This video shows the shocking way over 60s are ignored

Do you feel like active over 60s are completely ignored by the media (and shop assistants, waiters and young people…

Do you feel like active over 60s are completely ignored by the media (and shop assistants, waiters and young people… the list goes on)?

No wonder! As this social experiment shows, there’s a whole generation of people running the world who think 60-year-olds are decrepit, irrelevant and – to put it bluntly – simply not interesting.

We can’t tell you how many time we shout at our computer screens here in the Starts at 60 office: every time a newspaper refers to a 64-year-old as “elderly” or a media campaign completely misses the fact they are ignoring an enormous, powerful and vital cohort of Australia’s community.

“They’re not ‘old'” we cry. “They’re amazing!!”

This video proves what we all know, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking. The looks on the faces of the over 60s when they realise the extent of the prejudice and misconception levelled against them is just devastating.

In the experiment, a group of vital, youthful over 60s are gathered together. Among them are a race-car driver, a drone pilot and a personal trainer. They are stylish, fit and well.

As the group looks on, three groups of young people are tasked with choosing ‘talent’ for an ad. The brief is to choose people who fit the following descriptions: “active, fit and healthy, dynamic, adventurous, motivating, tenacious, energetic and strong”.

What happens next will make your blood boil, but it likely won’t surprise you. The research accompanying the experiment found that two-thirds of Australians over 50 have faced age discrimination.

 The experiment was commissioned by over 50s insurer Apia. Executive manager Geoff Keogh, says, “The social experiment highlighted an underlying prejudice that those involved may not have realised existed. Our campaign aims to demonstrate that life experience should be recognised and respected.”

See what happens when the young people come face-to-face with their own prejudices:


Tell us, do you feel ignored or discriminated against? What would you like younger generations to know about you? 

  1. What they should remember is that if it wasn’t for us there would be no them. Aren’t they going to be “old, elderly, aged,” one day?

  2. Young people have been thinking the same thoughts about older generation for millenia. What’s new. Who cares what they think of us, it’s what we think of us is what counts…We are the baby boomers remember….we changed the world

    • Are you one of the younger set? If so, would you have done it better?
      The way the world is, currently, is due to greed mostly. Young people of today are not prepared to wait for things or are demanding the best of everything. It is not just the baby boomers; and I am one of them, who are at fault, it’s each and everyone of us on this planet. So stop picking on the baby boomers.

    • Oh definitely for the better,should have seen what it would have been like if we didn’t get in and protest, and demand changes…and quite frankly the fact that some of the younger gen may have discrimination against oldies, is our fault. We mustn’t have taught them respect. Note to the next gen, that would be X gen,teach ya kids,cause your going to cop it next….then Y.

    • Yes, we changed things for the better. The younger generation, that now are in their late 30’s early 40’s have done the damage and the ones younger than that even worse. We didn’t use disposable diapers, or plastic water bottles, a Tv in every room….etc. Very proud of my generation.

      • Margaret Phenna  

        No we worked hard and started off with very little the 30 40 year olds expect everything new a four bedroom two bathroom house there expectations are more than ours were at the same age ,plus at 68 I am still fit and able to do many things don’t even think that I am old,old is over 80 even if I reach that age in my mind I will still feel young ,younger people shouldn’t stereotype we are all differant you get some younger people that act like they are old

    • Moira Niven Many things have changed for the better. Who is mucking up the world now?

    • Heather Anderson Nope, I’m not one of the younger generation at 74, but as an ex high school teacher, lecturer at an academic institution, anda librarian, am well aware of the fact that many of the Baby Boomers didn’t teach their children the values that did bring about many of the changes for the better, so it is no use blaming those in their 30’s and 40’s for their failures if they weren’t taught to take responsibility for themselves or others. Each generation builds on the wisdom and teachings of the previous generation. No wisdom, no progress …

    • Yvonne Day A great number of things have changed for the better at enormous cost to those who fought,suffered, and died for those changes, and now the young, those in their 20’s are starting to fight to correct the many mistakes our generation made in our ignorance based on material success rather than stewardship of the planet.

    • But we helped invent them Silvia Schmid, disposable diapers were starting to be used when I had my kids, our generation invented TV, plastic started being used more throughout our generation..etc,etc.

    • the one % elite, the corrupt greedy mongrels of the corporations and corrupt govts created this this mess, aided and abetted by the constant indoctrination from the acquiescent media particularly on the ‘idiot box’ and the incessant consumerism of the last 30 years,
      Our lazy offspring who live in this disposable society and think it’s ‘normal’ or at worse, that we created it.
      We didn’t create it.
      We are only guilty because of our ignorance of what was really going on, and therefore we didn’t stop it.

    • I am 72. My Dad (40 yrs older than me) said, when I was mid-teens, that throughout my life, anyone 15 years olde than you will be seen by you as old. Surprisingly that seemed accurate. I then thought 30 was getting on a bit. When I was 30 I thought 45 was old and so on so that now at 72 I don’t view as old but 87 is. 🙂 Now remember in HR or the Personnel Department, the decision makers are all in their early 30s so anyone over 45 is ‘too old’ to them. I experienced that prejudice when I reached early 50s despite my qualifications and current skill set, not to mention years of experience. Despite us all feeling like a 21 year old trapped in an older body, the young don’t percieve us as ever being their age and just as able mentally. This will not change until we convince the decision makers and it is not helped by the government promoting ‘Work until 70’. I did. I bought myself a job in my 59s by buying a business because over 50 I was seen as too old.

    • Lyn Bradford, had 3 kids, all of them had cloth diapers that I boiled and hung up to dry. One car in the driveway, not 3. Pop cans were glass that we returned and got a few pennies in return. No, I have no guilt at all, nor take responsibility for what corporations invented. I still don’t own an Iphone and still ride my bike to the store. Here, I found this article interesting and thought provoking. Hope you do too. 🙂

    • Silvia, still don’t agree with your original statement, for the past 30 or 40 yrs we are the age group that have been in control of this world, not the people that are that age group now, it’s this generation that are trying to fix up the mess that we & those after us have made of this world, we were the beginning of all these changes, some for the better & some for the worst, I can’t see how you can blame all the problems that we have now as you did on people in their 30s & 40s

    • Oh I do blame the 40’s. Guess we agree to disagree. That generation were the ones that coddled their kids, brought in double cars and TV’s, drove them wherever they wanted to go, fast food, plastic, electronics, disposable everything came from that generation. We didn’t have walk in closets, we fixed clothes rather than toss them. We turned off lights when leaving a room. That generation the women mostly went to work rather than stay home, so disposable things were necessary for them. …But then, Gates with his GMO involvement isn’t doing the world a favour, and the entire panic over the world heating up is debatable, as snow falls in Cairo.

  3. unfortunately young people are employed by many companies in HR, they do not like giving jobs to mature workers and that is the main reason for so many unemoloyed mature people that have so much to give to business and community

    • Yes and even when HR is an older person usually the company culture is not to hire anyone over 60. I really can,understand it.

  4. Let them have their moment in the sun because all too soon they will be the older ones. What we need to do is set the examples for them to follow to achieve wisdom instead of trying to emulate them by being as silly as they are! 🙂

  5. Anonymous  

    I can remember when I used to think “old” people were scary…now, I’m one of “them scary hags”…lol…😜

  6. I found this really interesting because I resently aver hear myself being referred to as the elderly lady that bought the house down the road. I hadn’t turned 60 then an was most peed off.

  7. They are young people with young attitudes to life, of course they would identify with younger people, even some of those questions I would have gone with a younger look, we constantly see comments on here that show how older people are prejudice against young people, we are old & that’s the age group we identify with, why do we keep having these rediculous comparisons on here all the time about age, just enjoy people for who they are instead of what age they are.

  8. Cmon we were the same. When I was a teenager my ‘old maid ‘ Aunty moved in with us for awhile. She was 26. ☺️

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