The perfect world for over 60s really exists …and it’s not a retirement village!

In a huge discovery for astronomers and Earth folk alike, there has been a groundbreaking finding: a planet dubbed Earth 2.0

In a huge discovery for astronomers and Earth folk alike, there has been a groundbreaking finding: a planet dubbed Earth 2.0 is within our galaxy.

Imagine that: a place where we’d have a chance to start over. There’d be no Tony Abbott or Malcolm Turnbull, no money worries, no troubles of the world. We’d have a clean slate.

Astronomers have spotted a planet that is the closest potentially habitable world humanity has ever seen.

The planet is four times as big as Earth and sits perfectly within the habitable ‘Goldilocks’ zone that would make it able to support life – it’s neither too hot or too cold.

A team of researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), made the discovery using the HARPS spectrograph, which is part of the European Southern Observatory’s 3.6 metre telescope in La Silla in Chile.

“It is a particularly exciting find because all three planets are of low enough mass to be potentially rocky and have a solid surface, and the middle planet, Wolf 1061c, sits within the ‘Goldilocks’ zone where it might be possible for liquid water — and maybe even life — to exist,” said lead study author Dr Duncan Wright in a statement.

“It is fascinating to look out at the vastness of space and think a star so very close to us — a near neighbour — could host a habitable planet.”

So what’s next? Scientists are going to study its atmosphere and explore whether the new planet is truly able to be lived on.

“The close proximity of the planets around Wolf 1061 means there is a good chance these planets may pass across the face of the star. If they do, then it may be possible to study the atmospheres of these planets in future to see whether they would be conducive to life,” said team member UNSW’s Dr Rob Wittenmyer in a statement.

The only catch? It’s 14 light years away! But scientists are working on it.

“It is fascinating to look out at the vastness of space and think a star so very close to us — a near neighbour — could host a habitable planet,” said Dr Wright.

It’s fun for now just to think about what we could do with another planet. Would it give us a second chance? Would we change our ways and learn from how we’ve treated Earth? Or would we fall back into old patterns?

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  1. There’s a few people that Id like to send there!

  2. What a pity to use your usually excellent site to knock politicians – particularly when you choose from just one party! You’ve made me sad.

    • you must have missed the article earlier about Shorten, this place is not one sided and it makes me sad that you are implying that they are

    • I’m aware of that, but not the sort of site I’d expect to pick sides politically – not if the “Starts at 60” team don’t want to risk annoying half their followers, which will happen if pollies from only one party – whichever party – are knocked.

    • this website had an article earlier today about Shorten..I did not see you whining then, if you are not happy skip by and stop trouble making

    • In which case I apologize. I didn’t see it. But such a shame for this excellent general interest site to bring politicians – any politicians – into it.

    • Many of us enjoy the inter-action regarding the political situation here at the moment Beryl ….. it keeps the heart pumping and although many of us don’t agree with others view , it does make life interesting to see others thoughts.

      • Jan Edwards  

        I agree wholeheartedly. This form of debate is probably the one thing I really look forward to. Many of us differ in our political views and things can get interesting. Some things of course get very one sided and that’s half the fun I guess.

    • It is nearly Christmas for petes sake lighten up, this is a relaxing time for many of us..why are you trying to spoil it?

    • Oh please Beryl, why make a mountain out of a mole hill, SAS are never going to please all of the people all of the time, I never even took much notice of the political side of the heading I was more interested in the article itself.

    • Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo I do understand that, but it’s so disappointing that people use terms such as “whining” rather than “commenting” when they disagree with someone. That’s what happens when politics enter the scene.

    • you are a whiner, if you are not happy with any article, just do what the rest of us do and skip by, why are you trying to ruin it for others? You are a spiteful lady

    • Beryl, we don’t all agree with religion, politics and the monarchy etc. JUST WAIT till next year when the election is on …… it’s going to get a LOT WORSE lol

    • Beryl I don’t like the post that have anything remotely connected to racism, or the Royal Posts, I am an atheist so the religious posts do nothing for me..but I am not the only person in Australia and either are you..some enjoy those posts and they should be able to comment if they want

    • Your right Victoria, wait for election time next year 😳😬 it’s going to get messy on here😩

    • I love all the articles and all your comments….brightens up my day no end regardless of whether you agree or disagree with me. Keep them coming. Should be a good 2016 comments wise!!

    • I’ve just come home and it looks like I missed out on something tonight, oh buggar!

    • Beryl Giles I happen to agree. didn’t see the earlier article either but am getting a bit put off by the political inferences

    • Sue – once upon a time when hubby and I were both working and earning money but time poor I had no interest in politics. But now I have the time to see the damage a political party taking from the pensioner class and protecting the rich makes me see red. And I’m very happy to bang on about it. I think others may have noticed……??

    • Yes I can’t wait for the big tax on steam, that both seem intent on, can the Pensioners afford that , I am comfortable ,but it will make me think before I spend. Turnbull is Labor anyway , China India Indonesia will be doubling their carbon by 2030. Saw it in paper Yesterday

    • David James I must have missed it, Would be a FIRST, The other site Over 60 RARELY has anything about politics AND plenty of supporters . This site should come under political as you say, BUT Admin says it;s not, Notice mostly ALP posts ,

  3. A world with the Liberals would be great but unfortunately if we did manage to get there, which I doubt, we would just destroy another world

  4. Just send The Liberals and the climate change deniers, the rest of will get the planet clean, but only give them a one way ticket

  5. If that were to happen, there would still be some greedy mug that would come along and stuff it up.

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