The Queen’s priceless shut down on the Obamas

You’ve heard about the Invictus Games, haven’t you? It was founded by Prince Harry. Well Queen Elizabeth II has joined

You’ve heard about the Invictus Games, haven’t you? It was founded by Prince Harry.

Well Queen Elizabeth II has joined with her grandson Prince Harry to promote the event after Barack and Michelle Obama tweeted a short video about the United States taking victory.

In the clip, the Obamas remind Prince Harry of his challenge for the Americans to ‘bring it’ to the competition. The power couple playfully ridicule the royal’s confidence saying: “Hey Prince Harry, remember when you told us to bring it at the Invictus Games? Be careful what you wish for?”

In the background three officials then ‘drop the mic’ and pull faces in a show of their own confidence.

Seated with the Queen, Prince Harry turns to his grandmother with a concerned look on his face. However, the Queen is unfazed and merely replies: “Oh really? Please.”

If you look closely you might even see her give an ‘eye roll’.

Take that Obamas!

Prince Harry has been a huge driving force behind the Invictus Games, which have been running since 2014.

The spirit of the games is to highlight how sport inspires and helps returned and injured servicemen and women recover.

The next Invictus Games will be held in Florida, US in May.

How do you rate the Queen’s cheekiness? What do you think about the Invictus Games for returned members of the military?

  1. [email protected]  

    I love the Queens response, and it is lovely to see her in this setting with her grandson, enjoying this time. The Invictus Games are surely a great time for these members who participate.

  2. Jean Moylan  

    I loved the Queen’s response & great to see her so tuned in to what’s going on. And great to see the rapport she has with her Prince Harry.

  3. Christine  

    The Queen’s response was just lovely & great to see her spend time with her grandson, you can see that they have a special bond.
    Michelle’s attitude was a bit snooty nosed, not a good look for the President’s wife.

  4. [email protected]  

    I think HM’ s response right on the money. The games are an inspired development for the returned service personnel.

  5. Pat Hill  

    Excellent….Her Majesty is, as always, wonderful

  6. Rick  

    I’ve know a number of queens but Lizzy is my very favourite, she reminded me of my mum.

    • Angela Morton  

      The has been obamas are so rude – great to see the Queen so relaxed and always a pleasure to hear her regal response. The returned soldiers deserve every event possible, after they served in the battle fields – Well done to the Monarch 🙂

  7. Marion  

    Her Majesty is just SO switched on!
    Love Harry’s response, too!

    Obviously they have a lot of fun together! Great to see, & hear!

  8. The Invictus Games are a wonderful sporting event – but the Queen’s reply to the Obamas? Come on……It was scripted! It was rehearsed! What was so wonderful about that?

  9. I’m surprised as I didn’t think she had any sense of humour. Good on her I reckon the Obamas would have enjoyed it too.

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