.

    He is far from egotistical. That is malcontent turdballs specialty. He is a learned, sensible, principaled man who got shafted by a slimy jabbering do nothin whimp! Wise up Brucey.

    • Anna Nyland  

      Robert you really are blind. Abbott was nothing but a bully boy who was great as an opposition leader but couldn’t transition to actual leader of the country. He was kicked out by a party who lampooned the ALP over the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd debacle which shows just how poisonous he was. It is time he accepted his time is over and he should fade off into obscurity. Turnbull is an utter disgrace and is no leader but if Abbott had been in charge at the last election ALP would have won in a landslide.

  6. Robin  

    Abott is probably right but these type comments need to be dealt with in house.

  7. Don Voegt  

    Tony Abbott was roundly rejected by the electorate & he was also rejected by his own Party. He is not wanted by anyone and he’s most certainly outstayed his welcome. The man has no dignity or class.

    • Heather  

      Abbott was not roundly rejected by the electorate, in fact he was welcomed by them. Turnbull was never elected as PM whereas Abbott was. Turnbull is only welcomed by the media not by the populace.

    • doug  

      Hey, suggest you look at turnbull’s criteria for challenging for leadership. Check out the infamous polls. By his own criteria turnbull should be deposed. HIS OWN CRITERIA

  8. Julie Anne Carey  

    This idiot needs to be kicked out of Parliament. He has always been an embarrassment to this country.

    • elena  

      Oh yes, Julie, if you need somebody’s help to kick him out and far as we cannot see or hear him again I AM READY TO HELP ….

  9. Abbott is an ideologue hell bent on imposing neo-liberalism in Australia. His party has rejected him, we’ve rejected him, and it’s time he realised that, and just went fishing (poor fish, they are dumb enough to take his bate)….

  10. Antony Lowery  

    Love how you idiots talk in We and US , 1 the electorate never rejected Tony Abbott he was knifed , the only people that didn’t like him were the ones who didn’t want to help save our country .

    • john edwards  

      Help save our country? Gee, the rubbish you believe. Abbott and Turnbull are the ones destroying Australia. It’s from them that the country b
      needs saving. The LNP are tearing Australia apart. It was started by Howard, and continued under Abbott, the most dishonest, egotistical fool ever to become PM.

  11. Peter McKenzie  

    I can’t believe the amount of nasty leftie people with their personal attacks on Abbot,he is correct with most of what he said but with the pathetic whiny pc lefties around everyone wants the truth sugar coated.He was a way better leader than Turnbull who seems to want Australia to become a Islamic Nation and Abbott was opposed to that happening,probably one of the reasons he was shafted.

    • john edwards  

      I can’t believe your comments. Stupid is not the word, but it will do in your case.
      Abbott is an egotistical fool, who should never have been PM. he can’t lead, he can’t negotiate and he is a petulant, arrogant loner. Ausrealia doesn’t want people like him in charge.

    • Kevin Mackenzie  

      Literally nothing you’ve written makes sense at all: Do you really think Turnbull – and I don’t like the man either – is pro-Islamism? Do you even know what the term means? Abbott is so out of touch he wanted to knight an old Greek bloke who happened to marry our overseas Head of State for no other reason than he lives in Buckingham Palace. Abbott’s economic ideas are so ridiculous and defy not just logic but evidence as well – he thinks running a national budget is the same as running a household, and he wants to place the burden of economic stimulus on ordinary people while taxing them to the hilt for pleasure of it (supply-side economics) which has worked precisely nowhere on earth, ever, except in his dreams.

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