The Royal Family race each other for a good cause

Perhaps William should be happy that the path to the throne isn't a foot race.

While Prince William has been being groomed to take the throne one day, Prince Harry has got to indulge more in the things that he’s passionate about including sport.  The one thing that they are both passionate about, and it’s a passion that they share with Duchess Kate, is that of helping those with mental health issues.

The campaign that they put together is Heads Together and at an event to promote the campaign and the London Marathon the three Royals went head to head to head in a 50-meter sprint.  The chilly conditions at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park couldn’t dampen the fun and smiles.

William tried to downplay that he was going to get beaten by his more athletic brother by playfully saying he had a hamstring issue.  William then tried to put his hand in Kate’s face to obstruct her vision before the race started.

While it was all in good fun, you could see the brotherly competitiveness peak out when the race started.  William gave it his all but Harry dominated his brother in the race while Kate gracefully came in third.

Even if William had managed to win, Women’s World Record Marathon holder Paula Radcliffe joked that William should have been disqualified as he was running into Kates lane during the race.

Well, at least it’s not a foot race to the throne.

  1. Truth 13  

    Come on Harry, it is time to play even. You cheated, with a head start of about a meter in front of your brother, who almost beat you at the end. You did the same, when you ran with Usain Bolt. You started to run before he was ready for the race. You may be a bit of a “naughty” boy, sometimes you get things wrong. Think before you jump, without knowing the depth. Rumors are, you are going to marry a divorced woman, 4 years older than you. It is not a very good combination. Divorce is very common in the royal family, but all men married younger women & women married older men, and not divorced after a two year marriage & 4 years older. Don’t regret in the future. Only thing is, you will never be the king.

    • Bob  

      What a crock of rubbish your comments are

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