There’s something not quite right about this photo

Aren’t family gatherings great?! You’d certainly think so when it comes to Mike Pence and his family, who were all

Aren’t family gatherings great?! You’d certainly think so when it comes to Mike Pence and his family, who were all smiles having dinner in New York at the weekend. There’s even a happy snap of the occasion shared on social media.

While it might look like Donald Trump’s running mate is enjoying nachos with his wife and daughter, there is something peculiar about this photograph that has the internet buzzing.

It turns out Pence’s daughter Charlotte has no reflection, and this has raised speculation she is in fact, a vampire!

Naturally when you have come across such a rare sighting, you take to social media to share your excitement.

“Sir, I don’t mean to be rude but your daughter might be a vampire just saying,” Twitter user Sebastian Murdock wrote.

While another user asks, “Where is the reflection of the woman in white? Does Chili’s [restaurant] cause people to become vampires?”

Yet another joker posted a picture with Charlotte replaced by Donald Trump saying, “sorry guys, here is the unedited actual version of this photo.”


Mike Pence is currently the governor of Indiana. It was announced at the weekend that he would become Donald Trump’s vice president should the Republican candidate win the presidency later this year.

Did this give you a laugh? Have you ever been involved in an awkward family photo? Have you ever taken a photograph where something appearing in the shot cannot be explained?

  1. Bruce  

    Ok, that’s it. I am sick of your inane stories. You have begun treating 60 year olds like morons. Then there is the dodgy financial advice. Then there are adverts masquerading as news articles. It’s time to hit the “Hide all notifications” button.

    • Robert Green  

      Yep, me too. Full of rubbish and lefty propaganda. It a goodbye from me too.

  2. Tricia Blackhall  

    What nonsense. I am so tired of all these ‘shocking’ posts. Goodbye.

  3. Kris  

    Me too. I like to be informed but this site is becoming like a weekly magazine, which I stopped buying ages ago because of the inane gossipy articles.

  4. I agree with the above. Puerile articles and dodgy advice on health and finance, pathetic unrealistic ideas on how to save on this and that, without taking real life expenses into account…… bah humbug! Lift your game.

  5. Gail Reilly  

    What a stupid post! Don’t treat over-Sixties like morons! I’d be really pee’d off if I were that young woman and knew about this idiotic posting, and I’d be pee’d off if I were her parents, too. It’s not responsible journalism. Get your act together!

  6. Kim Palling  

    What a load of garbage “shock tactics” this is how you lose readers. This has happening a lot lately

  7. K Morgan  

    Hear hear to all of the above, the standard of this site has just sunk to a new low.

  8. Peter Dunn  

    The site used to be good in the early days but it is now just a nonsense page, I’m blocking it from now on.

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