Tom Jones slammed over controversial comments about singer

For most of us over-60s women, Tom Jones is one of those people we had the biggest crush on when
Tom Jones has been slammed for criticising a contestant he mentored on The Voice.

For most of us over-60s women, Tom Jones is one of those people we had the biggest crush on when we were younger.

But there’s something about his latest controversial comments that’s making him see far less attractive to some women.

The 76-year-old made some controversial comments about Leanne Mitchell, who won the first season of The Voice and was mentored by Jones.

The Sun quoted the singer as criticising her weight and linking her getting “comfortable” as the reason she didn’t have much success in her career.

“When she first came on the show, I thought about [her] trimming down a bit but she had gotten comfortable in this holiday camp and she’d put on some weight from it – from what she was when she was younger and from footage from when she had a record deal from years before,” he said.

“[She took] the opportunity of winning The Voice and a chance of getting a record deal which she did, but she put on more weight, got more comfortable with the boyfriend who then maybe became her husband.”

So, it seems a bit harsh. But what happened to her career?

Well, Mitchell’s debut album was actually branded a “huge flop” back in 2013 and she ended up being dumped from her label.

And according to Jones, she “didn’t have the drive”.

“It didn’t seem like she grabbed hold of it with both hands and said ‘This is my chance now’.

“Because she’d had a chance a few years before that and it didn’t pan out because she didn’t want it. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but that’s the reason why.”

But before you go criticising him for picking on her weight, he did have some nice things to say about her.

“She had everything there; she’s a good-looking girl, she has a tremendous voice but you have to have that desire. If you just want to sing at a holiday camp that’s what you’ll do and that’s what she is doing,” he said.

“She’s satisfied with that so you have to have it within yourself even though you have all the help from the coaches and the show itself, and with all that exposure, you’ve got to still want it. And then you will do something with it.”

What do you think?  Was Tom being harsh? Or do you think people have taken his comments the wrong way?

  1. A Johnston  

    Sadly, them’s the cold hard facts of life.

  2. Fayed  

    Sure,y most people realise that he was always sexist. My god, I had a friend who met him j the 70s, and he sounded so revolting, she was shattered. He cheated on his wife throughout their marriage, and didn’t always hide it. I still like his singing, but I always knew certain things about him, I thought everyone of our generation did.

    • yes,indeed-and currently the south african national prosecution service are deciding on prosecuting him for CHILD RAPE.(The mainstream media have been prevented on reporting on this-injunction out)

  3. Doreen Steven  

    He is just sayng the truth. If u want a big time career u have to really go for it and want it badly enough to put it FIRST. Most people do not want to give up all to b famous!

  4. Kenny M  

    Refreshing, speaks his mind,and the criticism is valid and constructive.

  5. Jean Shuker  

    Tom is quite right god knows he has been in the business long enough to know what he’s talking about.

  6. Greg Hills  

    I think Tom Jones may know a little more than us about what it takes to be a star. His comments are in no way derogatory to the lady concerned. He is just stating the facts as he witnessed them pan out as her mentor on the show.
    If people are offended by what he says then frankly, those people need to stop being so precious about everything.

  7. Jones has a child rape allegation charge pending (decision to be made by Senior Director,Adv Rodney de Kock SA NPA) so this is the least of his problems and so yes he should be sacked-and urgently sacked-because very soon he may be facing a very serious charge of child rape.A charge thats already been passed on by the SA Police due to the compelling evidence,and is also logged at interpol.The sunday mirror ran the story in 2013,and a LOT has happened since then,but Jones team have an injunction out preventing mainstream reporting on this very serious case.There is also a 2nd allegation in a different country,but the statute of limitations is blocking any proceeding on that, atm.

    • We are supposed to be making comments on what Tom Jones said about a certain singer, we are not here to morally judge him. This is the first I have heard of these so called allegations and I live in SA. Maybe you should change your name to TRASHmaker, that seems to fit you better.

      • really?Im sorry you feel that about a serious case of alleged child rape against a protected high profile figure.You can speak to advocate rodney de kock and you can have the case reference number if you think this is all TRASH.Have you read the sunday mirror article from aug 2013?I suspect not.On the 4th october 2016 advocate rodney de kock took on the case,and the sa nat prosecution service reconvenes on the 19th january 2017.An INITIAL decision is expected shortly after.Lets just hope it never happens to a girl just turned 14,in YOUR family,eh?

        • Tom Haaijema  

          The only word in your comment of any value is “ALLEGED”

  8. halina  

    does it not matter that she has an amazing voice, but has to be a skinny minny to succeed ????

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