Tony Abbott finally admits his failings as PM

Tony Abbott has arguably been a lot more vocal and in the public eye than he was as PM, however

Tony Abbott has arguably been a lot more vocal and in the public eye than he was as PM, however at no point has he conceded there may have been issues that led to his demise.

In his final editorial for Quadrant magazine, published by News Corp, the former PM reflected on his brief time in power and said there were some things he could have ‘managed better or not pursued at all.’

‘I can’t let pride in what was achieved under my leadership blind me to the flaws that made its termination easier, even if claims were exaggerated or exploited in self-serving ways,’ he wrote.

‘I made some unnecessary enemies and left too many friends feeling under-appreciated.’

Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Christopher Pyne seemed to enjoy Mr Abbott’s editorial, telling Sky News, ‘he seems to have cleared the air and moved on from his prime ministership, admitting his errors during that time’.

Mr Abbott conceded there were issues surrounding economic policy, including his generous paid parental leave scheme, which was ‘undeliverable’. He went even further to say having one woman in his cabinet (and making himself the Minister for Women) was avoidable and he misjudged the Prince Philip knighthood last Australia day.

He regrets not doing ‘more media, especially long-form interviews where voters see more personality and less adversarial sparring’.

Despite all his admissions that read like a confession, Mr Abbott said while he wouldn’t have changed his approach to same-sex marriage, asylum seekers, national security or climate change.

Tell us, do you think this clears Abbott of guilt or does he still have a lot to answer for?

  1. The Watcher  

    But he will not admit it was his policies, arrogance and intellectual unfitness for the job. “It was his enemies” . A fool and his high office are soon parted. The worst Prime Minister ever anywhere. He is hanging around hoping that his delcons (delusional conservatives) in parliament will vote him back in against the wishes of the majority of the people. He is dreaming of flags and parades and banners saying “Tones our hero and ” We loved the 50’s tones!” Not forgetting “Pensions and Healthcare. who needs em!” .

  2. Rikda  

    You could spend a week with Tony & even if you did convince him that the job was way over his head, he would need to go into rehab, such is his DNA.
    Case in point; “He regrets not doing ‘more media, especially long-form interviews”
    He forgets that he clearly indicated to Tony Jones he can’t think on his feet
    “That after some thought, I may change my mind”
    “People will judge me Tony”,,, & they did. But he can’t cop it.
    His failures have been done to death. Let him fade gracefully.

  3. roy bridges  

    Did good job , needed more time ,better than the two before him Rudd ,Gillard ,Rudd.

    • Mel Dickson  

      The two before him achieved far more and were far more honest. Abbots “achievements” damaged Australia and his street brawler approach to political debate has hugely damaged politics in Australia.

      • John Nesbitt  

        Tony is my hero for dumping the toxic carbon dioxide tax and stopping the boats!
        He broke a few promises which he probably didn’t need to make in the fist place, like not cutting funding for leftist/warmist (NOT MY) ABC.
        Why on earth did he make that promise???

  4. Harold  

    His comments are the reason he was a failure. He refuses to acknowledge his downfall is his intellectual shortcomings and his total lack of judgment . He fails to has a feeling for the people that employed him

  5. John Nesbitt  

    Too bad they replaced him with LABOR PLANT Turncoat!
    Turncoat seems to be deliberately sabotaging the Coalition’s chances at the next election so that Labor and their Greens allies can inflict his much beloved carbon (DIOXIDE) tax upon us again!
    If there is no conservative alternative at the next election, I will be voting INFORMAL.
    The bastards that deposed Tony deserve to be taught a very strong lesson, even if it means another 4 years (SHUDDER) of free spending Labor/Greens to drive us deeper into the abyss of MASSIVE DEBT and a consequent credit rating downgrade of Australia.

    • the young ones  

      “Grow up” John Nesbitt

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