The stand off between prosecutors and Julian Assange could be coming to an end

It’s been six long years, but the stand off between prosecutors and Julian Assange could be coming to an end

It’s been six long years, but the stand off between prosecutors and Julian Assange could be coming to an end after a Swedish appeals court made the decision to uphold the arrest warrant for the WikiLeaks founder.

Forty-five-year-old Assange has been holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London to avoid possible extradition to Sweden to face questions over allegations, which he denies, that he committed rape in 2010.

“The Court of Appeal shares the assessment of the District Court that Julian Assange is still suspected on probable cause of rape,” the court said.

Assange fears he would be further extradited to the United States where a criminal investigation into the activities of WikiLeaks continues.

A moving truck has been spotted at the embassy and there is speculation Assange could be on the move. But where to now?

Several news outlets believe Assange will hand himself over to the US, but only if president Barack Obama grants clemency to Chelsea Manning, a former US Army private convicted in 2013 of leaking sensitive government files to WikiLeaks.

However, Assange is set to face questioning — albeit indirectly — by Swedish officials in relation to the rape case at the embassy on October 17.

Swedish chief prosecutor Ingrid Isgren and a police investigator will be allowed to be present to ask questions through the Ecuadorian prosecutor, who will later report the findings to Sweden.

Assange’s Swedish lawyer, Per Samuelson, told the ABC that while he had not spoken with his client about the verdict, “I assume we will appeal, it would be strange if we did not”.

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  1. colin  

    and now they will appeal it again. A person who is innocent would not go to these lengths. But he is a criminal with his constant spewing out of wiki leaks. I believe in transparency in Government which is what we don’t have in Australia, but Assange sends out information that could jeopardise a country’s security. evil personified

    • Khris  

      Colin, Have to disagree with the insinuation he is a criminal for wiki leaks.
      The US wants him because he can embarrass them with the info he releases that show the US ARE the criminals. It is very interesting that all the arguments to go to war, were shown to be false. But now, given the time that has passed everyone is quite happy for their action s to be wiped under the table and forgotten. If any other country did it they would be worst in the world.
      Like all the flights of “accused” prisoners to be tortured where it was deemed legal.
      NO, The biggest criminals by far are the US govt!

    • Lurch  

      Another narsissist person who does not care who he puts a risk.

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