This former PM has some strong words of advice for Malcolm Turnbull

Former Liberal leader and Prime Minister John Howard has shared some advice and a warning or two to Malcolm Turnbull

Former Liberal leader and Prime Minister John Howard has shared some advice and a warning or two to Malcolm Turnbull in the lead-up to this year’s federal election.

Reflecting on his own time as PM, Mr Howard gave his honest opinion on what the Coalition needs to do to win the election and how Mr Turnbull can make the most of his time as PM.

While many Australians continue to be fans of Mr Howard and his leadership, others are asking why he is still commenting on leadership issues after being out of the game for so long.

Mr Howard says he has warned Mr Turnbull about calling an early election, saying it’s a dangerous move that could cost him his job at the top.

Speculation has been rising over whether or not Mr Turnbull will call an early election on July 2, although the PM insists he will stay a full term and call an election later in the year.

He said Mr Turnbull should think “very carefully” before calling an election because of the risk that a long campaign period could tire out the public and provide more time for potential gaffes or damage to occur, reports SMH.

Mr Howard’s other advice included: never miss a meal, clear your desk of paperwork, keep your colleagues happy, maintain stability, and do something.

Keeping your colleagues happy is something Mr Howard says is crucially important to Mr Turnbull given the recent history of PMs being thrown out by disgruntled party room co-workers.

“The key there is to listen and understand you are a creature of the party room,” Mr Howard told Fairfax.

“That’s where you get your authority from. They choose you and you should never take that for granted.

“I had a rule. I always attended party meetings and I always waited until the very end. Often there’d only be a small number there towards the end of a joint party meeting and I’d still be there.

“I didn’t ever want people to say I wasn’t interested in their point of view.”

Mr Howard’s final message was simply to get the job done.

“You are elected to solve the nation’s problems,” he said.

What do you think about John Howard’s advice? Is it ok for him to comment on Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership or should he stay out of it?

  1. Bob Zerner  

    It’s hard to beat succesfull experience.

  2. Marie Gerrey  

    It’s such a shame we still don’t have him as PM. He had the country’s best interest at heart.

    • Dave Aitken  

      Cant say the same for the money grabbing, egotisticle,jumped up little smartarses in there now

  3. Fran Matlock  

    I certainly do, I didn’t particularly like him as a person… but…. he is the best PM this Country has had Robert Menzies!!

  4. R Holst  

    Mr Howard had his turn at the top job, he should now simplyR Holst butt out!!!

  5. Wayne  

    Very tame but typical advice from John H. Liked his leadership … did a lot of good for our country. Do we need an ultra-conservative approach to leadership at the moment ? Please do more than just try to figure out ways of taxing us more.

  6. Howard should butt out. He has had his time. Didn’t like him before and still don’t. Always thought that his wife wore the pants and he did her bidding. He should have opted out before he lost,. He should have gave Costello a chance as Prime Minister as he was what really kept the country going, being a master at Treasurer. Now we have Turnbull who is quietly trying to find exactly how much mess Abbott and Hockey really left. Meanwhile, Abbott is running around the world making out that he is just as important as when he was Prime Minister, while Hockey is living a life of luxury at Taxpayers expense, after being a miserable Treasure. Just give Turnbull and Morrison a fair go.

  7. Joan Marshall  

    I think John Howard gives sound advice from experience. Today at the Dentist I was reading about Mrs Turnbull who I am sure is a first class lady, well educated, stylish, a lady of class who will support her husband in a way of class and intelligence. Incidentally Mrs Turnbull knows how to dress as well.

  8. Marj Camp  

    He was a great PM he stood up for this country and had the guts to stand up for his convictions, shame more pollies aren’t like him, everyone since then only seems to want to sell this country out from under us trying for a quick fix.

  9. Obviously Malcolm is floundering in the top job and Mr Howard recognised it and helped him. Mr’s Turnbull knows how to dress? I don’t think so at all. To each his own opinion.

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