There has been a startling development in the Maddie McCann case

The story of missing British girl Madeleine McCann has captivated the world ever since she disappeared aged three in 2007

The story of missing British girl Madeleine McCann has captivated the world ever since she disappeared aged three in 2007 and now there has been a shocking revelation about one of the McCanns’ close family friends.

Sir Clement Freud, a former Liberal MP and broadcaster, befriended the McCanns after Madeleine disappeared and became a close with them over the years.

Now, it has been revealed that Freud has been accused of multiple instances of child sex abuse and rape.

Even more disturbing is the news that Freud owned a villa in the same resort the McCanns were staying at when Madeleine disappeared.

Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann say they are “horrified” to learn the details about the man they trusted with their children and that it has raised a lot of questions for them.

The detectives involved in Madeleine’s case have been alerted to the revelations with an investigation into the link expected to take place.

Freud died in 2009 before his alleged victims came forward and the news has shocked those who knew him.

He was a prominent figure in Britain working with the Liberal party and as a broadcaster and was also the grandson of famous psychiatrist Sigmund Freud.

He has been accused of abusing two girls when they were children and teenagers, with both saying they were too scared to come forward until after he passed.

The development has only added another layer of mystery to Madeleine’s disappearance, which has baffled investigators and left her parents distraught.

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  1. Cynthia Power  

    That poor family, will they ever no know peace. Hopefully this tragedy will soon come to an end.

  2. Margaret Cassidy  

    Feel so sorry for this family I dont think they will ever get peace.

  3. Diane Davidson  

    It does add another layer of intrigue to the focus on this intrguing case. However: apparently Sigmund Freud was not in the country when Madeleine disappeared – so apart from his acquaintance with the McCann parents, there doesn’t seem to be any relevance to this case. I was in UK in 2007 and the newspapers and tv news were constantly ablaze with rumours, theories and allegations. I’m in London at present – and again this child’s disappearance is being seized upon by the news media. I do wonder why – out of all the many tragic ( and puzzling ) unsolved cases of missing children – this one has received so much public attention for so many years.

    • Trish Weatherill  

      If u read the article properly it’s sir Clement Freud that they are investigating not Sigmund Freud as u say. Cheers

  4. R Drury  

    This is so tragic, This poor family need answers.

  5. They have been through so much….it is often those. Nearer than people dare to believe….his grandfather Freud had incestous thoughts about his own daughter…and admitted it.

  6. Fran  

    The girls he abused say they were to frightened to speak out until he died, for Gods sake he was an old man what could he do to them chase them with his walking stick…he had no power over anyone and if this is true he should have been brought to justice, have we not learnt anything from the Jimmy Saville cover up!

  7. Hazel Vette  

    Accusations are easy to make once a person is deceased and can no longer rebuff them. If he is guilty a higher authority will find him accountable and the media should stop whipping up these frenzied reports. I just hope that poor little girl is at peace where no one can harm her, she is the innocent in all this. Also if he died in 2009 why come forward now?

  8. Lynda  

    To those who ask “why come forward after he is dead?” Obviously you have never been abused. A person, especially a young girl, will never feel safe until her abuser is no longer on this earth.

    • Penelope  

      You are so right. Abused until I was 16 until. I finally left home, I could not speak of it. I am now 73 and still could not say what actually happened to save my life. I cannot put it into words. Those who come forward after many years of silence are very brave!

    • Wendy  

      Thats exactly it!
      Only few come forward with there attacker/abuser is still on earth! He may have been old and frail but as said above he was well respected and I dont really think it was only him these poor girls were scared of!!

  9. Lloyd Neels  

    I do hope this will lead to closure.

  10. Tim Janes  

    There is very little qualification to be a candidate for parliament. The preselection by parties is for those you owe a favour and deals are done not according to the branch rules. Politicians are one of the least respected people when they should be of integrity and high moral character. Integrity and morality only comes if you believe you have to eventually answer to God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

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