These baby names are a little out of the ordinary… What do you think of this new trend?

Buddy Bear, Apple, Blue Madonna and Moon Unit. No, these aren’t just random words, these are the unfortunate names of

Buddy Bear, Apple, Blue Madonna and Moon Unit. No, these aren’t just random words, these are the unfortunate names of celebrity children. Celebrity’s have been pushing the boundaries on acceptable names for children for many years – U2 singer Bono has son Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q, while Judi Dench has daughter Finty – and a new trend towards giving their children gender-neutral names is quickly taking off around the world.

Black Swan actress Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher named their baby girl Wyatt, while Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg named his daughter Max. Other celebrity favourites for baby girls are Lincoln and Arlo – both traditionally male names.

While there has been an increase in baby boys being called Ashley and Ali, traditionally female names, Australian parents are actually forming their own trends, with a pull towards more traditional names like William, Noah and Harrison for boys, and Alice, Charlotte and Olivia for girls.

The rise in gender-neutral names comes after a study found girls with gender-neutral names were more likely to find success in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as law and medicine. It’s thought that having a name that could be mistaken for a male helps women get a foot in the door, especially when prospective employers are reading resumes and job applications.

However, a University of Florida professor found that young boys named Sue — or other traditionally female names — have more behavioural problems and trouble in the classroom. Looks like the jury’s still out on this one.

What do you think about this new baby-name trend? Does your grandchild have a gender-neutral name?

  1. They have to remember that these children grow up and have to explain that their parents were a little cuckoo

  2. Americans seem to pick a lot of boys names for girls eg Glenn Close, Cameron Diaz. I saw a girls name the other day and it was La – Sha. It’s Ladasha.

  3. There are some names that label you as the child of unsuccessful bogans. As for unusual spelling, some is just so strange, it can mean endless correction and explaining. For some aspiring professionals, the first hurdle is their name, so name change is the first step.

  4. I think it’s a silly trend and these poor children will have to explain about it for the rest of their lives

  5. I can’t understand why anyone would do that to a child if they truly loved them, if they can’t come up with an original name for a boy or a girl then stick to names that a child could live with while they are growing up.

    • I agree Trish ….. names are for the rest of your life, some people just go over board with names and also change the spelling of some normal names in which the poor person has to spell it out for the rest of their lives 🙁

    • As a teacher I came across a number of gender-neutral names and just had to put an m or f beside the name till I got to know the classes.

      • JAY  

        The other problem for teachers is all the different spellings for a name especially in the one class

  6. My daughters name is Willow and she tells me that in work emails she is often referred to as male. She finds it quite funny. I don’t know whether it has helped in her profession. I suspect not. I always thought her name was very feminine.

    • That’s an ok name.
      People everywhere have odd names ( we think) but normal in their culture.
      Lots of kids named jesus in the Phillipines and in Bali anyone over 30 has the same name if they are the first born!
      But I remember when Barry Humphreys called his boy Oscar. I was devo for him. But there are plenty.
      Weird ones are a different story. Parents caring more about themselves and image than child at school, me thinks.

    • I like the name willow and would have thought it’s a girls name. But have never heard of anyone named Willow before! 😊

    • Willow is a lovely name….like the Willow Tree in England. Our grand daughter is Chelsea, now 22 years old. At the time we were horrified as Chelsea is a football team. Now we love it.

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