This is why the “Running of the Bulls” is one of the most controversial events in the world

It is one of the world’s most iconic and controversy events and this year “Running of the Bulls” is proving

It is one of the world’s most iconic and controversy events and this year “Running of the Bulls” is proving to be no less controversial. Five people were injured including one seriously at this year’s event.

Since 1910 there have been at least sixteen people killed during the running with the most recent being in 2009. However, people getting hurt during the run is a common occurrence. Organisers even tell participants before the race that “you can die”.

Even with the threat of bodily harm, thousands from all over the world converge on Pamplona to take part in the event. Six bulls charge down the street for the two and a half minute run and throw participants around the street. Most people hurt during the event are hurt by tripping over each other and getting trampled by other runners.

The people hurt in this year’s event were not gored by the bulls, but one 66-year-old man suffered a severe concussion while another 56-year-old was taken to hospital after fracturing his nose. There have also been five arrests during the even for alleged sexual assault. The attacks come as the Pamplona city hall launched a campaign promoting a safe event for women.

Many have taken to social media to protest the event including a massive marketing campaign by animal rights organisation PETA.

Just like the controversy surrounding the event, the event itself doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. It is one of the most popular events in the region and is responsible for thousands of tourists injecting money into the Spanish economy.

What do you think of the event?  Should Spain some up with another event for their festival?  Do you think it would have the same attraction as The Running of the Bulls?  Should the event be shut down for it’s cruelty to the animals and the danger for participants?  Are people “too soft” to enjoy it for what it is?