The suspicion surrounding Shane Warne’s foundation just got worse

An independent audit into The Shane Warne Foundation has been unable to determine what happened to millions of dollars in

An independent audit into The Shane Warne Foundation has been unable to determine what happened to millions of dollars in donations.

Despite reportedly raising over $1.8 million in three years, The Shane Warne Foundation has been accused of only distributing around 16 cents for 1 dollar donated.

Now audit firm KPMG has found it impossible to track millions of dollars worth of cash donations, due to bad book-keeping.

The Shane Warne Foundation failed to “establish control over the collection of cash donations prior to entry into its financial records”, KPMG explained.

“Our audit procedures with respect to cash donations had to be restricted to the amounts recorded in the financial records”, the auditors added.

KPMG determined that whilst The Shane Warne Foundation compiled with some financial obligations, it did not lodge or submit annual accounts on due dates.

According to the ABC, auditors were “unable to draw conclusions on the foundation’s cash donations due to its accounting practices” throughout 2012 to 2015.

These findings have muddied the waters surrounding Shane Warne further, with a separate investigation by Consumer Affairs Victoria now getting underway.

The Shane Warne Foundation was shut down earlier this year, due to “unwanted speculation” about its distribution of funds.

Warnie has hit back at critics, telling them to “get stuffed”. He claims The Shane Warne Foundation has made a real difference for certain children.

“Have a go at us but we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve”, the former cricketer told The Project this week.

“If people want to have a crack at us for raising money and making a difference, go ahead. We have nothing to hide”, Warnie added.

Do you think Shane Warne needs to take more responsibility for what happened within his foundation?

  1. Wayne Watkins  

    large engagement rings don’t come cheap !!

  2. Norah Fraser  

    Shane Warne is someone that you view with suspician….Unfortunately, he brought that on himself…


    Good ball Warnie!Run any organisation handling other people’s money needs careful attention,ok.Simple is it not.Now you have left yourself open to criticism,so stop whinging.Telling people to get stuffed,don’t wash in eyes.Remember the tall poppy syndrome??!!

  4. David Richard James  

    Just added another Ferarri to his collection, and expensive night out with Carmen Electra

  5. It is very easy to judge someone – I don’t think we should be judging Shane Warne. He is a wealthy man in his own right. It is not fair to say that engagement rings don’t come cheap – no they don’t – but he earned millions when he was playing cricket full time and he still plays part time and still earns millions. You have to look at the level of education of the people running the organisation and see if they had the appropriate skills to run this organisation. I believe Shane’s brother ran it, Shane was busy doing other things. Let us not jump on the bandwagon and ruin someone reputation before he has been judged by the professionals. Besides does it matter who Shane is going out with – does that affect the charity in question.

  6. Neil  

    Shane Warne never takes responsibility when he stuffs up. Look at his interview with Parkinson. Not once did he apologise for cheating on his wife. He was sorry he got caught. No-one should be surprised his charity has been a shambles.

  7. Before we judge, let’s wait for the Auditor’s full report!
    But how about Shane Warne coming out and explaining truthfully
    1. Why was the foundation shut down?
    2. Why was only 16 cents in the dollar distributed to those in need?
    3. If his foundation is proved to be so poorly run, what steps is he going to take to make up for it?
    The independent umpire has thrown you the ball, ‘Warnie’, are you going to bowl a legitimate over??

  8. The buck stop’s with him. It was his foundation & even though his organisation were doing great things to help the underprivileged children, the accounting side of it possibly wasn’t maintained correctly.

    • lurch  

      The foundation may have donated 16 cent in the dollar but what we the donating public would like to know is, where did the rest go to.

  9. Norma Halsey  

    If you set up any organization using your own name, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is run correctly and is fully compliant. If you set up charity or philanthropic arrangement then you enjoy generous tax benefits. It is how a lot of wealthy people operate. But with that come compliance obligations and at the end of the day it is your name that was registered so you have to take the can for any wrong doing. You cannot pass the buck.

  10. Bob BEVERIDGE  

    Only 16 cents in the DOLLAR ? Gotta WONDER how much all the other CHARITIES, actually do spend out of each dollar, after the CEO;s salary, and all the OTHER EXPENSES ! #

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