These criminals have better living conditions than most pensioners!

When author Reshni Ratnam visited a women’s correctional centre on assignment in Brisbane, she was shocked by the conditions. In

When author Reshni Ratnam visited a women’s correctional centre on assignment in Brisbane, she was shocked by the conditions. In fact, Reshni discovered these arsonists, thieves and even murderers enjoy better living conditions than most Aussie pensioners.

“Let me tell you, it’s not all doom and gloom behind bars. In fact it’s the complete opposite”, Reshni wrote. “It’s understandable why the average tax payer sees red on hearing stories like this”.

Reshni reported that inmates at The Women’s Correctional Centre in Wacol, QLD, live in air-conditioned units and flats. Certain inmates are even able to bring their young children to live with them, giving the families free access to midwives, counsellors and even off-site day care.

“From cots to baby clothes to milk bottles and play equipment, everything is provided for these crims. Never mind having a baby shower or stockpiling your hard-earned (cash)”, Reshni explained.

Ever wondered what it’s like inside a high security women’s prison? It’s not all doom and gloom. We had a look around…

Posted by Springfield News on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

General inmates receive access to government-funded training courses. The toughest crims can study anything from hairdressing, to personal training and hospitality.

Some inmates are even employed inside the prison, and receive a small salary for their efforts. Whether they work as landscapers or animal careers, inmates “are always occupied with something to do or an activity to take part in”, Reshni explained.

The prison also boasts a fully-appointed library and gymnasium, along with art classes and yoga sessions. In fact, it seems criminals have better access to leisure activities than people living in retirement or nursing homes.

“If you’re an eye-for-an-eye type you’d probably want people who have committed murder or burnt down a business with intent to cause suffering, to in-turn suffer in prison, alone and with nothing”, Reshni said.

“I’m sure there are deprivations these women suffer, but it isn’t exactly ‘hard time'”, Reshni added. “A look inside The Women’s Correctional Centre in Wacol could have you second-guessing your law-abiding ways”.

See more photos of these luxury prison conditions HERE.

Can you believe that prisoners enjoy better living conditions than most retirees? Shouldn’t government-run retirement homes and nursing villages incorporate better facilities than the average jail? Are you angry that your tax dollars have been spent this way?

  1. Nothing beats freedom? Not if the people are homeless or living without the basics these days, I’m sure they would rather give up their freedom if they knew they were going to be living in those conditions.

    • They have better health care in prison than anyone down on their luck on the outside!

    • Oh really! I regularly attend RPA hospital in Sydney which is located in a poorer area and free, yes free medical treatments to ANYONE.It is THE best hospital I have been to and I have been to a great many, the North Shore included.

    • Jacqueline I agree that RPA is a wonderful hospital, my daughter did her post grad training there. Have you ever looked at the house prices around that area? You may be surprised – no longer a poorer area. It used to be when I was growing up.

    • YesI know, however many of the old people living there bought in when it was cheap. Many poorer ethnics and old people live around that area. Same with Redfern now, becoming so expensive and yuppy, yet still huge pockets of impoverishment.

    • Jacqueline yes I remember when Redfern was referred to as the ‘slums’. I grew up in Dulwich Hill which was at that time a blue colour area. House prices there now are over the top. Still, I loved growing up there and catching the bus or train to work in the city each day. Had one of my children at King George V across the road from RPA. My mum had an aeorta replacement at RPA as well as other ops and it was always a fantastic hospital. And I do understand that when an area becomes yuppy those still there suffer.

  2. Regardless of the conditions, they have still lost their freedom, that hall with locked doors looks pretty bleak to me. I would hate to be there.

  3. Knew a homeless guy. He disappeared for 6mnths. He returned looking chubby healthy n wearing new clothes.. where u been said i uve been missed by your mates.. goulburn said he..

  4. It is a bloody get rewarded for bad about cutting back on their lurks and purks.they are there for a you rather take from the pensioners.there’s something amiss in this world.the bad get rewarded.and the good just has to keep paying for them.

  5. I know of someone who said # might as well be in jail because it was too hard on the outside. Very sad

    • well he should go to one of the many free employment services that the Salvation Army run and avail himself of all the training programs they run. No excuse for not having a go nowadays.

  6. Such rubbish – I have worked in Prisons quite a lot and they are NOT good places to be – trust me!

    • They weren’t meant to be good places! But they aren’t as bad as sleeping under a bridge feeling scared of being assaulted

    • Valerie D McCrae I agree with you
      I made a comment
      4 I know
      Don’t ever wanna go back
      They’d rather become a hermit or go on the run n hide 2 generations over past 36 yrs (5 people can’t be wrong

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