This major Centrelink meltdown is leaving Aussies short on cash before Christmas

Centrelink customers throughout Australia have been dismayed by an internet outage, which has delayed their benefit payments. The Department of Human Services

Centrelink customers throughout Australia have been dismayed by an internet outage, which has delayed their benefit payments. The Department of Human Services has apologised, but many people are saying they’ve been caught short just ahead of Christmas.

On Monday and Tuesday, the welfare website went offline after experiencing “intermittent issues”. A spokesperson for Centrelink said they were working to restore the service, and would notify customers when payments could be expected.

“Mobile apps are not affected and customers can still use the Express Plus mobile apps and phone self-service to complete their business with us”, the spokesperson added. 

This is too little, too late for many Centrelink recipients. As Facebook user Macgregor Ross explained, this latest mishap “means people go hungry (for) they sail that close to the wind”.

Whilst Jennifer Donohoe added, “how awful. Some families are really living hand to mouth and a couple of days can make such a difference”.

Cetnrelink has moved an increasing number of services onto the internet, away from telephone or face-to-face conversations. It’s a shift that has been widely criticised over the last 24 months.

After all, as Facebook user Sally Parslow observed, “payments are only as good as the computers sending them out”.

Have you been impacted by this latest Centrelink outage? Do you believe welfare services should be conducted online, or was everything better over the phone and in person?



  1. This is what happens when we become completely reliant on technology. I find this sort of thing scary.

    • It is the weakest point in our way of life. Too much of our normal lives depend on electricity, phone connections, internet connections, bank connections. Everything single part of our lives can be brought to a standstill with a single power outage. What is the Government’s Plan B when all this technology is taken down deliberately. Our widely acclaimed expensive new Border Force can turn back a few boats. How good are they at protecting us from cyber attacks.

  2. I have been using online services with Centrelink since 2002, yes there has been the odd problem however it was nothing to do with Centrlink. Although the bank first up try to blame Centrlink it was actually the bank processing dept. Maybe this is different however all in all online services have been very successful.

  3. I spent over 6 hours trying to get into centrelink online went to their help and kept getting go through you MyGov that part was fine, eventually got on to centrelink on the phone the girl there was very helpful and told me centrelink online was down didn’t know when it would be up and running she porcessed my stuff for me.

  4. Face to face , sick and tired of talking to brick wall. We are becing a non verbal nation

  5. It’s is all about technology yet they can’t get it working but they don’t care it doesn’t effect them

  6. The my gov app is useless.
    Had to walk to centrelink in 40°heat. Still no help.

    • Jan Edwards  

      Yes a couple of weeks the password message came across as being wrong or other things happened. I went down to Centrelink too. .I liked the old Centrelink online and am not keen on MyGov. Like everything else, they had to fix something that wasn’t broken.

  7. Their computer system is so old it’s frustratingly slow. Last week it took 55 minutes on the phone for them just to input the information that my partner was going overseas for a few weeks.

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