These ‘do-gooders’ are being accused of killing Christmas tradition

It’s a constant debate that divides people and it does not look like an agreement can be achieved anytime soon. Yes,
These 'do-gooders' are being accused of killing Christmas tradition.

It’s a constant debate that divides people and it does not look like an agreement can be achieved anytime soon. Yes, a state government even tore down banners saying “very merry” and avoided the term “Christmas”. To the shock of  many, there have also been anecdotal reports of carols being dropped from school and community celebrations, or words being changed to wish people “happy holidays” rather than “merry Christmas”. Archbishop Glenn Davies blasted the removal of traditional Christmas references as a “great folly”.

Now, the Sydney Anglican Archbishop has blamed these people – elite, inner-city grinches who he accuses of stifling freedom of expression. 

Dr Davies said the politically correct push was coming from the “sort of hip, avant-garde, elitist set who think they’re the nouveau intelligentsia”.

“This kind of ideology comes from the left or should I say, the far left,” he said, adding that it would threaten both freedom of religion and freedom of speech if it continued to grow.

“The politically correct vanguard of secularists are basically trying to conform people to their particular pattern of speech and belief,” he said to Daily Telegraph.

Dr Davies said taking issue with Christian-related carols was “madness” and singled out the Fairness in Religions in Schools group, which campaigns against religious carols such as Silent Night being sung in public schools.

However, according to Dr David Zyngier who is a FIRIS education adviser and Monash University education faculty academic, “It shouldn’t be compulsory for children to learn Christmas carols if that’s against their faith … You can imagine if you have a Muslim child or a Jewish child in a school being compelled to learn Christmas carols about Jesus Christ the saviour,”

“The choice of Christmas carols need to be culturally sensitive.”

Dr Zyngier also said art teachers needed to be sensitive because “making Christmas cards with religious messages can be an issue”.


Who do you agree with? Do you think we are losing our Christmas spirit? Should everyone be allowed to celebrate the way they prefer?

  1. Trish Briggs  

    People appear to have forgotten just what we are supposed to be celebrating at Christmas and that is the birth of Christ. If we do away with nativity plays, carols and Christmas songs then surely we are taking away the rights of all Christians. If we don’t want to upset other denominations then surely we can afford for them to be taught other lessons in school whilst most Aussie kids can enjoy the real reason. The parents should be contacted to advise what is happening and if they want their children to take part or not.
    If we continue to “do the right thing” by other denominations then we are NOT doing the right thing by our Aussie Christian kids!!!
    If you are going to take away the true meaning then you really can’t celebate the holiday!!!

    • The watcher  

      Religion has no place in public school except as a subject of comparitive study. If you wish to celebrate your combination germano scandinavian roman holiday I celebrate that fact with you. In your own space and your own way. Same as any religious holiday for any of the thousand or so variations on a theme this earth holds.
      No religion is the “only way”. Keep it to yourself.

      • Mareela  

        If you don’t want a Christian ethos in schools don’t send your kids to said school. Simple really. Perhaps you should be more concerned about the far right religious nut jobs in our government.

        • Lotti  

          It’s really not that simple to find a nearby non-religious school. Don’t pretend it is in order to rationalise the problem away from your sight. NO child should have religion forced on them, but especially trying to force kids from a range of ethnic and religious/non-religious households all into the Christian religion is wrong, full stop.

          And no, Christians do not get to own Christmas any more. It has entirely pagan roots; the Roman Emporer slapped the spring time born-Jesus’s birth celebration onto Saturnalia for exactly the purpose we’re talking about here: conversion. More importantly, Christmas is a cultural, legal and ethnic entity. We all get to have Christmas how we want.

      • Elisa  

        My “Amen” is agreeing with Trish Briggs not the first reply.

  2. Beth Hancock  

    Australia is no longer a Christian country – in fact history shows it never really has been. Religious Christmas carols and nativity plays belong in faith communities not public schools. I say this as a Christian minister and former school teacher. Schools need to be inclusive of all children and the curriculum needs to broad. By all means sing seasonal songs but if you want your children to learn carols and the foundational story of Christmas, take them to church. There are many wonderful services happening over the next few days. You’ll be very welcome.

    • Barb McCulloch  

      Women should never teach over a man so hope your church is all women. It says that in the Holy Bible that a woman should never preach to men.

      • Dee  

        If you believe that, no wonder this world is such a mess! Perhaps you were commenting “tongue in cheek”.

    • Mareela  

      How do you call yourself a Christian while at the same time denying Christianity? No wonder so many people are confused. You obviously don’t have the courage of your convictions.

    • Elizabeth Litster  

      Australia was settled by Europeans the vast majority of who were Christians. Please don’t rewrite history. Surely as a Christian minister you must accept that the birth of Jesus is the reason for Christmas. If the SJW’s want to change Christmas to a secular holiday which is exactly what you are proposing then there need to be one, a name change, you are working on that with the Happy Holidays, two, people need to start regarding this period as just another day, no shutting shops or offices. No public holiday after all we are a secular country. You can’t have it both ways. You don’t expect Moslems to take the teachings of Mohammed out of their celebration of ramadam but you expect Christians to remove Christ from Christmas. We don’t expect Jews not to light candles at Hanukkah. I am fed up with the double standard where any religion other than Christianity is acceptable in schools. Another former school teacher here.

      • Lotti  

        The sky is not falling, nobody has asked “Christians to take Christ out of Christmas”. How ridiculous. You are free to celebrate Christmas however you like but this is a cultural tradition with non-Christian roots (the bible states that Jesus was born “when the shepherds are in the fields” ie NOT December).

        Personally, I say ‘merry Christmas’ all the time because even as an atheist, this European history is MY legacy too. What you are actually wanting is the privileges that Christians have enjoyed for so long in this country; the ability to be constantly publicly recognised, referenced and be thought of as powerful. Too bad.

  3. I search high and low to find Nativity Christmas Carla and ornaments etc. I play Christian songs throughout the year, not only at Christmas. If in schools, children who are not of Christian faith, then they don’t have to participate in Christian celebrations, songs plays etc. but just because there are non Christian students, why should the Christian children not be allowed to celebrate Christian themes? There were non Christian students when I was at school, and they went and read books in the library when Christian students had Christian Education classes. Christianity is our history, so it needs to be taught to all, as history. To take offence, is a choice. We have the ability to not act on how we feel. I feel annoyed at there being so muchandise at Christmas time that has no Christian themes. I feel annoyed that I have to make purchases online for Christian products some I import from USA. In Australia, Christmas is in summer and I think it is silly to have all the winter white Christmas things about. What Christmas is about is celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ. No one will ever stop me from celebrating this very important celebration. As far as I am aware, it is my right to celebrate this event every year.

    • Julia  

      Quite right I couldn’t buy an angel for my tree this year. Why can’t these alternative students be entertained doing other things whilst Christian children share the Australian traditions. This is our country and those who don’t like it can leave. I love going into the shopping centres and hearing Christmas Carols playing sing and shop and feel the joy of Christmas.

      • Mareela  

        Why are these kids at Christian schools?

      • Lotti  

        “This is our country”

        The “our” you’re referring to presumably don’t belong to anyone but white Christians, conveniently ignoring all the other CITIZENS?

        Tell it to the Indigenous Australians who owned the land for 70k years before the Christians came to “claim” it.

    • Lotti  

      Of course it is your right celebrate in any legal manner you wish. The fact that you think you have to say that is pretty much just the paranoia that Christians convince other Christians to have when their place of dominance is threatened.

      “but just because there are non Christian students, why should the Christian children not be allowed to celebrate Christian themes?”

      So you’d be perfectly comfortable with an entire period spent teaching Islam, where the non-Muslim children go off to the library to read for an hour. Or to keep it equal we’d better have one hour each for all of these;

      (Various ‘types’ of Christianity, which is what denomination actually means; Catholic, Protestant etc)
      Islam Shia
      *Thousands of other religions*
      Secular- maybe these kids could actually study science.

      OR, maybe we could do with some real schooling and do what so many Christians are so afraid of, not have promotion of religion in school at all, but rather leave it to parents and churches. It’s really not that scary.

  4. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop demanding that we stop enjoying our EASTER AND OUR CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS. All the idiots need to leave Australia and go live somewhere else. This is our traditions and we are entitled to enjoy our traditions without any radical and do-gooding messages from people that do not have any mankind love for other people. In other words GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Where do you suggest I go? I was born here, and luckily was educated here, so I can see through the myth and bullish that is religion. You can celebrate your xmas and oester, just don’t try to force the rest of us tom bow down to your lies.

      • Kaye Paris  

        David Brindley and followers should work on Christmas Day and not expect Holiday Pay. My Jewish friend, 81 years of age has lived in this country since just after the war. She has always celebrated Hanukkah and my Muslim friend celebrates Ramadam and I celebrate both with them and we all celebrate Christmas too. We wish each other well on each occasion. Faith is about love and sharing our traditions. If you want to change the world (or Australia) then at least do something worthwhile like help the homeless, fight to have large corporations pay a fair share of taxes etc instead of peoples harmless Christmas traditions of Peace and Goodwill. Yes some of the leaders and followers of these religions have been savages to say the least but the vast majority are people of Goodwill.

    • Lotti  

      The fact that you think that anyone who isn’t Christian is a “radical do-gooder” is kind of a sad step up from the old days of calling us “evil devil worshippers”, I suppose.

      No, again, Christians do NOT own this country, you racist rager.

  5. Children of school age are not concerned about singing carols or celebrating Christmas. To them it is about tradition and fun at the end of the school year. Let them enjoy the ‘culture’ and traditions of Christmas, it doesn’t matter if they are not Christians. Children do not discriminate but sadly misguided adults do. Just watch a group of preschoolers play together and sing songs together. They don’t care what the song actually means, they don’t discriminate on the grounds of religion or colour. Misguided adults need to watch children at play before making stupid statements.

  6. Ian  

    Get over it everyone. It is Christmas. The time we remember Jesus being born. Guess what look at the original name, Christ Mass. If you can’t cope with that, stay at work and don’t have the holiday. End of story!!!!!!!!!

  7. Barbara  

    We are Australian. This is Australia. Don’t like our ways, the leave and take all those bloody upstarts with their PC ideas.i have stopped buying anything that has Cadburys name on it. They have taken the name Xmas off all their chocolates and replaced it with the word Joy.

    • Lotti  

      My family is six generations of non-religious Australians.

      But we weren’t here first; there were people here before all Christians. You can say that you don’t like what you think is happening but don’t go on these racist rants about who owns Australia, thank you.

  8. Dee  

    Australia is now a multi-cultural society and that includes many religions. I have been brought up in the Christian religion but don’t like the way it is pushed on everyone and others beliefs are not respected. A public school is there to educate, not to indoctrinate. There are a variety of schools of many denominations and a variety of churches with Sunday Schools. If you are a true Christian, you would be teaching your own child your faith at home or sending them to one of these facilities.
    Christianity is not part of the school curriculum and has no more right to be there than Buddhism or Islam. Just because it was taught in the old days, doesn’t make it right. Those clinging to the past need to stop being “PC” themselves and get over it.

    • Lotti  

      Thank you, Dee. I wish this comment could be put up on a billboard.

  9. Susan Bell  

    Happy Mid Summer Solstice Festival to every one.

  10. Janet Skinn  

    If you take Christ out of Christmas then there is no point in celebrating the Festive season, no family get-togethers, no days off, no presents so the shops will all miss out on bumper sales, less jobs, less spending… We are a Christian country all be it a multi-cultural one as well…. We do not have to give up our celebrations to honour Christ just because we have other religions in our country, we do not stop them from observing their traditions so therefore they should not expect us to stop observing our traditions…this is where TOLERANCE for all traditions come in to play… Merry Christmas everyone..

    • Dee  

      The whole point is that it shouldn’t be taught in public schools. They’re not trying to ban Christmas, just to remove the Christian side of it as its not a teacher’s role to teach scripture of one religion to the exclusion of others. Most parents and teachers would agree with this change. Parents would prefer that the valuable time should be used to teach their children, not to push a chosen religion.

    • We are NOT a xtian country. Read your constitution! Educate yourself. Get over the lies your parents told you and see the world in all its natural splendour, no gods required.

  11. Joan Marshall  

    I am so angry that the word Christmas is being taken out of schools if a Muslim child or any other belief does not want to participate they can go home. I will always say Merry Christmas and anyone who tries to stop me will incur my wrath. This is Democracy not a Communist country where your rights are taken away from you. I am appalled at president Obama encouraging this change. Every other religion celebrates their festivals why are Christians followers of Christ being denied their rights. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    • So you would deny a child education simply because they don’t conform to your religious beliefs? How very Christian!

  12. lurch  

    If all this PC crap was not so one sided it would be laughable. If you happen to visit certain countries and express your religious beliefs be prepared to suffer the consequences, They do not have all this PC crap our leaders and other groups keep ramming down our throats. Their country their religious rules.

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