The surprising reason Mariah Carey and James Packer headed to Greece

Things might not be as they seem in the land of love for Mariah Carey and her billionaire boyfriend James

Things might not be as they seem in the land of love for Mariah Carey and her billionaire boyfriend James Packer.

Though the singer was spotted walking the shores of Mykonos, Greece in a flowing white gown on September 22, but it wasn’t for her wedding to James. reports that the couple have jetted off in a last-ditch attempt to save their relationship.

Given that the wedding has been delayed for what Mariah says is “a lack of time” a source close to the couple is keen to set the record straight.

“They’re struggling,” the source revealed.

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Mariah, 46, and James, 49, have been dating since 2015. In January, James popped the question by presenting Mariah with an exquisite 35-carat diamond engagement ring.

However, with Mariah still not officially divorced from Nick Cannon, the father of her twins Moroccan and Monroe, it seems to be causing a strain in her relationship with James.

“James really wants her divorce to be finalised,” the source says.

Nick Cannon responded to claims he was hindering his ex’s marriage plans by telling Entertainment Tonight, “You got to respect the process.”

Only time will tell if the Mariah and James will make it down the aisle.

Do you think Mariah Carey and James Packer are a good match?

  1. Be  

    Who cares……really, who cares?

    • Sarah  

      You for taking the time to read this article and comment on it.

  2. Lynn Delmont  

    Only they know the answer to this. Do we really care anyway..

  3. Graham hourigan  

    They look like a couple to me

  4. PM  

    A couple of idiots, yes. Jamie is the goose who was fooled by Adler into OneTel and he took Lachlan Murdoch with him. Next it was Scientology. Then South Sydney Rabbitohs. And now Mariah Carey. Jamie is also turning his large inheritance into a small one. What next? Homelessness?

  5. Judith  

    I’m surprised I’m bothering to respond to this. Surely there’s a toilet needs cleaning in my home or something.
    My thoughts, as with so many are, “could not give a rat’s behind”, and it constantly surprises me that anyone would care.
    Get married, don’t get married – if it wasn’t to be blurted in every paper in the world, neither of you would probably bother anyway.

  6. Maria Inzinga  

    No I believe the beautiful babies need just their mother at this time .

  7. Stephen  

    Usually your content is worth a discussion, but every now and then over the past few months you seem to get your information from New Idea and Woman’s Day; how extremely sad.

  8. Cath  

    Who cares…stop reporting on this trash.Best they spend the money a wedding would cost on something worth while, like cancer research

  9. Rosa  

    I was very shocked to see Mariah wearing that white dress its so revealing. Abit of dignity please. No disrespect Mariah I grew up with ur songs ur wonderful an amazing Singer & u are a very gorgeous lady. But a bit of dignity please. Ive always had up most respect for u but wow ur gone a bit far for me.

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