Tony Abbott believes he’ll be PM again

In politics, the idea that someone can return to a position that they have been previously tossed out of is

In politics, the idea that someone can return to a position that they have been previously tossed out of is not unheard of. All one needs to look at is Pauline Hanson’s return to parliament and, of course, the topsy-turvy Kevin Rudd returns to the PM role.

Now it seems that Tony Abbott believes that he can return to the top job in Australia after he was removed from office by current Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull. Tony was speaking at a gathering of Tories in the United Kingdom when he told them he had a “good chance” of securing the Prime Minister role once again.

There is some support for this idea in the LNP’s inner circles as there have been reports that the party believes that Malcolm has “failed to live up to expectations, scraped through the election with just a one-seat majority and continues to perform poorly in the polls” according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

While it’s not a done deal, the possibility will hinge on a few things, most importantly the outcome of the upcoming New South Wales State Council of the Liberal Party later this month. Tony’s Federal Electorate Conference will push for a democratic reform of the Liberal Party which has a high chance of succeeding.

Tony might be in high standings, but the party could be viewed as weaker for reinstating a former Prime Minister much like what happened to Labor during the Rudd-Gillard leadership back and forth.

What do you think? Do you think Malcolm is doing a good job or is not making the grade? Do you think it’s wise for the LNP to put Tony back in the driver’s seat or should they look for someone new?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    Tony was a bad choice he is no speaker has his feet in his mouth all the time. Malcom is a silver spooner who looks after the wealthy and is spineless. But Australians vote them in so sad!

    • Lance  

      You may not realise it, but Tony suffers from stuttering. That is why he appears to speak slowly and repeat words and phrases. It’s an affliction you or I would not enjoy so please, be considerate.

  2. Carolyn Menadue  

    What an absolute disaster that would be. Malcolm has an incredibly difficult job, facing fierce opposition to almost anything he wants to achieve from Labor, the Greens and, importantly, the far right dinosaurs within his own ranks. Despite his falling popularity, he still remains preferred prime minister over the unconvincing Shorten. Abbott et al need to show some loyalty and support for their elected leader or get out and set up their own ultraconservative party.

    • Lance  

      Turnbull has not indicated – other than that vague “jobs and growth” mantra – as to what he wants to achieve. All the modest successes he takes credit for are either Abbott initiatives or put in place during his term. This ditherer will lead the Liberal Coalition to a massive defeat never seen before.

  3. satya  

    No, not Tony Abbott. New leaders to need to emerge in both Labour and Liberal parties. People are bored and tired. It’s regrettable the likes of Pauline Hanson should emerge. Australia needs people who are inspirational.

  4. Jean Walker  

    Megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur and a personality disorder – only other person worse is Trump.

    • Murielle Galvin  

      I do agree fully. Trumbull has to go before he completely ruin this country. He has already done so much damage in the short time as PM .

    • Wayne Miller  

      Wash your mouth out Jean! I can tell you right now, this country needs Donald Trump, probably more than we need a new PM.
      Having said that, Turnbull is nothing but a mealy mouthed PC appeasing traitor along with his equally dangerous Scott Morrison. I invite you, along with anyone else on this list, to tune in to Alan Jones on 4BC 5.30.9am weekdays. That way also you may get a better understanding of the gutless lot that are ‘running’ this nation. In fact all they are doing is running us into oblivion!!

  5. Linda Aldridge  

    Mr Turnbull is trying to lead the party with both hands tied behind his back. Tony Abbott is in my opinion narcissistic and wants to return as PM purely because of the power that will give him. He abused it before second time around he will do the same. Why is Mr Abbott trying to further destabilise a government if it wasn’t for his own ends. Australia doesn’t need this right now.

  6. Robin Graham  

    The Joke of the year …..

  7. Richard  

    Mr Abbott was truthful and was by far one of the better Pm’s of this country. He stood by the Australian people all the way. It would be a great comeback for the genuine interest of this great nation.

    • Whatahoot  

      Truthfull!!!! LOL!!!! Maybe on Planet Zorg, where you are, but not here on Earth!!! LOL Truthful LOL!!! OMG t,hat has made my day, LOL!!!

  8. Truth 13  

    Richard, what a joke to say, Mr. Abbott was truthful. You may have been living in another planet, not to know, those famous words, “No Cuts to Schools, No cuts to Hospitals” etc. etc. When he won, the very first thing he did was to cut the funding, he said ‘No Cuts to”. He was another liar from the Liberal party culture. Can you remember “Never never GST” by John Howard, and Malcolm Turnbull’s “Jobs & Growth”. So far no new jobs & no one can see any growth, other than the benefits to the politicians. One thing is sure, whoever comes to power, it will be only Tax, Tax & Tax. Nothing for the sick, disable, elderly, and hardworking Poor. The winners will be the young bludgers, very rich, big companies, that pay no tax & the rip off merchants of the country, THE BANKS.

  9. John  

    Jeez this is playing out exactly like the Gillard/Rudd shamozzle, so I am guessing prior to the next election Abbot will depose Turnbull just like Rudd did to Gillard. What a joke the Australian politics has become.

  10. Sam  

    Rudd was heading for defeat, Gillard rolled him and scraped through the next election. Rudd was a destabilising influence from within, Abbot took advantage and and then even when Rudd took his job back he lost comfortably next election.

    Abbott was headed for defeat, turnbull rolled him and scraped through the next election. Abbot has been a destabilising influence from within.

    What odds the exact same ending with the liberal leadership now? By the end of the year we will likely see PM Abbott once more, with the same eventual ending to the Rudd saga.

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