There’s a new superstore on its way

If you’ve wondered what would happen to all those big Masters stores around Australia now that they are being abandoned,

If you’ve wondered what would happen to all those big Masters stores around Australia now that they are being abandoned, wonder no more.

You’d be wrong if you thought Bunnings, Costco or Ikea wanted to take on the vacancies.

The 13,000 square-metre sites built to accommodate the now-failed Woolworths’ multibillion-dollar experiment to challenge Bunnings are about to be consumed by a new ‘big box’ store that is set to spread its way across the country. Bet you didn’t see it coming.

You’ve probably not heard of Poco (there are currently only two stores in Australia), but¬†it claims to have ‘everything to make your house a home’.

It’s a¬†furniture, hardware and white goods store all rolled into one, which means you can find a new kitchen splashback next to the couch and cushions and appliance brands like Breville, Teac, Simpson and Sharp.

The company is owned by the same one behind Freedom Furniture, Bay Leather Republic and Snooze — Steinhoff International.

There have been whispers circulating about Poco’s interest in taking over some of the Masters sites, but as neither party; not Woolworths or Steinhoff International, is willing to discuss the issue those whispers are stuck in the rumour mill. However, what’s interesting is that this deal — should it go ahead — could also see white goods and electrical chain The Good Guys purchased and it would allow Poco to become a major competitor to Harvey Norman.

Poco is a big name player in Germany.

What do you think of ‘big box’ stores like Bunnings, Costco and Ikea? Does Australia need another such store? Would you shop there?

  1. Barbara James  

    Have been shopping at Poco for years this is a great store. The quality of the goods is superior to a lot of products at other outlets and the comparison of the prices is very competitive. Bring them on there is too much monopoly from other retailers these days. Have you seen how the quality of products at Bunnings has lowered but the prices are rising, they can now do as they like no competition.

  2. I would absolutely love a store that has everything, including the kitchen sink; providing there is a good choice, and they quality products with competitive pricing.
    Also, a good, free parking area.
    If it’s a huge store, I would like an organic coffee lounge, so that I could have a rest, and recoup.

  3. Mal Pace-Smith  

    I just wish that Ikea or Costco would come over the ditch to New Zealand!

    • Heather  

      would be nice if Ikea came over the gutter to Tasmania

  4. Kez  

    Oh sure…do we need yet another huge monopoly to move in and push the smaller retailers aside? Don’t think so. I saw what Bunnings did to all the small hardware, nurseries and other stores in our town…..Now we have many people out of a job because of the Masters collapse. Come on people, get a life. Support your locals first. We have enough multinationals in Australia for the size of our population.

    • Lurch  

      Seen the same happen around where I live, their cut pricing is almost impossible to equal for the smal local businesses.

  5. colin  

    another Foreign company marching in taking the profits off shore.

  6. Warren Whittle  

    Yes!! With Wesfarmers looking to close out all small retailers (and suppliers) and ultimately have Australian consumers and producers by the short and curlies, we need all the competition in the market place that we can get.

  7. Valerie Seyer  

    I too am concerned about profits going overseas. Yes, they give jobs to Australians (do these replace the local business jobs lost?), & provide competition where the consumer benefits, but at what cost? We need to look at the big picture.

  8. We have a local Poco store. I went there once and wouldn’t go back. It is one of those Ikes-like stores where you have to walk through the whole store to get to what you want to buy. I object to being made to look at everything if I just want paint in a hurry! Also, I walk with a walker and can’t walk around the whole store with any degree of comfort, so they have lost me from the start.

  9. Grahame  

    POCO will go bust just like MASTERS. In Australia shoppers go to Electrical stores for fridges and TVs and to Hardware stores for hardware. Masters learnt this at a costly price. We are not Americans and we don’t shop like they do. This is madness, those who ignore history….etc..

  10. Denzil Inness  

    This is certainly great news for shopping in Perth specially in Baldivis or Kwinana, or Mandurah or even Rockingham- good to have competition,will keep the cheats honest. If prices suit will shop definitely. Good news.

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