This is why your pension is now on the chopping block

Remember the Budget which upset us? Well, the door to its crypt has been wrenched open and the nasty measures from two
Some pensioners blame Morrison for the possible cut on pensions.

Remember the Budget which upset us? Well, the door to its crypt has been wrenched open and the nasty measures from two years ago have emerged as live legislation.

They are among 24 items in an omnibus Bill of spending cuts worth $6.1 billion — most backed by both the government and Labor.

Included in the 600-page document now being studied by the Opposition.They will cut a range of payments from the dole to pensions to student loan concessions,

Manager of Opposition business Tony Burke today said there was no guarantee all elements of the government Bill would be accepted.
“They are not all measures that Labor had included in its costings,” he told ABC radio.
“The government has been entirely deceptive with this.”

A measure Labor will dispute will be a plan to reduce funding to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) by $1.3 billion.

Labor had supported this but now argues this was in expectation of funding increases in other areas of renewable energy development, reports

But perhaps the one thing that could spell bad news to pensioners is the move to end the carbon price compensation payments to new welfare recipients – this would amount to a cut in pensions and dole payments.

The argument is that there is no carbon price program to compensate for, but one counter is that pensions and the dole already are too low for people to live on.

“This measure will affect new pensioners, families, allowees, veterans, holders of the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and recipients of Farm Household Allowance who enter the welfare system from September 20, 2016,” the Morrison brief says.

“If a recipient is receiving the Energy Supplement now, they will continue to receive it as long as they continuously remain inside the welfare system.”

Yesterday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull called Budget repair a “fundamental moral challenge” and told Labor it should join the process by supporting of the omnibus Bill.

How does this make you feel?

  1. The watcher  

    50 bilion tax cuts to companies that already underpay or avoid tax….so it must be the pensioners that pay? Typical liberal deceit.

    • Agree with all those who are horrified and disgusted with Turnbull,Morrison and the LNP. There policies are grasping all for the rich and callous and unfair to the poorer members of society. Labor needs to fight hard for welfare,pensioners ,newstart and disabled citizens or they will also be lost in the next election. Both LNP and Labor are not supportive enough for those in need. To much given to the Multinationals,already Rich and not enough support for work for Australians.

  2. Rosanne Newton  

    I am disgusted and horrified.

  3. George Nagy  

    Sack Morrison now!
    He is not a competent man for the job

    • Bob Collinson  

      Sack them all and put somebody who has lived in the real world who will govern for ALL THE PEOPLE, not just the political party’s big end of town business friends who already get massive handouts and pay virtually no taxes here in Australia.

  4. Lesley Casey  

    also on their hit list is supplement for pensioners who study. I am doing a Diploma through Uni of Tasmania which is done on line. I print hundreds of sheets for my study and spend a lot of time on line.They give me $60 pfn towards the cost. I am doing this course for enjoyment but mainly to keep the grey matter working. If they cut the supplement a lot of older students quite likely will become a burden on the health system with dementia, as they say use it or loose it This government are morons.

  5. I do not know how people were fooled by the LNP. Even pensioners I know voted for them – they could not see what liars and cheats they are. All they will do the next few years is make the rich richer and the poor poorer. It is hard enough to live on the pension now, especially as they do not give us a rise BUT they give overpaid public servants a whopping pay rise along with themselves. They never miss out – neither do the big companies that do not pay tax and take all their profits out of Australia to their homeland. IT IS ABOUT TIME AUSTRALIANS LOOKED AFTER AUSTRALIANS NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD. Looking at how the world is shaping up the one world government is nearly here and if it gets into the system we will not have a chance to stop it. The open borders were the big push for it all to start to happen.

    • Mark  

      Jennifer you cannot put all the blame on the LNP as Labour were doing exactly the same thing, and as for public servants the front line staff at Centrelink, these are the people who look after your pension have had staff cuts which means that they have more work and less staff to do it and have not had a pay rise for three years, not even a cost of living rise.

    • Perer Greer  

      Typical Tories the next thing we will be taxed for going to the soup kitchens

    • James  

      Who do you think squandered our 40 billion dollar surplus? Kevin Rudd and the LABOUR goverment. Who opened the door to all the boat people? None other than labour. Who wants to spend billions on unachievable renewable expensive energy – labour!
      We have to reign in the spending – like all the bludgers on the dole!

      • Sue  

        Please don’t make such broad assumptions. Not all who are on the New Start Allowance are on it for their gain or are just too lazy to look for a job. My hubby lost his job in 2010 at the age of 52, after 17 years as a computer programmer in the one position! and doesn’t have the University degree to support his search for a new position. Most employers won’t employ someone who doesn’t have at least TAFE qualifications! He was put on it while he was assessed for the Carer payment. This took 13 weeks to be approved. So, the moral of the story is ‘don’t make an ass of yourself and think that ALL who are on the dole are on it because they don’t want to work’. Hubby still hasn’t been able to find a job as he is ‘too old’ to start with a new company. Most discriminate due to his age.

    • Marilyn R  

      Hard to understand isn’t it, Jennifer. I think that some still actually believe that the Libs are the better economic managers when the opposite is true. Certainly it seems there is an element of fear involved but it is still incredible to anyone with common sense. Then the rubbish in Murdoch’s press would also have played a part.

  6. Lesley  

    Disgusted and horrified at what? The article is rhetoric without fact. The only item mentioned as affecting pensioners is the potential loss of carbon compensation, brought in to offset the carbon tax. Compensation is the operative here – the tax was removed and the “compensation” remains and “If a recipient is receiving the Energy Supplement now, they will continue to receive it as long as they continuously remain inside the welfare system”. Please give us an article with some actual facts before encouraging the daily dose of outrage.

    • Bob Collinson  

      Lesley. Are you a pensioner relying on the meagre handouts from the Government after paying your taxes all your working life. Pensioners, many of whom do not have massive amounts in Super to support or even partially support themselves in retirement need all the help they can get. The so called carbon tax might have been abolished but many companies that put their prices up found ways of avoiding bringing them back down again, It’s okay for the politicians who end their parliamentary life with massive pensions for the rest of their lives and that is after they have given themselves big pay rises year after year. Don’t give me that independent remuneration tribunal crap, who pays for them. Only LNP bum kissers would be supporting this change.

    • Heather Jennings  

      Yes I agree. We have a massive debt left over from the Rudd and Gillard governments. If we don’t pull our heads in we won’t have any pensions and will end up like Greece. Wake up Australians

      • Remind me Heather, who was it that doubled the deficit within a few short months of gaining power in 2013? Oh, that’s right, it was the LNP. They have been in power for three years and all they have done is make the deficit worse while lining the pockets of themselves and their big business donors! Abhorrent behaviour! If they actually want to be seen to be helping they should refuse their $40,000.00 pay rises, but they won’t, because they are just in politics for their own gain and stuff the general public!

  7. John  

    And $50 Billion for submarines that will never be used, and also be obsolete by the time the last one is delivered in 2050!

  8. Elaine  

    Really pissed off!! Sack the Liberals NOW.

    • Niel  

      No sack both LNP and Labour parties and kick the foreigners out as well and bring back Australians .

  9. Julie Norman  

    You know we have to fix the budget deficit, but when the politicians and the way overpaid government big wigs on hundreds of thousands of dollars become role models and take salary cuts, bonus cuts, fly trips in cattle class, ride bikes to work or public transport then we all might be willing to listen, until then do not talk any pension, dole or any other cuts to us.

  10. Woody  

    I wonder how those stupid Greens are feeling now after they sold out the part pensioners in that dirty deal with the Libs.
    I had so many arguments with them justifying how they got an increase for 170,000 or so pensioners !

  11. my parents always told me to look in my own backyard to see where you can save on money, the government should look into it,s own backyard and see where the cuts should be made and I mean ALL MINISTERS AND HANGERS ON need an urgent review of all expenses and perks given

  12. Jim Bower  

    While nothing is done to the tax loopholes ,dodging and straight out “clever” accountancy and while there are people who hardly exist on either a pension or low paid work and while those who have privileged perks like pay none or minimal tax,who ,as with a politician ,are retrenched by vote or misconduct can have a lifetime pension and travel subsidies after moving on ,usually into another job.While all this is never addressed as a means of “saving money”,and is never quite understood how there are privileged people who are untouchable in this country of ours then you will find that tightening the lower end of wage earners,pensioners will not get you out of debt because there isn’t enough money in the hands of these people to make a difference.Start looking at the real money problems and maybe you will win back some faith in Government management from your constituents.Look at the money PM Turnbull that you are prepared to spend on a plebiscite .All of you in Canberra ,stop playing political football and start solving some of the problems by working together for the greater good of Australia , not for the sake of your own personal egos,be they personal or pary orientated.

    • Cyril Torrington  

      Most of it very true. The politicians will never give up their perks

    • Klara  

      All the talk in the world is not going to change what the Govt. thinks they can do to us pensioners. We need to do something they will take notice of, not just talk. The Govt. Is disgusting, treating us like we are excess baggage and trying to charge us for growing old while they tell us the handouts are over. We are not the ones getting handouts, they are the ones getting more and more and plunging us into poverty so they can keep their snouts in the trough. Sorry, I am very angry about what they are trying to do to us. I personally have worked since I was 15 even when I had 4 little kids. There was no super while I was working until just before I left the work force. So, yes, now I rely on my senior pension to get me by. The little savings I had is very quickly dwindling as I have to keep dipping into it to pay for electricity or gas and lawn mowing as I can no longer do it myself due to arthritis and anything else out of the ordinary. What are we supposed to do when there are no savings left.

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