These big companies are donating our money to political parties: Does it surprise you?

As the government and Labor get ready for a federal election, parties are looking for donations to keep their campaigns alive.

As the government and Labor get ready for a federal election, parties are looking for donations to keep their campaigns alive. While anyone is free to donate to whatever party they choose to, new data shows Australians have inadvertently been donating their money to parties on both sides of the fence.

A new list reveals just how much money Australia’s biggest businesses and banks have donated to political parties, and it’s got some people riled up. Some have even come out to say they won’t stay with their bank anymore now they know they inadvertently donate to parties they would never vote for.

The list names big banks, energy companies, and even hotels as the largest donors. The question many people are asking is: should we be told where our money is going before we sign up with with these companies?

The list shows that the NAB gave $177,775 to the Liberal Party, while ANZ donated $80,000 to Labor and $100,000 to Liberal. Macquarie, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, and Suncorp were also named on the list as giving thousands of dollars to both parties.

Unsurprisingly, Clive Palmer topped the list with his company Queensland Nickel donating a whopping $5,991,381 to his own cause, Palmer United Party, while James Packer’s Crown Resorts gave $57,156 to the Liberal party.

What do you think about these revelations?

Should we be told where our money is going? Are we being mislead?

  1. And that folks is precisely why the NLP do so much to protect the wealthy while the rest of us suffer. It is a bloody disgrace!

    • That’s just a drop of the money. These corporations donate to bribe nothing more. How much does Murdock give I bet he gave a hefty sum to liberals to get his $877millon back as soon as the libs got back in. And don’t forget all the free advertising he gives them while shunning labor refusing to give are time while printing total dribble about the liberal party. Grrrrr

  2. It’s difficult to believe any company or group donate to any party without wanting something in return. That companies play it safe donating to both sides is unsurprising. An unexpected election result could leave a company which just supported the now opposition out of favour. I’ve long resigned myself that my money ends up in lots of places I would never want it to. From my superannuation investments, private investments, the places banks loan money and taxes. It is the way of the world.

  3. I was annoyed to see that my bank donates three times as much to the Liberal party as it does to the Labor party. Obviously they must have a commercial reason for doing that!!!. Also very surprised to see that the Electrical Trades Union in Victoria donates to The Greens. WTF?

  4. Brian Lee  

    No of course not – the big company’s have ALWAYS done this, its a normal ritual, to earn favours in the future. One would have to be very naïve to believe this doesn’t happen! And it happens on BOTH sides of politics too, not just the Liberals.

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  6. This has been happening at least since 1956, where I worked I was a bookkeeper for a major firm & they made donations to both sides of politics.

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