These are the most ridiculous things politicians spend your tax dollars on

Australians are used to hearing stories about politicians spending taxpayer money on expensive trips abroad and gratuitous forms of transport,

Australians are used to hearing stories about politicians spending taxpayer money on expensive trips abroad and gratuitous forms of transport, like helicopters and luxury cars.

Now new revelations show just how much money is also wasted on programs that never take off, studies that cost millions and public art that turns out to be an eyesore for everyone around it.

The numbers show $850,784 was spent on a study of Italy’s Catherine de Medici  – a woman who was the wife of Henry II from 1547 until 1559. The reason for the study is still unclear. Meanwhile, a whopping $451,000 went to a marketing research company to conduct formative research for the national Binge Drinking Strategy.

Even more outlandish was the $191,394 spent to assess how winemakers use the internet to share information with customers.

Pat Conroy, head of Labor’s Waste Watch Committee who conducted the review into government spending, told The New Daily the Liberal Party “had announced a budget emergency, then proceeded to squander money”.

“My personal favourite is the $125,000 Julie Bishop spent taking foreign diplomats to Kangaroo Island, along with seven of her staff including the office receptionist,” he said.

It’s not just the current form of government who have been spending up. Commissioner Andrew Dyer was appointed by Tony Abbott to work part-time to investigate a handful of complaints about the National Wind Farm program: he was paid $200,000.

Both side of politics have proven to spend money on seemingly wasteful programs and grants like this, with the Liberal Party revealing Labor’s Immigration Department $1 billion blowout in 2013.

Former Treasury official and Senior Fellow at the CIS Robert Carling said the Australians are growing tired of government waste and mishandling of the budget.

“Governments are trying to do too many things,” he said. “They end up doing none of them very well.”

Do you think the government is wasting taxpayer money on things like this? Or is the spending justified?

  1. Money should be spent on public schools and health. Unbelievable waste of taxpayer’s money on studies strategies and research. Nothing done with the findings. Talk, talk and more talk. No real action on anything. Absolute disgrace.

    • Who is/what division of Government is responsible for all the allocation of money gone bad….who is vetting that department? Maybe they should all be sacked….?

    • Is one of the requirement for being a politician to be a psychic. How do they make decisions without information and often the action based on the result of the research is to decide to not proceed but ist rand take a more productive course of action based on the political agenda of the government of the day.

  2. They ( the politicians ) should be made to repay the money spent on the useless researches how do they continually get away with wasting taxpayers money ???

  3. They are all fools and only pick on the vulnerable – leave us oldies alone , go and tax your rich mates

  4. I wish they would focus on cutting their own spending and wastefulness then there might be more money in the public purse. Perhaps one of the reasons for some of these seemingful foolish programs is there is a lot of overemployed govt people with nothing to do otherwise.

    • I’m not sure but I think Australia might be the only country that has compulsory voting. If it was like other countries where it is voluntary, I wonder how many of us would vote for these jokers. Let’s get rid of all the male politians and vote more women in and then we’d see how women economise and shop around for the best price of things and get things done yesterday. What do you say ladies????

      • Susan Bell  

        Compulsory voting is essential. It is well known, through many studies, that if voting is not compulsory the people who do not vote are the poor, the elderly and the very young. Non compulsory voting favours the conservatives in politics. By making voting compulsory governments are forced to provide a means to vote no matter where you live, be it a far away island, lighthouse, outback stations, nursing homes….other countries like America provide far fewer opportunities, this is why we see long lines for voting, lines that go around the block. Here it is a much more social occasion, a short wait talking to friends, buying coffees, cakes and sausages. And finally many good men and women died for our right to vote. Just remember the Ancient Greek word IDIOT means, he who did not vote.

    • If that was true of women, the shopping around bit I mean, you wouldn’t see any women in Coles or Woolworths !!

    • Natalie, so very wrong. I have worked with both men and women in the private and public sectors. In general the men jump in and get the job done and things fixed the women want hold talk fests until they can have consensus on how best to do the job oh and also well have to get lunch brought in. My partner has said the same thing. Women bosses although seemingly more thoughtful and caring appear loathe to make a decision but want everyone to discuss the nature of every job and all agree on how when where and why it must be done. Thereare exceptions of course and these are full blown autocratic dictators who won’t even listen to others point of view or expert advice.


  5. How about our Lord Mayor spending millions on fireworks to greet the new year in. Money going up in smoke! Our hard earned money.

  6. a disgrace imagine if thi money was given to small business to hire staff , improve trade . these fools have no idea and that includes the labor party

  7. I’m big on this new buzz word though “innovation ” don’t you just love that word. And all the money spent on advertising of this word is just beyond my ability to understand what the new meaning of ” innovation ” is. ” innovation ” TURDburger would be to show some leadership ” innovation ” would be to rid a party fully if corruption weed them out ( even if your left with maybe one or two). I’ve got a really ” innovative “idea start collecting taxes from the big end of town instead of dragging every cent out if the middle to lower income people. Start being ” innovative ” by building up our economy and stop building up our deficit you have more than doubled labor debt and I cannot see anything of benefit to the Australian people. ” innovation” would start by wiping that million dollar smile off your face and actually have some control ( or even just try to look like you’ve got control that would be a start)

  8. We all know they only do what they want and that includes taking our money to line their own pockets and those of their friends, ie Gina

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