The Queen’s speech to sounds a lot like a farewell – will she step aside next year?

As poised, elegant and eloquent as ever, the Queen has delivered a warm opening address at the Commonwealth Heads of

As poised, elegant and eloquent as ever, the Queen has delivered a warm opening address at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta, remembering when she and Prince Philip, relatively newlyweds, lived on the small island nation.

But, make no mistake, within her words of pride for the Commonwealth and its history, the Queen had a message to deliver to the leaders – hinting heavily that they should vote for the Prince of Wales to be her successor as head of the organisation.

According to the Telegraph, leadership of the 53 member countries is not hereditary and many nation leaders want the next head to be elected.

Prince Charles has accompanied his mother to Malta for the meeting, which occurs every two years; it is only the fourth time he has attended.

The Queen praised her son towards the end of the speech, but not before heaping praise and thanks on his father.

She said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I feel enormously proud of what the Commonwealth has achieved, and all of it within my lifetime. For more than six decades of being Head of the Commonwealth, a responsibility I have cherished, I have had the fortune of the constancy of The Duke of Edinburgh.

“Next year, the Commonwealth Study Conference, founded by him as what he once described as an ‘extraordinary experiment’ dedicated to equipping Commonwealth leaders, will itself celebrate its sixtieth anniversary. To that, and to his many other Commonwealth associations, Prince Philip has brought boundless energy and commitment, for which I am indebted.

“Nor could I wish to have been better supported and represented in the Commonwealth than by The Prince of Wales who continues to give so much to it with great distinction.”

What do you think? Does it sound like the Queen is making moves to step aside? Would you welcome Charles as her successor?


  1. I am not a Royalist but for as long as I can remember people have been saying that the Queen will step down. She has done an amazing job for whole reign and I doubt very much she has any intentions of standing down

  2. The Queen will go when she is ready,hopefully her son will pass the baton To his son Wills

    • Camila will not be queen. Only someone in the Royal bloodline can be queen. She will be the king’s consort, like Phillip who is not King, he is the queens consort

    • Prince William has not enough experience to take this job on right now – Charles would be an excellent successor to Her Majesty.

      • Diana greynomads Ross  

        Wills is old enough to be King… geez how old was Elizabeth when she took up the reins. If Charles becomes King it will be the end of the Commonwealth

    • Of course Charles will be king and when he dies Wills will be,so get over it people that’s how the monarchy works

    • Victoria- according to what I read, Queen Mary (Mary Tudor) was of royal lineage, being the daughter of Henry V111.
      Queen Elizabeth’s mother’s title was “Queen consort of the inited kingdom and the British Dominions” and was crowned “Empress Consort of India” in 1936. She was called Queen Elizabeth, (but not crowned a queen), until 1952 when her daughter became queen, then was known as “Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother” to avoid confusion. Technically, as the wife of a King, they can take the title of queen, so Camila could use the title, but she won’t be queen in the same way Elizabeth is.
      Phillip can’t use the title King because of a quirk in the law. Before she became queen, Elizabeth was known as HRH the Dutchess of Edinburgh, the female form of Phillips “Duke of Edinburgh”. When she became queen, it is a higher rank than Dutchess, so she uses Queen and her consort was to continue with his own title and added Prince Consort to it.
      When Charles becomes king, Camila will automatically be called Queen but Clarence House is trying to push through legislation to make her title Princess Consort.
      Whew! Weird ay.

  3. I think it’s more likely she knows she’s 90 next year. Even the queen won’t live forever. Preparation for the succession would be part of the job. She’s just organised.

  4. Probably….she is elderly and like the rest of us….get your bits in order as u may not wakeup tomorrow…..doesn’t mean she is jumping ship….I feel that due to her age n therefore thought process she will have Charles next in line as that is protocol….doubt she will buck the system she’s too British for that…..she’s done well

  5. Think she’s being a realist, even tho’ she may live many more years it make sense to start handing over the reins to her successors, she’ll never step down, just not do as much.

  6. The Queen will not “step aside” When she was crowned, she was anointed to be Queen for as long as she lived. Stepping aside is more a European thing. I think she will cut back on travel overseas, and let the rest of the family do more, but she won,t abdicate.

    • The article is a bit confusing. I agree she will never abdicate as Queen but I think her remarks were related to her attendance at the CHOGM meetings. I’m not a great Charles fan but maybe it’s time he took some of the weight off the Queen’s shoulders. She can “retire” from many of her royal duties without abdicating.

    • I agree, after her Uncles abdication her mother was very clear about duties. I believe Charles and William/Kate will start taking the load off very soon.

  7. I think if the Queen either dies or steps aside and Charles takes over there will be a mass exodus from supporters of the Royal family. There’s still a lot of affection for the Queen, and William could probably still draw people together but not Charles. I can’t see Charles being willing to stand aside.

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