The truth about Pauline Hanson’s million-dollar taxpaying funding revealed

Pauline Hanson has always marketed herself as a self-funded retiree however it seems she may not have been telling the
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Pauline Hanson has always marketed herself as a self-funded retiree however it seems she may not have been telling the whole story when it comes to where her campaign money comes from.

According to the Courier Mail, Pauline Hanson and her party One Nation have received more than $6 million in funding from taxpayers in the past two decades.

The 62-year-old is hoping to win a six-year term in the Senate at the election, after being a political underdog for many years.

With 4 per cent of the primary vote she will get $2.60 from taxpayers for every vote.

Despite these damning figures, Miss Hanson insists she has never personally profited from the millions of dollars from taxpayers to her party One ­Nation during her time in politics.

“I am a self-funded retiree. Self employed. Just doing different things. I am a part owner of a hotel down in Maitland,’’ she said.

“We were the party that ­refunded our candidates 75 per cent of campaign costs. Electoral funding is paid to the political party, not myself.’’

She didn’t admit, though, that she needs money to have a successful campaign.

“That’s cost me money to run. Do you realise at the last election the Liberal Party picked up $27 million? That Nick Xenophon picked up $600,000?’’

And despite all of this, Miss Hanson said she thinks taxpayer funding for elections should be abolished, but she would accept funding this time around.

Tell us, has this surprised you? Are you OK with giving your money to someone like Pauline?

  1. Brian Lee  

    I don’t see what this fuss is about, she is only getting what ALL prospective politicians are given at this time, so why pick on her? If you want to complain about it, mention all the other candidates as well! I’m not saying she or the others should GET the money, I’m simply saying it’s not fair to pick on her.

    • Geoff Crumpton  

      Well said Brian. Starts at 60 is a terrific site until it delves into politics when the left-wing support of the editor becomes very noticeable.

    • christine  

      I agree with you Brian was thinking the same thing, anyway if she gets in cant do any worse than some weve had, and cant understand the people that say she is racist she just wants the same for everyone doesn’t matter what color you are, if that’s racism youd better add me to the list then.

      • Wiso  

        Well said Chistine !! And I agree with Brian. Why pick on her ?? She is probably more honest and straightforward than any of them, and I really dislike the left-wing bias that the editor of this site shows.

    • Chris Wills  

      Exactly it’s all the pollies so don’t fall for this post

  2. Allan  

    Agree with both writers. Why single out Pauline when ALL politicians are given this “entitlement”? It is just another political pilfering example of robbing the Australian taxpayer. Something of which, the political parties are very good at.

  3. Pam Bodger  

    Once again the media etc trying to put Pauline down. You won’t succeed this time. Why just Pauline, and why not, all the others get it including Nick Xenefone etc. This is once again Pauline bashing and all you are doing is making us all the more determined to give her a go.

  4. Wayne  

    Don,t blame the person, it is they system that needs to be changed.
    All parties put their hands in our pockets.

  5. Alam  

    Why single out Pauline ,why not show what the other parties and pollies have recieved over the last 20 yrs ?????

  6. Terry  

    Pauline has to fight and win within the present system. Then there is opportunity for change. Unlike the current major parties she doesn’t have her nose in the religious, ideological and union troughs, to name a few. Go Pauline!!

  7. Liz  

    Why do the LNP dislike Pauline do much? Think about it.

    • Susan Bell  

      because she is a wilfully ignorant, racist woman. She spews hatred and ignorance every time she opens her fishmonger mouth.

  8. Dianne Clarke  

    Agree with other comments – they all get given money not just Pauline

  9. Helen  

    Just once I’d like to open up this page and find you have written something nice I’m so sick of all the polliebashing going on especially against the LNP. you are very biased

  10. Jennifer Ryan  

    I agree with other comments too they do get given money not just One Nation and Pauline Hanson and she is the only one that says what all Australians are thinking and doesn’t pussy foot around she says it how it is and I like that and
    good on you Pauline Hanson hey lets give her a chance and VOTE her and her PARTY ONE NATION into Parliament

  11. Phil  

    Previous writers have nailed it, this is not just Pauline Hanson funding, but funding that the system gives all political candidates who get 4%+ of the vote. You would have more credibility if you pointed that out and asked readers if they agree with that funding rort.
    I’ll also note that from what I have seen a goodly number of over 60s agree with what Pauline Hanson has had to say – or at least like the idea of differing views being added to political debate

    • Margaret  

      I agree hole heartedly we need to find who to vote for in the Hunter area!

  12. Sandra  

    The Courier Mail has never had anything good to say about Pauline at any time, so it is no surprise that they make up stories about her. I say give her a go as the others just seem to be lining there own pockets & doing nothing for Australia.

    • [email protected]  

      I agree with all above. I have had enough of the 2 major parties stabbing their own in their backs. They all get the money for elections.Pauline only says what we all think. Everytime I want to vote for Pauline in past there was no rep. in my area.They threw her in jail to shut her up last time.What are they afraid of. There has been no decent Pollie since Bob Hawke. Come on Pauline, you go girl we are behind you all the way.

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