Tony Abbott hints he’s ready to be PM again

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has slammed the Liberal Party and hinted at the same time that he’s ready to

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has slammed the Liberal Party and hinted at the same time that he’s ready to step back into the top job.

Mr Abbott was referring to the constant stream of leaks from the party room to the media and the “potential for corruption” within the NSW Liberal Party due to lobbyists.

There has been talk in recent days about potential changes to the way the party is run, with Mr Abbott pushing for big changes around how lobbying effects preselections.

“I want to see much less factionalism within the Liberal Party,” he told Fairfax Media.

“There is a potential for corruption when you’ve got people making money out of people whose preselections they can control or heavily influence.”

When he was Liberal leader in September 2013, Mr Abbott banned registered lobbyists from holding party offices, but that rule no longer in effect.

There are reports Mr Abbott is waging a “civil war” against some members of the party and when questions by media on a return to the leadership, said he stands “ready to serve”.

One man who is certainly not going to be happy about this is Malcolm Turnbull, who is said to be under direct pressure from Mr Abbott to endorse the changes he is suggesting around lobbyists.

While Mr Abbott certainly has is adversaries in the party, he is still hugely popular with conservatives and some say there is a chance he could be PM again one day.

What are your thoughts?

Would you support Tony Abbott making a comeback? Do you think Malcolm Turnbull is a good PM?

  1. People are tired of this road being implemented by Tony Abbott. Others have been down this road before him and it has ultimately got them no where, serve your constitutes or leave. A headache for all.

  2. Stephen  

    Of course he wants his old job back, the only time he hasn’t been undermining Turnball was for about a month after he said he wouldn’t when he first got dumped. When he got elected Lib leader he won the vote by 1, when he lost it back to Turnball it was by bout a 1/3rd of the politicians. Since the election his position has been stronger in the party room. These are all just basic facts, not opinions, actual facts; so his election is purely about timing.
    His present noise comes on the back of the voting stuff up in the parliament that embarrassed the Coalition; just rubbing salt into the wound. The big question we need to be asking is that when he does become P.M. again, after the way he showed support for Trump this week, will we have another knighted Australian in Sir Donald?

  3. Tim Janes  

    I did not always agree with Tony when he was PM but I think he has probably learned a lot in the last year. I would support him as a return PM. The media would be his worst enemy. I would make media ownership a high priority legislation.

  4. Alan Jorgensen  

    You must be joking. He lied through his teeth when in the job. Went after pensioners, single parents, middle class workers, unemployed, uni students, cut education, tried to increase the cost of visits to the doctor, Medibank attacks along with the ABC, and then gave Phil a gong. He is toxic, and should resign, strewth, talk about polishing a turd, trying to make it a diamond.

    • Roz  

      We can do without the ABC..its a useless waste of money now

  5. Cathy Howat  

    If Abbott becomes PM again< predict his government will fall within weeks, as the independents withdraws their agreement not to block supply or vote against the government on a no confidence motion

  6. Gillian Hadley  

    No and No to the above questions!

  7. Gerard  

    Tony Abbott is a good man, in himself, & was certainly a better PM that the idiot we’re saddled with currently.

    Yes, I’d support him.

    And no, Turnbull’s just hopeless as PM.
    This ‘silvertail’ is weak as p@&$!
    Hasn’t got a clue how to ‘govern’, in any way, shape, or form.
    Sooner he’s no longer in the ‘top job’, the better.
    Got into current Govt by one seat! That speaks volumes to what he’s thought of by the populace…..

    • Sue  

      Unfortunately, it is the media who decide what the country should think! They would crucify Abbott yet again!! I can’t help thinking how much better off this country would be now if Joe Hockey had been able to get his first budget through…instead we were all told…..nothing to see here…..we do not have a financial crisis! Well we sure as hell do now…..because we failed to take action then!!!!

  8. Abbott is the Donald Trump of Australian politics – a toxic, sexist, negative, science denying, civil liberties destroying and human rights violating, anti-0democratic political thug. He’s as welcome to Australian politics as a rat in the pantry.

  9. Russell Boucher  

    Normally I would not indorse the return of a P.M but in this case with the way the sell out of
    Australia to the Chinese and the fact that they contributed so much money to the election there is a strong case for a look at Mr Abbotts return the problem is the A.B.C and the left are running this country at the moment and will strongly oppose this move by the time they are finished with their political games Australia could well be in big trouble, As we all know Mr Abbott and Peta Credlin were removed by liberal factions not the people of Australia to their disappointment in Malcom Turnbull & Scott Morrison. The factions that installed Malcom Turnbull are red faced about the blunder they committed as it was a farce and they know it, The banks dodged an enquiry and the tax bills negated they got what they wanted so Sorry Malcom & Scott its time to GO your stuffing up Our Country,

  10. The worst thing about strong Medicine is it’s hard to keep down but when it Administered you have to take the full corse or you don’t recover you only get partly better changing medicine dose not allways fix the problem and Australia needs a good dose of strong medicine And Turnbull has not got what it takes to administer it, As we all know the Change did not do the JOB

  11. Charles Wheeler  

    We need Tony Abbott like we need a hole in the head or Donald Trump. What we need is the right wing to step back and allow some movement forward. Currently we have a senate set up in essence by Abbott originally when we he was, during “his election” race , unable to clearly enunciate what he was going to do. He was probably wary of putting too much out there. However people needed to get rid of Labour but because Abbott’s team would clearly outline their direction is more than 3 word phrases people elected a safety net ( the Senate) . Turnbull attempted to get rid of that but found that people did not trust politicians in general and therefore created a bigger safety net. Now we have a Parliament with the Right calling the shots, Turnbull’s moderates caught in a squeeze and the moderates of Labour looking almost rational. The Senate more than ever represents the huge range of thinking out there. We have democracy at its extreme.

    • robgee  

      The problem is, we are stuck with lefttard rhetoric like this. Turnbull is no more moderate than a donkeys tail!! He is so far left he is in danger of running int himself on the way round.

      We need people like Tony who can think past their ego and get on with pulling this country back from the brink of disaster. Disaster means true Australians living on the streets or below the poverty line because our budget has been so damaged by labour profligacy we cant take care of them. We bring in invaders who are absolutely opposed to our way of life and mean to destroy it, pay them like princes and house them better than our own.

      It means we are giving so much money away to countries who revile us and tell us what to do, to a United Nations hell bent on imposing a one world government on us and a covey of politicians salivating over the prospect of being important functionaries in the devilish process.

      Wake Charles et al and think about what future this country is blundering towards because we have not the courage to stand up and say enough is enough, stay away from meddling in our affairs and let us get our act together.

  12. Laurel  

    Surely those who are critical of what Tony Abbott tried to do when in office, realize that what he was trying to do was save this country, from the precise position we now find ourselves. Nobody likes to lose something they have been given, just like medicine, sometimes you just have to take it for the greater good. I am a pensioner and was very surprised when the Labor people put the pension up as much as they did, you just had the feeling that it was going to end badly. They have said for years that there will not be enough people working to pay taxes to cover all the welfare payments, so where do you think we will all be when the time comes for it to end. I hope I am gone before then, however I despair for my sons and grandchildren. Complaining about a $7 cost to visit a doctor, come on, most people would spent that and more on a packet of cigs or a carton of beer, I guess people have to get their priorities rights. Turnbull is a disgrace and the sooner Tony comes back the better off we will all be, I think he had learnt some very valuable lessons.

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