The real Marigold Hotel: Your new pension benefits in India announced

A major pension announcement means that Australian residents living in India can access their pensions, without returning Down Under. The
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A major pension announcement means that Australian residents living in India can access their pensions, without returning Down Under.

The new agreement between India and Australia means that more pensioners could spend their retirements overseas, just like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie!

“Australian residents living in India will be able to claim the Australian Age Pension without having to return to Australia”, said Social Services Minister, Christian Porter.

“While Indian residents living in Australia will have access to Indian retirement pensions. It’s a win-win”, he added.

By working together, Christian Porter believes the Commonwealth Governments of India and Australia have strengthened international ties.

“This agreement will give people more freedom to move between Australia and India, knowing their pension rights will be recognised and protected”, he said.

Would you retire to India, knowing your pension payments can be accessed there? Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere exciting, like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?

  1. Bente  

    I would go to Sri-Lanka if I could.

  2. Why just India. …I’m sure a lot of pensioners have family in other countries they would like to retire in. My family lives in Tokyo. ..can I have the same deal? ?

    • Renato & Penny  

      Please read my comment below … this is BS and government propaganda … we receive A$.6.35 per fortnight after 72 years of combined working life …. this is cruel government policy.

  3. Avril Cowie  

    This is fine if you can afford to live without claiming free hospital or rebates for energy etc. I bet the Australian Government will not pay these to Australian pensioners living permanently overseas.

  4. Jeannie Bliss Foye  

    I have had a yen to go to India omeday, mney needed but Hotel Marigold loved it brilliant

  5. Margie51  

    I would love to have this facility for Canada, the USA, and Britain….. or do we already ??? With a son living in USA (and hopefully grandchildren to come before too long), it would be great to spend extended periods overseas.
    I guess this new arrangement with India will also be wonderful for the many Indian people who have spent long years working in Australia but may want to return to their home country for retirement.

  6. Irene  

    No thanks – I will stay right where I am and enjoy what we have – which is really beautiful.

  7. If this is true why is it that disability pensioners can only leave the country for 28 days a year, before losing pension payments, virtually made to feel a prisoner in their own country. Why only India. Discrimination.

  8. rosie d  

    what about the Philippines?I Imagine the number of Indian immigrants to Australia, will be flocking home in retirement, and will live like kings. However with all the terrible press India gets re attacks on females, it would be at the very end of my list of places to retire to.

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