Tom Jones’ wife Linda dies after short battle with cancer

Some sad news this morning about one of our favourite singer’s wife – Tom Jones’ partner of 59 years, Melinda Rose

Some sad news this morning about one of our favourite singer’s wife – Tom Jones’ partner of 59 years, Melinda Rose Woodward, has died from cancer.

Sky News reports 75-year-old Linda died on Sunday, surrounded by her husband and loved ones, after a ‘short but fierce’ battle with cancer.

‘Sir Tom and his family have asked for privacy at this difficult time and no further information is currently available,’ the statement from entertainment company Live Nation revealed.

Tom Jones was recently in Australia for the Byron Bay Bluesfest and a string of sideshows, and has now cancelled a number of his tour dates in Japan, Thailand, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

A statement said it was due to ‘serious illness in his immediate family’.

‘He extends his deepest apologies to both the organisers and the fans, who he is most sad to disappoint’.

Lady Linda and Tom married in 1957, at age 16, after knowing each other through childhood. She opted to stay out of the limelight when her husband first found fame in 1965, with hit song ‘It’s Not Unusual’ but was always an important part of the multi-award winning artist.

In his autobiography, Jones described how he first fell for Woodward. Jones said he had “never had that feeling for anyone else … I don’t think you can fall in love more than once”, reported People.

Woodward and Jones had one child, Mark, 59, who is Tom’s manager.

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  1. Barbara Humphreys  

    Why are you referring to Linda as ‘Woodward’. How very disrespectful…

    • Lynn McKenzie  

      Tom’s ‘real’ name is Woodward. So it’s correct to refer to her as Linda Woodward because that is her actual name.

    • Yes Tom Wooward but does it matter if it had been written up in her maiden name? You have to be careful here as some woman do not take on their husbands surname when they marry and choose to keep their maiden name or hyphenate the two surnames.

    • Margaret Foley  

      No Barbara – not disrespectful at all – though I didn’t know Tom Jones’ surname was Woodward.
      I did not take my husband’s surname, on marriage, nor did my sisters. (And we are all now in our 60s…) Cheers!!

    • Angie Leyshon  

      Woodward is their REAL name,not a stage name so they would never have been known as Jones by their nearest and dearest.Linda was NEVER known as Mrs Jones so it would have been very disrespectful to call her that.

  2. Tina Prior  

    So sad to hear of Linda’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. X

  3. susan russell  

    Just recently saw Tom in concert in Adelaide. Sad news, deepest condolences to the family !

  4. Eva  

    I’m very sorry for you lost, She’s in Heaven

  5. Terri Rice  

    Such a shame. Poor lady had to suffer all his infidelities & affairs throughout her life with him – yet maintained her dignity for the sake of their son. Now he can really show his true colours with his playing around – hope he has plenty of little blue pills to keep his old,wrinkled end up.
    You can see the pain etched on her face, from years of living with this totally Me,Me,Me man – obviously she stayed because of the family – & the money of course.
    I have no feelings for his loss & how it is affecting him – only for his poor wife who’s life has probably been cut short through his continuous draining on her through his behaviour.
    .No money or material goods can compensate for the loss & caring of your partner in life. Lack of this has caused her early demise, through all the stress & tension for the last 59 years.
    Shame on you Tom Jones

    • Kate  

      I’m afraid much of that seems tobe true. Life with Tom had its compensations but the humiliation of being so publically disrespected by your husband with his very public affairs must have, by necessity created quite a shell around her heart so she could cope. What always shocked me was how the women who had affairs with him would talk about it publically in books and Talk Shows without a glimmer of embarrassment or conscience, seemingly without a thought for his wife and her feelings. Obviously taking their cue from Tom.

  6. Zlatica Valencik  

    I would like to pass on my condolences to Tom and his son and any other family for their loss. I was lucky enough to see Tom in concert just a month ago in Adelaide and let me tell you he still sounds as great as ever. Nice to know there are still people who stay true to their love till the end.

  7. Barbara Riggs  

    So sad to hear your news thoughts and prayers are with you b

  8. Barbara Riggs  

    So sad to hear your news thoughts and prayers are with you b

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