Thousands frantically ask, ‘How can I move to Canada?’

As the campaign season ramps up in the US, one man is injecting fear into the hearts of thousands of

As the campaign season ramps up in the US, one man is injecting fear into the hearts of thousands of Americans. His name? Donald Trump.

America voted this week in the biggest round of election primaries, known as Super Tuesday, and as it became clear Donald Trump was going to be the clear winner out of the Republican candidates, thousands of Americans logged onto Google to search, ‘How to move to Canada?’.

Mr Tump will most likely represent the Republican party and face off against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the race for president – a fact that has many people scared silly.

Google said there was a 1150 per cent jump in people searching for information about moving to Canada, with the biggest spike coming from Massachusetts where Mr Trump won a triumphant 49 per cent of the primary vote.

Canada’s immigration website even issued an announcement saying people may experience delays on the site due to the huge increase in page visits.

Being the friendly nation they are, a number of Canadian officials and residents sent out messages of support and encouragement to their friends across the border.

One Toronto City Council member even sent out the link to the immigration website to his American followers, reminding them that Canada has the added bonus of free health care.

Interestingly, ‘How to move to Australia?’ was the second most googled phrase, meaning we might be welcoming a few more Americans to our shores in the coming months.

Would you leave the country if Donald Trump became your leader? Or, do you like Donald Trump?

  1. I would certainly be looking to move. I can’t in all seriousness believe that he will be elected President.

  2. I instead of running to Canada or down here or anywhere else, and I can’t say I blame them, they need to group together and make sure people don’t vote for Trump..go house to house, gee I would standing on the side of the road with a sign, if Trump was here

  3. A more productive approach would be to make sure they get out and vote, instead of perpetuating the usual apathy towards Presidential elections. Only a little over 50% of eligible voters turned out at the last election.

    • Exactly, my thought too. If they all exercise their right and vote against him there might be hope for the US yet!

    • facebook_elda.quinton  

      I read that only about 33% of voters turned out at their last election.

    • After reading some of the comments on fb from Americans, I am really concerned that so many of them seem to think he’s special, they plan to vote for him. All sensible Americans (I truly hope they are the majority) I pray will get it right because if Trump does become President running away won’t help, the whole world may/will be affected.

  4. Got past the age another country would accept me. If all these who see the danger just get off their butts and vote and rally all like minded friends, it may not become a reality. My nightmare would be Donald Trump as US President and Tony Abbott back as our PM. I can just see us rushed into any hair brained scheme Trump came up with. I can understand how they would feel it would be difficult watching your country propelled in a direction you oppose completely. I imagine many people have faced this dilemma in the past and are facing it now. 😬

    • Richard Evans  

      Hi .i amin uk, and apensioner. I would be out harassing all the apathetic brainless ones who dont use their vote. It’s unbelievable that they count a50% turnout as good. GO ON AMERICA(all of you) THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS. PLEASE USE IT.

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